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Soft web Solutions
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Bringing an array of latest
technology solutions
Passion to Accept Challenges
Soft web Solutions
Bringing an array of latest
technology solutions
Passion to Accept Challenges
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Why Softweb?
Transforming your business with our IT solutions
Vision and Mission:
Softweb Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner is one of the fastest
growing software development and consultancy organizations providing
comprehensive solutions to its clients. The company specializes in offering
Web Application Development, Rich Internet Application Development,
Mobile Application Development, System Integration, Software Testing,
Quality Assurance services, and more. In addition, Softweb Solutions has
industry-specific software expertise in Technology, Financial, Healthcare,
Media, Telecommunication, and many other sectors. We offer software and
application development services leveraging all the effective technologies
like .Net, Java, Groovy & Grails, SharePoint, Ruby on Rails, Joomla,
Magento & many more. Being an early player of mobile revolution, we
offer unmatched mobile application development services considering your
budget. We have adept software development experts and support
professionals which give us an edge over our competitors. We believe in
results driven infrastructure and strive for out-of-the-box solutions for the
clients which distinguish us from other software development companies.
To become a cohesive and integrated global organization of software
development services wielding ISO 9001:2008 standards with specific
quality process and documentations.
Unmatched experience in delivering top notch IT
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Softweb Solutions, an IT consultant firm headquartered in Chicago, has
rich experience in providing software development services for customers
worldwide, including Global 2000 and Fortune 500 companies.
Softweb Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner which is a highly
regarded status in the IT industry. It gives us the opportunity to receive
special training and support from Microsoft. Microsoft Gold Certified
Partners rank at the top of the Microsoft partners list, which entitles them
for support at a much higher level than their counterparts. This certificate
represents company's highest level of competence and expertise with
Microsoft technologies. Moreover, it enables the company to have the
closest working relationship with Microsoft and cater the best solutions.
Softweb Solutions is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for Software
Design and Development Services. We follow the SEI CMM (Software
Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model) process implementation-
the most advanced methodology - that is implemented by only a handful of
software service providers. Our Quality Assurance and Software Testing
team members are Six Sigma certified, which will help our client to reduce
defects and cycle times in the support function process
Advantage @ Softweb
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Applications for all the industries
Advertising Finance Manufacturing Theosophical
Automotive Fleet Management Media Services Utilities
Banking Health Care News and Media Weather
Bullion Hospitality Publishing
Communication Information Recruitment
Customer Service Services Social Networking
Education Insurance Sports
Entertainment Lifestyle Telecom
Business Need
Appearance Claims Processing Dynamic Charting Logistics
Protection Cloud Based Event Marketing News Feeds
Audio Streaming Services Goal Tracking Online Fund
Barcode Scanning Community Service Hotel Booking Transfer Services
Bathroom CRMs Landscape Outdoor Advertising
Remodelling Device Integration Designing P2P Sharing
Business Digital Publishing Location Based Services
Intelligences Directory Services Services Planning
App Development Development Development Security Support
Deployment Expertise-Integration Mobile Device
Design Mobile Consulting Management
Mobile Services
IT Services
Achieve increased productivity
with effective IT services
Enterprise Application Services
ECM & Content Management System
SAP Development
Supply Chain Management
Consulting Services
Business Activity Monitoring
Business Intelligence
Business Process Management
IT Staffing and Augmentation
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Web Marketing Services
Mobile Application Development
Mobile SEO
Mobile Website Development
Mobile Advertising
Mobile Solutions
Application Development & Maintenance
Intranet & Extranet Portal Development
Rich Internet Application Development
Legacy System Migration
e-Commerce Development
Custom Application Development
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Custom Application Development
Application Development & Maintenance
We, at Softweb Solutions can create, deploy and maintain customized applications which can be
capitalized to improve your business solutions. We develop feature rich applications considering the
industry standards and industry evolution which fit to the needs of the customers. The software and
systems developed by us would strengthen your business to stand in the changing market and serve as
per the wants. Our custom application development solutions enable you to enjoy competitive advantages
of the technologies and serve the industry best services. We broaden your business process through
creation and implementation of high quality Custom Business Applications.
