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Enterprise Websites, Ecommerce + Apps
Celebrate Drupal, a Drupal CMS centric
digital media firm, is led by veteran Internet
professionals, entrepreneurs, and brand
builders Chris + Beth McGrath. Their part-
nership of 20 years has included launching
multiple successful startups, incubating +
consulting with many others in Seattle and
New York , as well as work for top corporate
and government clients.
The pair are interested in helping com-
panies, government agencies and NPO’s
leverage the power of the Drupal Open
Source Project. Together they have built an
experienced team of Drupal developers,
consultants and project managers ready to
take on even the most challenging projects for the world’s biggest brands and institutions.
The firm is headquartered in Olympia, Washington, and has technical representatives in Seattle, Washing-
ton D.C., Denver, Cedar Rapids, Minneapolis, London, and Toronto.
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Website Services
Full life-cycle enterprise Drupal
Content Management System
(CMS) development. Our team
is experienced with Drupal, PHP,
and LAMP environments and
will keep your project on time
and on budget.
We create new websites, as well
as offering redesign, and migra-
tion for static HTML websites or
those in another CMS.
Our websites are always capable
of being displayed on the latest
devices. We only use premier
Drupal contributed themes,
as well as create custom sub-
themes based on client needs.
Let us help you enable your
website for the mobile world.
We are experienced using Uber-
cart for Drupal 6 and Drupal
Commerce for D7. Come to us
with your idea with confidence
it will be done well and quickly.
Whether you are selling files or
physical products, adding to a
store, migrating an old or start-
ing anew. We have experienced
developers and can also recom-
mend optimized hosting for
ecommerce stores in Drupal.
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We offer full 24/7 365 support
for websites we build as well as
those we have not created in
Drupal 6 and 7.
This service is available on an
hourly, monthly or annual basis.
Sometimes you just need to get
everyone off to training. In this
case we come to you. We offer
a full customized orientation
to technical staff with general
experience with HTML / CSS for
front end development and PHP
/ LAMP for back end develop-
ment introducing staff to Drupal
and orientating them how to
best achieve desired results.
This service is available accord-
ing to client needs and is priced
One of the key advantages to
using Drupal is that your con-
tent team is now empowered to
publish entirely on their own.
We can insure you have the
proper modules in place to
make this a flawless experience
and train communications staff
on what they need to know to
get the job done. Technical staff
will be able to handle the tech
stuff and Content staff will be
able to handle content publish-
ing and organization. Also tai-
lored to the client and per hour.
Support + Training Services
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Staffing Services
Drupal Contractors

Drupal Contractors is a staffing service of Celebrate
Drupal specializing in Drupal CMS professionals. It
is the first Drupal talent agency providing a place
for companies and organizations to connect with
the best talent. And for Drupal developers, project
managers and others to find the best projects and
places to work.
Our Team
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Chris McGrath, Vice President
leads day to day operations
interfacing with clients, as well as
acting as a hands-on Sr. Front-End
Drupal developer as needed.
Over his 22 year career in technol-
ogy Chris has worked in com-
munications, marketing, techni-
cal sales, web development and
consulting with brands like AT&T,
Real Networks, and Amazon.
com as well as with government
clients such as The State’s of
Washington and Missouri, and
The U.S. Department’s of Defense
and Veterans Affairs. Chis is also
the co-founder of four successful
start-ups, and V.P. of Business De-
velopment at Drupal Connect one
of the largest Drupal firms.
Seth Viebrock, V.P. Solutions
serves as an executive and highly
experienced solutions architect
and front-end developer who has
worked on websites for brands
such as Estee Lauder, Mariah
Carey, Justin Beiber and Rhianna.
He recently served as CTO for
the Drupal based social network-
ing startup SwapBeats which
facilitated music sharing on the
web. Seth is General Manager of
Minneapolis operations and his
experience with large sites and
major brands along with bleed-
ing-edge knowledge of respon-
sive design, Sass, Compass, TWIG
and Backbone.js to name a few
bring world-class experience to
the team.
