Environmental Policy Group


Nov 8, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Environmental Policy Group

Educational program and thesis track for MES/MUE/MCL

September 17, 2013, Dr Bas van Vliet

Environmental Policy Group

The research programme of ENP focuses on:

Environmental Governance and Management of…

Sustainable production and consumption

Sustainable Natural Resource Use

Global Environmental Change

12 lecturing staff and around 40 PhD students

Yearly, some 35 MSc thesis students

Network of over 450 graduates


Research Program ENP and
some related

Environmental management and industry

Sustainable technology development

Governing Sustainable Cities

Water Governance


Quality and Governance

Ocean and Coastal Governance

International environmental policy

Climate Governance

Environment and Development

Environmental Policy analysis and

Sociological Perspectives on
Environmental Change

Peter Oosterveer, Gert
Spaargaren, Simon Bush, Machiel
Lamers, Bas van Vliet

Sustainable Consumption and
Production: Housing, Food, Mobility

Grid configurations for

energy production and consumption of

Sanitary innovations with Modernized
Mixtures in East Africa

SME’s and cleaner production in Asia

Environmental governance of cruise
ships in the Antarctic and Caribbean

Sustainable production and consumption

Jan van Tatenhove, Simon
Bush, Judith van Leeuwen, Kris
van Koppen;

Innovative governance
arrangements for tuna fisheries in
the Coral Triangle


and global forest governance

Nature protection policies marine
and land based protected areas

Sustainable natural resource use

Aarti Gupta, Jan van
Tatenhove, Judith van
Leeuwen, Arthur Mol

Emerging Carbon

at macro
(ETS) and micro (PCA) levels

Role of INGO in Global
Environmental Governance

Changing authority in the
environmental governance of
shipping and oil and gas
production in the North Sea

Local governments and city
networks in Climate Governance

Global environmental change

ENP Courses for MES

Required Courses MES for thesis ENP (12 credits):

ENP 34306 Environmental Policy: Analysis and
Evaluation (2 Morning)

+ 6 credits
out of:

ENP 38303/37303 Sustainable Technology
Development (4)

ENP 30306 International Environmental Policy (4)

ENP 33306 Environment and Development (5

ENP 32806 Sociological Perspectives on
Environmental Change (5 Morning)

ENP courses for MUE

Apart from the Restricted Optional course

ENP 36806 Governing for Sustainable Cities (4)

Choose 12 credits as requirement for thesis ENP in MUE:

ENP 20806 Environmental Management and
Industry (1, morning)

ENP 38306/37303 Sustainable Technology
Development (4)

ENP 32306 Advanced Environmental Economics and
Policy (5, afternoon)

ENP courses for MCL

Required Courses MCL for thesis ENP (12 credits):

ENP 34306 Environmental Policy: Analysis and
Evaluation (2 Morning)

ENP 36306 Climate Governance (5 morning)

+ One course
out of:

ENP 37306 Water Governance

ENP 38303/37303 Sustainable Technology
Development (4)

ENP 30306 International Environmental Policy (4)

ENP 32306 Advanced Environmental Economics and
Policy (5, afternoon


ENP courses for MUE and MES and

Political Theory (2, mornings)

Sustainable Technology Development (4)

International Environmental Policy (4)

Governance for Sustainable Cities (4)

Water Governance (3)

Sociological Perspectives on Environmental Change (5,

Climate Governance (5, afternoons)

Environment and Development (5, afternoons)

Advanced Environmental Economics and Policy (5, afternoons)

Ocean and Coastal Governance (5, mornings)

Contributions of ENP to other courses:

Principles of Environmental Sciences (Gert
Spaargaren, Kris van Koppen, Peter Oosterveer,
Bettina Bluemling)

Principles Urban Environmental Management (Bas
van Vliet)

European Workshop (Machiel Lamers, Bas van Vliet,
Bettina Bluemling, Astrid Hendriksen)


35 theses / year

MUE student Renske den Exter wins 2012 National Thesis Award VVM

Looking for ENP thesis subjects?

Our Thesis Topic Brochure (May
2013), hard copy and PDF

New thesis topics and internship
Facebook ENP

Other topics related to our
research fields can be discussed

at an intake with Education
Coordinator ENP: Bas van Vliet

Examples of subjects for thesis research

Sustainable Production and Consumption

Implementing the Plastic Hero. The implementation of
the new household plastic waste collection system in the

wise scan of Rotterdam. A study of domestic
energy consumption according to socio and urban

The role of mainstream clothing retailers in stimulating
sustainable consumption patterns.

Environmental flows and the governance of ship
scrapping industry in China

Waste and Sanitation infrastructures management

Product labels (rice
Vietnam, tomatoes

oil by
products as biofuel (Malaysia


Examples of subjects for thesis research

Sustainable Natural Resource Use

Negotiations around


of Wetland Policy in Uganda

Use of economic instruments in biodiversity conservation

Sacred forests: a sustainable conservation strategy? The
case of sacred forests in the

, Benin.

Agrarian Reform…The pathway to sustainability? The
case of Uzbekistan.

Towards policy coherence for fish stock conservation in
the EU and beyond? An assessment of the Common
Fisheries Policy and the EU
Pacific tuna relations domain.

Examples of subjects for thesis research

Global Environmental Change

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). An
analysis of the state of play in Uganda.

A World/United Nations Environment Organisation?
An explanation of the non
decisions on the reform
of the international environmental governance

Influence of institutional interplay in developing and
implementing adaptation policy to climate change

EU’s role in international environmental politics,
does it help?

List of Theses at ENP website

Have a look at our MSc theses and hard copies in library

Applying for major thesis research

Keep an open eye for subjects during the year!

Check major requirements (see
MSc thesis Guide at
ENP website

Browse topics (journals, fellow students,
ENP theses
in Leeuwenborch Library

Contact education coordinator to discuss topics,
requirements (Bas van Vliet)

Talk to lecturers during courses

Attend ENP thesis colloquia announced at our

Focus your research proposal (together with

Internships and career perspectives

You can find ENP internship students as well as
alumni in...

Academic and other research / education institutes

WUR institutes, Leuven University, Wisconsin University

Consultancy (national and international)

, DHV,

Policy and politics (various levels)

UNEP Nairobi, Dutch / European Parliament, European
Commission, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, Municipalities

Industry and industry
related organizations

on, Shell, KWR (water industry)

NGOs (international, environmental, consumer)

European Council for Nature Conservation, European
Environmental Bureau, Friends of the Earth NL, or