Intranet & Extranet Portal Development
As IT industry is developing, it is daily bringing new opportunities to streamline operations and improve
intragroup communication. Portals are web based applications for information delivery, communication,
collaboration, automating business processes through interconnected applications and web services. They
are very useful to cope with the need of different users, copious types of information and services that can
be demonstrated on the web to all the users. Portals allow the users to select the information subject and
topic as per the user's interest. Intranet portals help the employees of the organization to collaborate with
business processes easily and work saving time.
Rich Internet Application Development
Softweb is a prominent name in the field of Rich Internet Application RIA development, on which you can
rely upon for your need for web applications that have the features and functionality of desktop
application. Rich Internet Applications are web applications that have the features and functionality of
desktop application. RIAs run in a web browser and transfer the processing necessary for the user
interface to the client keeping the bulk of the data back on the server.
RIA Platforms we work on:
Adobe Flex/RIA
JAVA Applets
Adobe AIR
Microsoft Silverlight
Enhance your application performance
Provide Tier 2/Tier 1 support
Site Usage Tracking Management
Application bug fixing
Full portfolio optimization
Database engine design and development
Programming (HTML, ASP, Java, .NET, J2EE)
Interface design and implementation
Decision support system integration
Site layout and graphics design
Web services integration
Legacy System Migration
When the technologies are evolving continuously it has become almost mandatory to update and redesign
the systems to be with the flux. At that time the organization can get the most cost-effective and valuable
solutions by transformation of their legacy assets. Reengineering of the legacy system is generally aimed
to lessen the cost of the application maintenance or to get the systems updated and more efficient.
e-Commerce development
In today's competitive and dynamic business environment it is imperative for the organizations to remain
on the toes at each and every moment. Having an online e-commerce store helps the organizations to have
24x7 business environment with a computer at home, work or coffee shop. Through shopping carts it is
possible to track all the products which are bought and sold in the store at any time. Though, it is very
easy to get an e-Commerce store designed, the shopping cart development process differs from
organization to organization. Hence, there is a need for customized shopping cart solutions for the
organizations. We provide custom solutions to our clients taking into consideration their specific needs
like; merchant account and integration, secure socket layers, custom database, shipping calculation,
inventory track record, special offer systems, website hosting and secure socket layers. The online
shopping carts help organizations in attracting more customers increasing the profitability of them.
Legacy Application re-design/ re-transform/ re-engineer
Migration to multiple databases or database upgrade
Migration to web platforms
GUI Migration
Custom Online Store Designing
Multiple e-Commerce System Development
Online Shopping Mall Development
e-Commerce Hosting
e-Commerce Theme Design &
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Web Marketing Services
IT Staffing and Augmentation
With the shifting and developing technologies, the enterprises have continuous need of talented
professionals who are adept and capable enough to develop and maintain the business, adopting new
trends. We are a leading provider of technical IT Staffing Solutions. We select super ordinate and talented
professionals after an extensive screening, who can serve you customized solutions. We consider your
objectives and requirements and serve you the best IT staffing service to meet your goals. Whether it is
for short term or long term, we can supply skilled and dedicated resources who can work on-site for you.
The pool of talented people, scrutinized by us can offer you solutions for project implementation,
management and monitoring.
Search Engine Optimization
It is a myth that if your product is superior you don't need marketing and advertisement. Truth is that even
the best products cannot win in the market if it is not been marketed properly. And when we are living in
the Internet era, web marketing plays a vital role in the growth of business. Even if you have a
groundbreaking web site and you are providing quality service, there is no meaning of it, till your web site
doesn't achieve good ranking in major search engines. And here comes the role of Search Engine
Optimization. SEO is a practice to give your site better visibility in all the major search engines like Google,
Yahoo and MSN and increase targeted traffic.
