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Nov 14, 2013 (4 years and 11 months ago)


Do you learn to control
you slide transitions?

Do you embed sound
into your presentation?

Do you learn to use motion
control to add animations to
your slides?

Slide Transitions

Most common methods:

Left/Right arrow

Mouse click



There is nothing left for
you to learn. Return to
the entrance!

Automatic Transitions

The Slide Transition Menu Lets You:

Add transition sounds

Stylize the transition between slides

Toggle mouse click controlled transitions

Automate transitions

Automatic Transitions


Automated Presentations/Classroom Games


Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

You’ve stumbled upon
an understanding go
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Directed Transitions

PowerPoint Allows You To:

Link to
remote files
web pages

Link to
within your presentation

Directed Transitions

In order to add a link:

Highlight or select the desired object

and right click.

In order to add a link:

Select Hyperlink.

In order to add a link:

Search for or type in location of the link.

You’ve hit the last link
in this chain go back
to the start!

Embedding Sound

Sound Can:

Sound can be a one time button event

Sound can run for the duration of a single slide

Sound CAN run constantly throughout the presentation

Embedding Sound

How to Embed Sound?:

Click on the Insert Tab and select Movies and Sounds.

How to Embed Sound:

Select the desired file.

Select start condition.

Embedding Sound

Controlling your sound:

Select the sound object

Add an Effect in the action settings

Use the drop menu for your object and select

“Effect Options”

Controlling your sound:

Use this menu to set your start and stop conditions.

You hear an expected
NOISE! Run back to the

Motion Paths

Motion Paths:

Can help animate images.

Add effect to your text.

Motion Paths

How to Set Your Motion Path:

Select the object you want to move

Choose Custom Animation

Add Effect.

Select Motion Paths.

You’ve made it!

from here on out
you're on your own !

Your Turn!

Your Mission:

Exit the presentation.

Proceed to slide 13.

Insert the image Jones hat.jpg.

Create motion paths, hyperlinks and other custom

Insert the Sound file indianaj.midi into your slide.

Experiment with the sound controls.

Play and ask as many questions as you need.

Run Away!