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Feb 5, 2013 (5 years and 3 months ago)


An Introduction to
Framework Automation


Queensland company, Founded in 2003

Strong ties to Microsoft

Accelerating the adoption of .NET technologies.

Have presented our technologies to MS Redmond.

Have been involved in MS Jump Start program.

Core focus

Enhanced productivity through Automation.

Automation of the software development process.

Accelerate the development of enterprise level

Development of product based revenues for tools.



(c) 2008 Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd

Why focus on Automation?

Founders developed Organisational Agility
Practice for Unisys.

Our research identified IT as the key impediment to
rapid organisational transformation

IT infrastructure and software determined how business was
conducted and indeed who was employed.

Software development processes were taking too long.

Organisations were going under because they could not gain
the competitive advantages offered by new technologies.

Organisational Agility requires more rapid adoption of
new technologies.

Our focus is on the use of Automation to accelerate an
organisations ability to change.


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The Problem

According to Gartner, software development has now passed
a critical point where the complexity of applications has
exceeded the skills of those being asked to develop it.

Microsoft are about to accelerate things further.



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And these stats
were shown in

The Consequences

It is getting harder to find people who can
deliver the solution you need.

It is taking longer and therefore costing more
to develop the solution.

It is costing more to continually train and
retrain your people.

There is an increase in outsourcing to lower
cost countries.



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Automating your solutions

Automations is becoming mandatory.

Basically there is too much code to write to
get even basic functionality in your programs.

Can’t afford the luxury of spending a lot of
time writing “Do Loops”.

“They didn’t want them good, they wanted
them Thursday” Ronald Reagan. Your boss
wants results not hours of “pure” hand
written code.

(c) 2008 Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd Ashley Hubbard

Automating your Framework

Need a rich high level Application Framework
as a foundation for building .NET 3.5 SP1

Code generation by itself won’t give the
productivity increases that are needed.

Most standard system building blocks should
be callable by a few lines of code and not
require days of manual coding.

(c) 2008 Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd Ashley Hubbard

Demonstration 1

Build a data driven ASP.NET/Silverlight 3.5 SP1 Application in
under 5 minutes.

We will use a modified version of the Northwind Database
using MS SQL 2005.

159,079 lines of code and 32,000 lines of comments have
been created.

Solid foundation of a real application. At this stage much is
missing. Role Based Security , Run time Metadata etc.

Still in development. Won’t be released until Silverlight 2.0

(c) 2008 Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd Ashley Hubbard

Demonstration 2

Silverlight won’t kill ASP.NET.

Build a data driven ASP.NET 3.5 SP1
Application in under 5 minutes.

Again we will use a modified version of the
Northwind Database using MS SQL 2005.

Application will include role based security.

Much of the functionality will be able to be
changed from the generated application.

(c) 2008 Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd Ashley Hubbard

Demonstration 3

How to modify CAT Professional.

No matter how good a generic framework is it
will need some customisation to fit into your

Need to harvest your own artefacts to get real
productivity boosts.

Need a positive feedback loop. Fix the
template, not the output.

(c) 2008 Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd Ashley

Implementing new architectures

A lot of new stuff coming out from MS.


Entity Framework.

Dynamic Data Websites.



When is it going to end.

Change Fatigue. “We didn’t start the fire...”

Who has the time to really get to know it all.

(c) 2008 Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd Ashley

Entity Framework

What is it?

The big daddy of LINQ to SQL.

Not limited to SQL Server.

Not limited to straight Entity to table mapping.
Can handle Table per Hierarchy.

Shows a huge amount of potential to
fundamentally change the Business and Data
layers of .NET applications.

(c) 2008 Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd Ashley

Entity Framework


Designer has issues. Doesn't handle changes well.
Tends to be fragile.

Data Centric, not DDD based.

Don't support POCO objects or PI Objects.

Too much code required to do Lazy Loading.

Has got a lot of flack from the DDD community.
"ADO.NET Entity Framework Vote of No

(c) 2008 Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd Ashley

Dynamic Data Websites

MS version of "Ruby on Rails”.

Can build a website in a few minutes, with virtually
no code.

Has a lot of limits and is not mainstream yet.

Brilliant for throwaway prototypes. Has many
limitations for production environments.

Single Tier, not 3 Tier. There are 3

Party options.

Has issues with role based security etc.

I don't think these will be permanent issues.

(c) 2008 Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd Ashley

Dynamic Data Websites

Get the extensions packs from

Download the ASP.NET Dynamic Data Wizard



Download the Dynamic Data Futures from



(c) 2008 Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd Ashley

Architecture Fragmentation/What’s
Next in .NET

.NET is definitely fragmenting. There are too
many options. Nobody can learn them all

There will have to be some form of shakeout.

There is no easy way to guess the winners.

My guess is the big ones will be EF, Dynamic
Data and Silverlight, but I could be wrong.

Need to be agile, remember “Bruce” the
unemployed Access Developer.

(c) 2008 Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd Ashley


Some big changes coming. Basically we are in
another 5 year major release cycle.

Get up to speed on the basics of them now.
You need to be ready to move when they hit.

Will have huge cost and staffing level
implications for developers and software

(c) 2008 Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd Ashley Hubbard


Catalyticsoft Website


Learn 3.5 SP1


Learn Silverlight



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