Link Building Services
Internet Marketing Solutions
Affordable website design for SEO
Top 10 Ranking Solutions
PPC Management
Search Engine Submission
SEO E-mail Marketing
SEO Consultancy
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing/Social Media Optimization is the recent term which has become a buzzword in the
realm of internet. Social Media Marketing in simple words can be defined as a marketing practice where
the online platforms are used by people to connect and communicate with one another and publicize their
services or products. There are many genres of social media that are gaining grip such as; blogs, wikis,
media-sharing sites, social network sites, social bookmarking, virtual worlds, micro blogging sites etc. The
main purpose of Social Media Marketing/Promotion is to create a community within the market and draw
the attention of people by message or useful information.
Profile Creation and Management
Social Media Optimization for Website
Branded Social Network/Community Creation and
Application and Widget Management
Viral Video Creation and Distribution
Blog Creation and Management
Consulting Services
Recruiting Services
Tech Communication & Support
Facilitation Services
Project Cycle Management
Team Building
Organizational Change Management

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Mobile Solutions
Mobile Application Development
Softweb Solutions is a renowned name in the software development field with a wide range of experience
in Mobile Application development. We have expertise in Mobile Application Development including
iPhone Application Development, Blackberry Mobile Application Development, Windows Mobile
Application Development, Android Mobile Application Development and Symbian Mobile Application
Development. Our team has excellent knowledge of Java/ J2ME, WAP, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android,
Windows Mobile Platform, Palm and Symbian Technologies which help creating customized mobile
applications for the clients. We develop applications for various domains which include: gaming, health,
utility, business, social networking, quizzes, and many more.
Mobile Search Engine Optimization
With the surging use of mobiles and mobile search engines, the time has come when you have to think
about your website's visibility in the mobile search engines. Though you have got your mobile websites
developed, if it does not appear in first few results, you cannot get the expected return on your investment.
As mobile search engines is an emerging trend, this is the perfect time to leap into it and gain the better
ranking in the major search engines. Mobile search engine marketing is becoming most revolutionary
thing with the increase of search engines for Mobiles. Many of the famous names have proactively pushed
their search engines in the market. Such as: Google, Live, yahoo, Answers, Technocrati etc. Moreover, a
reputed name like T-mobile has forged a relationship with Google and so Google would be the search
engine for T-Mobile browsers. By considering all these points we can say that one has to take care of his
website's ranking in all the major search engines.
Mobile Advertising
In today's dynamic world, there is an ever-increasing need of mobile websites due to the rise of
smartphones' popularity. With the increase of mobile users accessing web from smartphones, the want of
mobile websites have gained prime importance. The regular websites face compatibility issues when
viewed in mobile screens due to difference in resolutions and OS. Thus, with rising importance of mobile
phones, organizations need to stay abreast with growth in mobile services. We, being expert mobile
website developers create mobile site lay-outs which are both, attractive and user friendly. Mobile website
is a growing concept and it not only helps in increasing the popularity of the brand but also results in
enhanced productivity.
Mobile Website Development
In today's dynamic world, there is an ever-increasing need of mobile websites due to the rise of
smartphones' popularity. With the increase of mobile users accessing web from smartphones, the want of
mobile websites have gained prime importance. The regular websites face compatibility issues when
viewed in mobile screens due to difference in resolutions and OS. Thus, with rising importance of mobile
phones, organizations need to stay abreast with growth in mobile services. We, being expert mobile
website developers create mobile site lay-outs which are both, attractive and user friendly. Mobile website
is a growing concept and it not only helps in increasing the popularity of the brand but also results in
enhanced productivity.
Games Development
Custom Application Development
Corporate Web Site Development
Porting and migration
Mobile Shopping Carts development
Social Networking Apps
Movies & Music Apps
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Consulting Services
Business Intelligence
Our business intelligence services and solutions, delivered through enterprise apps help business owners
to make the most of their data. Softweb Solutions focuses on offering applications not only with a proven
track record, but also customizable and scalable as per the industry requirements for Business intelligence
and Data management. Enterprises today emphasize on solutions which are more intelligent on hand held
devices as compared to their web based alternatives. Considering the flexibility, scalability and adaptive
efficiency of mobile solutions, you can encompass an application that delivers real value adding business
intelligence instead of being limited tabular data, graphs and static information. Utilizing CRM and CMS
integration techniques, Enterprises can now provide customer service like never before. Mobile
applications customized for Enterprise internal purposes as well as for End Users have opened doors to a
new level in business intelligence segment.
