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MageBridge Developers

MageBridge Developers

Developed by Yireo

MageBridge, Vm2Mage, Dynamic404,
TweetScheduler, SSLRedirect, ScriptMerge
SimpleLists, SEFTest, Fancybox

Tutorials on Joomla! and Magento
(performance, security, development)

Integrates Magento into Joomla!

Better CMS for Magento

Better e-commerce for Joomla!

MageBridge Developers
Bridge everything (1/3)

Integrates Magento visually into Joomla!

Main content-block within Joomla! component

Any other Magento block within Joomla! modules

MageBridge Developers
Bridge everything (2/3)

Integrates Magento visually into Joomla!

Synchronizes Magento data with Joomla!

Search products and categories

User synchronization and authentication

JCE editor

MageBridge Developers
Bridge everything (3/3)

Integrates Magento visually into Joomla!

Synchronizes Magento data with Joomla!

Connecting Magento logic to Joomla!

Product connectors, store connectors, profile connectors

MageBridge Developers
MageBridge basic concepts

MageBridge Developers
Visual integration

Joomla! component

Magento “content” block

Joomla! modules

Other blocks (cart, tags)

Products, categories, login

Search integration


MageBridge Developers
Combined theming

Magento theme

XML layout,
PHTML templates,
CSS skin

Joomla! template

Little PHP, jdoc-tags,
CSS skin, MageBridgeTemplateHelper-class
Magento headers are merged into Joomla! <head>

CSS, JavaScript (conflict!?)

META-tags, title-tag, etcetera

MageBridge Developers
Practical benefit of MageBridge

Joomla! is used as CMS-system

Better WYSIWYG-editors

Hierarchy of categories (and sections)

Joomla! is used as site building tool

Joomla! Menu Manager

Joomla! templating

Joomla! module management

No need to touch Magento XML-layouts or PHTML-templates

Magento is used for e-commerce

MageBridge Developers
MageBridge & Joomla! 1.6

Basic compatibility

Same PHP-codebase for both 1.5 as 1.6

But different XML-files (basically parameters)

Extra features

ACLs for usage of backend

Joomla! 1.6 Usergroups Store Connector

Joomla! 1.6 Extensible Profiles Connector

Joomla! 1.6 Usergroups Product Connector


MageBridge Developers
MageBridge & other Yireo stuff

MageBridge stuff

MageBridge labs (Nooku, FLEXIcontent/K2/ZOO, secret labs)

MageBridge Template Patches (RocketTheme, YOOtheme, JoomlArt)

Other Yireo stuff

MageBridge plugin for Xmap

MageBridge plugin for Dynamic404

Vm2Mage migration from VirtueMart to Magento

MageBridge Developers
MageBridge specific

MageBridge Developers
MageBridge usage

Basic usage

Shop with products and blog

Single product shop

Advanced usage

Multi-site environments

Membership / club

Software subscriptions

Private sales

Advanced marketing

MageBridge Developers
MageBridge Store connectors

Use Joomla! logic to determine Magento store


Multilingual integration (JoomFish, Nooku, m17n)

Special Magento stores on specific days (Christmas catalog)

Special Magento stores for specific users (Private Sales: Joomla! 1.6, NoixACL)

MageBridge Developers
MageBridge Product connectors

Sell Joomla! logic in Magento


Access control
(Joomla! 1.6 ACLs, NoixACL, FLEXIaccess)

Private downloads
(DOCman, jDowloads, RSFiles)

(OSEMSC, MageBridge itself)

Newsletter subscription
(Acajoom, Acymailing, ccNewsletter, etcetera)

Other subscriptions
(Agora, Eventlist, Kunena, RSEvents)

User rewards
(JomSocial Karma Points)

MageBridge Developers
MageBridge advanced concepts

MageBridge Developers
Parsing content

Magento content filters

Add Magento CMS-tags to Joomla! content

Joomla! Content Plugins

Add Joomla! plugin-tags to Magento content

MageBridge Developers
One Single HTTP Request

Only 1 initialization of Magento application

Coding API

Register request with MageBridgeModelRegister class

Fetch response from MageBridgeModelBridge::build()

MageBridge Developers
MageBridge API

Connection between Joomla! and Magento

Based on HTTP

Transport protocols

From Joomla! to Magento (and back): JSON

From Magento to Joomla! (and back): XML-RPC

MageBridge Developers
Event forwarding

Magento events are forwarded to Joomla!

Joomla! plugins of type “magento”

Joomla! events are forwarded to Magento

Magento modules with observer functions with prefix “joomla_”

MageBridge Developers
Connector code

MageBridge Developers

Extensible architecture of MageBridge

Modules, plugins, connectors

Coding API (register, bridge, helpers)

Magento as solid platform

API connections with backoffice

Clustering, optimization (10.000+ products)

MageBridge Developers
Performance (1/2)

Inside MageBridge

Minimal initialization of Magento framework


Magento caching, Joomla! caching

MageBridge caching on the Magento side

MageBridge caching on the Joomla! side

Content loading

Prototype / Scriptaculous > Protoaculous or Google API

MageBridge Developers
Performance (2/2)

Extra tips for optimization

Merging of CSS/JS files

Caching within Joomla!

Usage of tmpfs as filesystem

Magento compilation

Tuning of PHP parameters (f.i. realpath_cache_size)

Tuning of MySQL parameters (f.i. query_cache)

Usage of Litespeed or Nginx as webserver


MageBridge Developers
MageBridge summary

MageBridge Developers
MageBridge summary

Visual integration, combined theming

Components, modules, plugins

Store connectors, product connectors

Event forwarding

MageBridge Developers
More information on MageBridge

Blogs on Joomla!, Magento and MageBridge

Tutorials on Joomla!, Magento and MageBridge

MageBridge demos, screenshots, FAQ

Demo days

MageBridge Developers