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Genetic screening can reduce the baby's chances of being born with
several serious diseases like down Syndrome, Famial
hypercholesterolemia, rare blood disorders etc.


of any mutations are implanted into the womb in the hope
that one will grow into a fetus whilst faulty embryos are discarded.

One of the predicted central uses of genetic engineering is

to customize our babies according to our will. One method,

known as Pre
implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), gives

prospective parents the ability to screen and select for specific

genetic traits in their children.

Create a new generation of healthier children.

People who use pre
implantation genetic diagnosis to avoid passing on a
disease to their child have a collection of embryos created for them by

A revolutionary technique called 'pre
implantation process' is
used to screen embryos for any genetic disease and only the
disease free embryos are implanted into the mother's womb.
However, the technique is not limited to screening for genetic and
hereditary disorders, but is also used for cosmetic reasons.

"The objection to the idea of designer babies is that it divorces
procreation from the act of sexual congress, and there's a real
sense in which it is playing God." Critics point out that the level of
biodiversity in the human race will plummet, which can result in
long term disaster.

It will result in increase of unreasonable fear or hatred towards
foreigners or anyone who appears different.

People with genetic defects will be socially rejected. They will be
called 'gene poor' and will be separated from the society too.

Its complex, and any mistake can alter the lives of many

Designer babies is being currently used as a way to get another
child with a rare disease to be treated. For instance, Adam Nash
was the world's first known designer baby born by the
revolutionary pre
implantation process in the year 2000.
Scientists genetically selected his embryo so that he would
possess the right cells to save his dying sister's life. His sister
suffered from, and mostly the chances of Adam getting that
disorder was also very high. An embryo was chosen, which did
not have the disorder Adam’s sister had. Adam became a donor to
his sister, which doubled her chances of survival. Same was the
case with Charlie Whitaker, who suffered from Diamond Black fan
Anemia. His parents wanted to have a designer baby to save
Charlie's life. Since they were denied the right in UK, they went to
US to have their baby. In 2003, Charlie's baby brother was born
and the stem cells from his umbilical cord would be used to treat


The average cost of PGD (Pre
implantation genetic
diagnosis), including in
vitro fertilization, is $12,500
to $16,000. Some insurance companies have
provided coverage for PGD to screen out serious
genetic disorders, but most have to pay PGD costs
out of their pockets. A recent study at New York
University suggest the most people that participated
in the study would not want genetic testing for
enhancements such as athletic ability.

Our group’s opinion regarding is that Designer
babies have an amazing purpose. For example,


has a child who is very ill that they can
go to the doctors and have the doctor make a
designer baby for the price of 18,000.and that
baby would be a

living donor that donates any
body part that the sick child will need. A couple
can also get a designer baby if they choose
because they could never reproduce an offspring.
And the most important thing Designer babies
can be creating just to treat people with rare
blood diseases or any other kind.


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