Business Activity Monitoring
Most of the time, business managers in organizations are so busy that they hardly get time to furnish the
business processes and keep an eye on them. But Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) offers the
information about the status and results of various operations, processes, and transactions. Business
Activity Monitoring (BAM) provides real-time solutions to the organizations including interactive and
automated event processing which improves the business functionality. BAM solutions identify problems
and send alerts to the organizations, which help them resolve the problems before it turns critical.
Whether it is sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing or service, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) can
help the organizations improve the functions in each and every department.
Real time notifications for detecting process inefficiencies
Personalized KPI Dashboards for process and business activity monitoring
Business Process Management
BPM, business process management focuses on aligning organization with the demands of clients. The
main activities which can be covered in the business process management are design, modeling,
execution, monitoring and optimization. BPM unites Process Modeling, Simulation, Workflow, Enterprise
Application Integration and Business Integration into a single organizational platform. It is a management
discipline that deals with the change to improve business processes that is cross functional in nature and
makes maximum use of technology to mold processes, analyze the model, mechanize the processes and
measure and optimize process performance.
SOA Consultancy
Project Management Consulting
Business Process Design
Appearance Protection
Audio Streaming
Barcode Scanning
Bathroom Remodelling
Claims Processing
Cloud Based Services
Community Service
Device Integration
Digital Publishing
Directory Services
Event Marketing
Goal Tracking
Hotel Booking
Landscape Designing
Location Based Services
News Feeds
Online Fund Transfer Services
Outdoor Advertising
P2P Sharing Services
Planning & Management
Recruitment Services
Restaurant Jobs
Sales Force Management
Scheduling Services
Service Promotion
Social Media Integration
Vehicle Management
Vehicle Monitoring
Weather Info Services
Dynamic Charting
Other Business Needs:
Managed Data
leads to a
Managed Business...
metrics and KPIs for fine-grained, contextual performance monitoring
Drill-down analysis for root-cause bottleneck discovery and process improvement
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Enterprise Application Services
Customer Relationship Management
The customer is king and so as customer relationship. CRM is an acronym of Customer Relationship
Management which is a business philosophy that involves the efforts of building a relationship with the
customers to increase customer satisfaction and enhance the business arena. CRM is all about finding,
acquiring and retaining customers and raising customer loyalty for the brand.
Enterprise Resource Planning
Development of technologies and cut throat competition are escalating departments in the organizations
and so it is becoming more tiresome to manage the entire departments and run them in the perfect way
for all the enterprises. An ERP (enterprise resource planning) is an integrated suite of information systems
that can work for almost all the segments of the organization. It put all the segments together and serves
particular needs of all the departments. ERP assists the organizations to improve customer care services,
optimize inventories, increase ROI and manage overall business.
SAP Development
BPM, business process management focuses on aligning organization with the demands of clients. The
main activities which can be covered in the business process management are design, modeling,
execution, monitoring and optimization. BPM unites Process Modeling, Simulation, Workflow, Enterprise
Application Integration and Business Integration into a single organizational platform. It is a management
discipline that deals with the change to improve business processes that is cross functional in nature and
makes maximum use of technology to mold processes, analyze the model, mechanize the processes and
measure and optimize process performance.
ECM & Content Management System
Do you feel you are pushed in between the piles of content; and spending too much time in searching the
needed information? Then a Content Management System can serve you solutions for these. CMS is a
web application that is designed to make it easy to add, delete or update the content and manage website
even for a non technical person. Typically, a CMS consists of two elements: the Content Management
Application (CMA) and the Content Delivery Application (CDA). When CMA enables the administrator to
add content, CDA compiles them and keeps the web site up to date.