Beth McGrath, President is co-
founder of the company and acts
as a senior executive, hands on
front-end developer, and usability
An 18 year career in the Internet
has taken her from Seattle startup
The Cobalt Group (now owned
by ADP) where she quickly rose
to the level of a Sr. Integrator the
State of Washington. Also in Seat-
tle she co-founded with husband
Chris, the dot com incubator
Net-Visionary (2000-2006) which
helped startups with branding
and digital strategy in prepara-
tion for funding. She has worked
with the State of Washington
since 2002 as a Sr. Web + Usability
Alex Papanicalou, V.P.
Technology acts as a senior ex-
ecutive, client project manager
and Sr. Front-End Developer.
Alex has significant development
and diverse technology consult-
ing experience with Big 5 firms
like Booz Allen, Delloite Consult-
ing, and Blackstone Technology
Group, a major federal contractor.
He is General Manager of Wash-
ington D.C. operations and brings
experience working on Drupal
projects for small business, as
well as major State and Federal
Matt Coers, Sr. PHP / Drupal
Developer and General Manager
Denver, CO. specializes in data-
oriented development projects
and has 17 years of professional
experience. He has have been
building websites using various
technologies since the introduc-
tion of graphical web browsers
(Mosaic) in the early 90’s. He is an
experienced PHP developer with
13 years using the platform and
enjoys going deep with clients
to develop solutions to fit their
individual goals and needs.
Matt also brings solid entre-
preneurial software experience
having founded two of his own
startups, and is expert in email
marketing, PPC, and SEO / SEM.
Jarod Smith, Sr. Drupal Devel-
oper and General Manager Cedar
Rapids, IA is highly experienced
with the following technolo-
gies; Drupal 6/7; Git; Subversion;
Hudson; CruiseControl; JUnit;
Log4J; Serena Version Manager;
jQuery 1.4.2; Ant 1.7; PHP 5.2/5.3;
MySQL; Java 1.6; Moderate: Hiber-
nate 3.2; Glassfish; CVS; Oracle;
MS SQL Server; JSF 1.2; JPA; Java
SDO; Struts 1.2; JavaScript; POI;
WebSphere 6.x; Rational Applica-
tion Developer 7.5; XML; CMM 3;
CSS; Apache HTTP Server; Tomcat
He has worked as a programmer
and software analyst for brands
like McleodUSA, Vangent, AEGON.
Adrian Ababei, Sr. Drupal Devel-
oper and General Manager, Toron-
to, CA is an experienced Drupal
developer with over a decade
developing advanced code for
major websites and systems.
He is experienced with Drupal
6/7, PHP, MySQL, ASP, SQL Server,
HTML, CSS, XML, RSS, JavaScript,
Ajax. Adrianne has worked for
major brands like House and
Home Media in Canada (House &
Home Magazine www.housean-
dhome.com), and Berklee School
of Music in New York, where he
developed many custom modules
for the sites recent redesign and
conversion to Drupal 7. See more
of his work at www.berklee.edu.
Our Team
Melissa Jennings, Sr. Project +
Client Manager is located in Seat-
tle, WA and has 5 years experi-
ence as a technical project man-
ager on major Drupal projects
through her time at Seattle firms
Fuse !Q, and Pyramid Communca-
tions. Her clients have included
some of the following: Children’s
Alliance, The Commonwealth Club
of California, Evergreen Business
Capital, Fair Food Network, Gid-
dens School, Washington State
Mentors, Wildlands Network, Art
Institute of Chicago, BirdNote,
iKNOW Politics, United Nations
Development Programme Climate
Change Initiative, University of
Washington Center for Education-
al Leadership.
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Featured Clients
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U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs U.S. Dept. of Defense
The State of Missouri
The State of Washington
B3 Solutions
Drupal Contractors Thrifty & Green
Rates + Pricing
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Front-end Development
$75.00 per hour
Back-end Development
$90-110.00 per hour
Project Management
$55.00 per hour
$80.00 per hour
Dedicated Developer*
Monthly Plan
$10,000.00 per month
Dedicated Developer*
Annual Plan
$100,000 per year
*Dedicated developer with front
and back-end abilities. Available
On a case by case basis,
mainly for government
agencies, we will do fixed
bid work based on de-
tailed requirements and a
schedule of deliverables.
Please contact us today to
receive a detailed quote at: