Stud.IP for mobile devices

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Dec 10, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Stud.IP for mobile devices

Stud.IP is used in many Universities for managing courses, personal calendars, eProtfolios and user
information. Courses are the mostly used objects and provide access to documents, announcements,
literature and schedules. Currently there is no support for mobile devices. Only a standard web interface
which is hard to use on mobile devices is available.
The goal is to implement a HTML5 based Stud.IP interface for mobile devices, based on the freely
available sources of Stud.IP and a mobile device HTML5 framework (Sencha). One additional task is to
implement an intelligent Stud.IP client that adapts the menu structures and other interface components,
based on the usage profile, e.g., if a user always uses the chat function of Stud.IP, the button should be
one the first page on top.

To ensure that the client can be used on different devices, two phone simulators should be used during
the whole project: Android, iOS, …

Software: Stud.IP 2.1 (Python), SenchaTouch
Tools: Eclipse, Android SDK, iOS SDK, …