Supply Chain Management
It is inevitable to manage the suppliers' network and supply chains if an organization wants to win in the
constant unrest of the competition. Supply Chain Management keeps the organization in pace with the
rapidly changing and increasing demands. It aims to enhance sales, reduce costs and harness the asset
fully by streamlining the business. It manages business process, work flow, information process filling the
loop holes between the raw material and ready products. Briefly, Supply Chain Management manages all
the movements from point-of-origin to point-of-consumption of products. A real Supply Chain
Management Implementation enables the organization to utilize the resources and make business more
efficient. It incorporates all the major segments of the business like distribution, marketing, purchase,
inventory and manufacturing.
We help organizations enhance their
operational excellence with our applications and
software implementation.
We help organizations enhance their
operational excellence with our applications and
software implementation.
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Java/J2EE Practices
Softweb's Technology Solutions
Open Source
Mobile Application Development
iPhone iPad
SharePoint 2010
Rich Internet Application
2D / 3D
Customized technology solutions
for all your needs
Microsoft Practices
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Microsoft Practices
SharePoint is a business collaboration platform introduced by Microsoft technology that enables
organizations to collaborate internally as well as beyond the enterprise. It has advanced content
management features that provide employee access to relevant information and facilitates document
sharing. It is a tool that helps the company organize and incorporate information within a single web-
based application.
SharePoint 2010 consulting
SharePoint Assessment & Planning
SharePoint Platform Services
SharePoint Customization
SharePoint Template Design
SharePoint 2010,,
Dot Net application Development
.Net Software Development
Portal development
Asp .Net application/web development Asp .Net application/web
Application migration ,,
.NET Desktop and Web Application Development ,
Implementation and performance tuning SQL Server database
Migration to SQL Server
Custom Application Development using SQL Server
Analytics and Business Intelligence solution using SQL Server Reporting Services
The importance of structured data in the enterprises is increasing steadily, which depends upon the
strength of a Database. Microsoft SQL Server is a relational model database server produced by Microsoft.
Servers work as the backbones of many business applications, including customer relationship
management (CRM), collaboration, financial systems, web hosting, and data warehousing. Therefore,
selecting a comprehensive server becomes vital for any organization.
Softweb Solutions is a leading custom software development firm that specializes in delivering large scale
application development projects using Microsoft .NET technologies. Having expert dot net developers, we
deliver unmatched .Net applications using the latest frameworks. We have in-depth industry knowledge of
.Net frameworks and other Microsoft technologies like, Silverlight, WPF, WCF, SharePoint, etc.
With the passing of the time, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) has become as essential as the
functionality of the applications. The application is of no use if the users don't find it appealing. Windows
Presentation Foundation (WPF) is an advanced presentation system that allows developers to create
visually appealing Windows applications. WPF helps users create several standalone as well as browser
hosted applications. It is built on a vector-based rendering engine supported by modern graphics
hardware. WPF incorporates several application development features including 2-D and 3-D graphics,
animation, styles, templates, Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML), controls, documents,
layout, data binding, media, typography, and text. Additionally, WPF is embedded in the Microsoft .
SQL Server
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.NET Application Development
SharePoint 2010 (MOSS)
WCF/WPF Application Development
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Java/J2EE Practices
Web Application Development
Grails Development with Ajax and jQuery
Grails Development
Grails integration with Spring MVC ,,
Web Application Development
System Programming Solutions
Java Java application development
Desktop Application ,
Java is a programming language which has derived much of its syntax from C and C++ but with a simpler
object model. Java programming language enables features such as packaging, interfacing and threading.
Java has become the preferred choice of developers as it develops secure, flexible and scalable database
driven web applications. It helps developers to write on one platform and runs on other platform virtually.
With the use of JAVA one can develop efficient applications for mobile phones, remote processors,
consumer products and any other digital device. The Java Platform is designed for running highly
interactive, dynamic, and secured applets and applications on networked computer systems.
It has become easier to develop powerful Business Applications with the revival of dynamic languages
and innovative web frameworks. Grails is a Web development framework which tightly integrates Java
technologies with the dynamic Groovy language.
Oracle database is one of the most reliable databases which are chosen by world's largest enterprises. It is
used as backbone for various types of applications like; financial systems, business operations, customer
relationship management, collaboration platforms, manufacturing, and data warehousing. We have wide
experience in providing database solutions for various database platforms like Oracle, MS SQL Server,
MySQL, and more. The Oracle Database (commonly referred to as Oracle RDBMS or simply Oracle) is a
relational database management system (RDBMS) produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation, which
is known for its efficient performance. It helps the IT department to deliver the information in a cost-
effective manner ensuring the security of the database.
JavaFX, a JAVA platform for developing cross device applications and content, allows users to create and
deploy rich internet applications (RIAs). It is considered as the generation next graphics framework that
delivers rich internet experiences across the screens. It is a latest technology to create RIA for different
platforms and devices like desktop, web, mobile, etc. It enables the content developers to focus on
creativity instead of coding. It combines the best capabilities of the Java platform with comprehensive and
immersive media functionality such as audio and video, graphics, rich text and web services into an
intuitive and complete one-stop development environment. The JavaFX platform gives you unmatched
freedom and flexibility to create expressive content across multiple screens.
Java Embedded
technology solutions
software development
with Flex
Graphical User Interface Design
Web User Interface Design
Rich Internet Applications
User and security management
Database Conversion & Migration
New database set-up and
Implementation of advanced security
Database health check-up
Database recovery in disaster failure
Oracle Grid deployment
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Java App Development
Groovy & Grails
Oracle Database Solutions
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Open Source
Magento is a feature-rich Open Source e-Commerce Software, which enables you to have complete control
over your online store. Its multi store retailing functionality can make you reach to your target audience
easily and expand your business arena. This open source technology provides you the scope to upgrade
and customize it as per your business needs. Using an e-commerce application like Magento it becomes
easier even to integrate third party tool with it. Its core feature that separates it from other eCommerce
application platforms is its capability of offering flexibility and control over the look, content, and
functionality of an Online Store.
Ruby on Rails, abbreviated as RoR is an open source web application framework written in Ruby which is
based on Model View Controller (MVC) architecture that can develop data driven applications rapidly. MVC
architecture separates data from logic and offers skeleton code frameworks from the outset. Ruby is a
dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity, flexibility and productivity. RoR
is designed to slash development time and increase the simplicity of coding for the dynamic web sites.
When it was a task of longer period to build an application, now with RoR it can be achieved in few days.
The Rails framework supports: MySQL, SQL server, Postgre SQL, DB2 and Oracle databases.
If you want to create a highly interactive and innovative web site, then our Joomla web development
solutions is perfect for you. Joomla! is the most popular, powerful and praised open source Content
Management System that allows you to organize your web site content. The Joomla package consists of
many different parts, which allow modular extensions and integrations to be made easily. Joomla
comprises features such as page caching to improve performance, web indexing, RSS feeds, printable
versions of pages, newsflashes, blogs, forums, polls, calendars, website searching, and language
internationalization. Joomla CMS has modernized the way to manage the web site and its content.
Now it's easy to get search engine friendly web site with the feasibility to manage content by your own,
using Open Source Drupal CMS. Drupal is a flexible open source Content Management System that gives
scalable solutions for Website development, website design and theme design. Written in PHP, CMS
Drupal gives you freedom to upload your content without any hassle. Its powerful taxonomy makes it
easier to organize and tag your content in a better way.
If you wish a web application balancing both, lower cost and higher performance then PHP Web
Applications can provide you the perfect solutions. PHP is a wide-used scripting language that is
especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. As PHP is an open source
language, a number of libraries and extensions are available that can add value and functionality to it.
Zend is an object oriented open-source software framework for building high quality Web Application with
PHP. Zend framework has support for various databases like MySQL, SQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL, IBM DB2
SQLite and Informix Dynamic Server. Zend Framework speeds up the production and improves end user
satisfaction. It can help the PHP developers to speed up the development and complete large development
projects faster.
WordPress is a self hosted blogging tool, built in PHP for publishing blogs. WordPress Content
Management System is the simplest application to build your personalized blogs using your choice of
templates and plug-ins. It enables you to edit the content without even having the knowledge of HTML.
WordPress blogs can give you the chance of generating revenue via Google Adsense and other advertising
platforms. It also allows you to publish your posts and promote your product continuously.
MySQL is one of the most famous databases which offer fast and consistent performance. It is a relational
database management system that runs as a server providing multi-user access to number of databases.
Due to its benefits, MySQL enterprise is becoming the database of choice for many online application
developers. Using MySQL enterprise database, the applications can be built, tested and deployed in lesser
amount of time.
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Magento e-Commerce Solutions
Ruby on Rails Application Development
Joomla Web Solutions
Drupal Application Development
PHP Web Application Development
Zend Framework
Wordpress Development
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Rich Internet Application
Flex is a software development kit released by Adobe Systems for building high quality Rich Internet
Applications. It is an open source which helps building free, powerful, interactive and engaging web
applications. It is often considered as a favorite technology for developers as it is compatible with Flash.
Flex application development is done with the help of Flex SDK and Adobe Flash Builder. Flex can easily be
integrated with Java, ASP.NET and PHP. The core language of Flex is Action Script which provides high
interactivity to applications. There are three major components of Flex applications; MXML, ActionScript,
and Class Libraries. Flex can be run on major browsers, desktops and operating systems. Flex allows the
developers to integrate animations with web applications creating a visually stunning website.
Your website and corporate identity create the image of your company in the market. And so, we create
designs that distinguish your company and your website. We have an extensive experience of designing
2D/3D animations with high quality and accurate dimension. With our expert team of designers, we offer
reliable and professional 2D/3D animation software services. A website or business presentation or video
with 2D and 3D animations separate you from the whole clutter and make you win the attention of the
Eye-catching flash banners and animations have gained prominence as it attracts visitors and make a long
lasting impression on the minds. Flash is a visually appealing way to project your company and its
website. Cut-throat online competition has made it important to use Flash animated websites that get
noticed in the first glimpse itself. Adobe Flash has won the market with its extraordinary and customer
centric features. Flash, being a largely accepted technology gives power to create innovative and
interactive presentations on the web.
Rich Internet Application Development Custom Flex
Application Development Shopping Cart e-Commerce Solutions
MXML and ActionScript Development Flex Web Development
Flex Widgets Flex Game Development Flex Website Development
High-fidelity design solutions Eye-catching pages and banners
Impressive presentations Impactful videos Highly interactive
websites High recognition of your brand Support of creative graphic
designers Ultimate computer graphic design
Eye-catching flash banners Interactive and user friendly user-interface
Creative web pages with sound and animation Attractive
landing pages with flash movie presentations Customized
animations Fast loading flash based websites Flash
based 2D animation solutions High- quality flash based applications
for different domains
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Adobe Flex/RIA Flash Animation
Designing 2D & 3D
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Mobile Application Development
Our development services include:
iPhone is an integrated cellular telephone with flush multi-touch screen and internet-connected
multimedia, designed and marketed by Apple Inc., that is being yearned by everyone these days. It is a
revolutionary phone that needs minimum hardware input. In addition to its primary function as a cellular
telephone, the iPhone includes music and video player, digital camera, PDA, and an Internet
communications suite. iPhone applications are software programs that can be downloaded to the phone to
give it new features.
Apple is renowned for launching innovative devices in the market and iPad is an excellent example of it.
Since its launch, this uber-cool device iPad has created a rave in the software development industry and
has changed the user experience. Designed for the ultimate mobility and interactivity, it is delighting users
with the ultimate combine of high-tech and hi-touch. The large screen of iPad enables the developers to
create innovative applications which give unforgettable user experience. It also opens up new avenues for
developers to create applications for just about anything.
Android, a Linux based open source operating system with JAVA library gives scope to the developers to
deliver remarkable applications. Android is an Operating System (OS) and a software platform on which
applications are developed. Its Operating System (OS) comprises of three versions: Android 1.5, Android
2.0/2.1 and Android 1.6. Android offers an open market to the third party android application developers,
who can instantly publish their applications and get feedback for them. Our Android developers can
provide professional android application development on many platforms like Windows XP or Vista, Mac
OS X 10.4.8 or later (x86 only) and Linux (tested on Linux Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, Dapper Drake).
Due to the advent of BlackBerry, personal communication has found a new dimension with information
being shared via emails. Thus, BlackBerry has made it simpler for businesses to stay connected all the
time. Along with this, it can also be used for Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource
Planning, Order Entry, Intranet and extranet Access, Instant Messaging, Field Service, and more. This
exclusivity of BlackBerry gives it an edge over its competitors. It has become a key communication tool
that covers almost 80% of the business market. Understanding the increasing acceptance of BlackBerry
and its application, we deliver feature-rich and bespoke applications to the clients.
Windows Mobile is a mobile Operating System (OS) developed by Microsoft, and designed for the use in
Smartphones and mobile devices. It is a feature packed OS containing all popular Windows Mobile
Applications such as Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and also Microsoft
Outlook. This technology allows users to browse the internet, send and receive emails and prepare
presentations. In short, one can manage its business with the mobile. As there are so many users of
Windows Operating System, it becomes easier for them to use windows mobile as well.
Symbian is one of the most popular open source mobile operating system for mobile devices and smart
phones accounting for 50% of smart phone sales. The Symbian OS had the structure with memory
protection and pre-emptive multitasking. It is designed specifically for advanced 2G AND 3G smart
phones. Due to its flexibility in design, Symbian OS can be run on almost any user interface,
communication device, and mobile hardware.
Games Development
Custom Application Development
Web Application Development
Porting and migration
Application QA and testing services Social Networking Apps
Movies & Music Apps ,,
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iPhone Application Development Windows Application Development
iPad Application Development Symbian Application Development
Android Application Development
Blackberry Application Development
Multimedia Services
Web Design
Logo Design
Softweb Solutions has been offering web designing and development solutions since its inception, which
has made us an expert at helping companies to have an impact on their customers through the web.
Harnessing the power of the latest technologies, we deliver web designing solutions to our clients
according to their business requirements. Our Web design solutions include static website design,
dynamic website design, flash based web design, E-commerce web design, Website re-design, and
custom web designing.
We have highly qualified and experienced designers who will thoroughly study your business to design
your logo to your specifications. Our designers are experts in creating brilliant logos that will have a
lasting impact on your customers. We deliver attractive, unique, and professional logos. An outstanding
and animated logo can build a great brand image in the minds of your visitors. We deliver the logos that
attract visitors' attention and do not let them forget your company name.
Graphic Design
The main objective of graphic design is to spread the message with the best visual appeal, keeping balance
between text and design. Our designers understand the value of design and deliver attractive and
innovative products. Our ideas and designs assure that you stand out in the market among your peers.
We understand clients' requirements and budget, and deliver cost-effective solutions that earn a maximum
ROI. Using latest trends and technologies, we deliver solutions across all industries for web/mobile
website design, animation, and mobile applications.
Image Processing
Our Image processing service can help you to convert your images into professional and attractive looking
ones which can be then used in product catalogues. We make sure that the images are presentable, eye
catchy, and useful for clients business or personal reasons. Our image processing service includes image
editing, image clipping path, image masking, image retouching, image enhancement, image restoration,
and other image editing activities. Our highly skilled team of image processing professionals can do
seemingly impossible job for you.
Mobile Design
We design customized websites and applications for different mobile platforms, such as Android,
BlackBerry, iOS, and Symbian. We have an expert staff that is familiar with different web-enabled mobile
and handheld devices, delivering solutions that offer the best user experience to clients. We design
websites that are easy to update and access from mobile browsers. We also design, build and develop
user friendly and compelling mobile applications and websites to take your business to new heights with
Vector Conversion
We specialize in converting images into vector art. Convert any logo, artwork, illustration, maps, signs,
stencils, images, paintings, symbols, etc. to hand drawn vector photo with our high quality vector
conversion services. Also, our specialized artists are experts to convert any low resolution artwork or hand
drawn drawings/paintings in to a high quality vector files at affordable rates. By our innovative vectorizing
services, you can ensure that you will get an ideal result properly optimized for your required usage.
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