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Nov 25, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Local Touch - Global Reach
Local Touch - Global Reach
Local Touch - Global Reach
Local Touch - Global Reach
Many business leaders are aware that IBM Cognos is widely
viewed as the premier BI tool, however, the time and effort of
implementation can seem daunting. This is where Sogeti can
Sogeti’s IBM Cognos & Analytics solutions are designed to take
this powerful BI suite and customize it to your business needs.
And best of all, we can help you meet your goals regardless
of where you are within your current BI initiative. We offer
full implementation, upgrade and migration services, lifecycle
support and even training.
Our strong alliance to IBM means that we have a partnership
allowing us access to the latest updates in IBM technology and
best practices. These are benefi ts we can hand down to your
company by leveraging our IBM Cognos certifi ed consultants.
Sogeti has mastered IBM Cognos, and we can help you maximize
its benefi ts for your business.
Relevant Data Becomes
Useful Information
Making smarter business decisions
can be diffi cult even in an infor-
mation-rich environment. Sogeti’s
IBM Cognos & Analytics Solutions
can help your company navigate
a wide range of data to make
informed decisions. Our experts
can help you:
• Utilize Cognos to its full BI
potential—taking advantage
of reports, analytics, dash-
boards, scorecards and other
BI tools.
• Turn massive amounts of data
into meaningful information
by looking at the big picture
and drilling down to details
when necessary.
• Bolster your company’s ability
to collect, manage and share
IBM Technologies
IBM Cognos &
Making Business Intelligence Simple.
• How much business is lost due
to inadequate analysis, slow
responsiveness or inability to
predict the market and take
proactive measures?
• Are business decisions based
on data collection across
the enterprise, or does your
company lack the current
analytic processes to make
this possible?
Successful BI capabilities can
make business decisions both
interactive and proactive.
Sogeti’s IBM Cognos & Analytics
solutions are your first step to
realizing these benefits.
Ask yourself:
Together with IBM, Sogeti provides solutions designed to help you
evolve your data into relevant information that can be collected,
managed and shared more efficiently. Leveraging Sogeti’s IBM Cognos &
Analytics solutions, you will be able to:
• Transform your data into meaningful information—in the format
that best suits your needs
• Make your information more dynamic, interactive, transparent,
and above all, credible
• Integrate the decision making process throughout the company
And best of all, you are not alone in the process! Sogeti will provide:
• Assistance at any stage in your BI initiatives including
implementation, upgrade and support
• Consultants certified in Cognos and specializing in meeting your BI
• A strong alliance with IBM—bringing you the latest technology,
training and solutions
Stop drowning in data…and start making smarter business decisions with
Sogeti: Contact your Sogeti Account Executive, or visit today to submit your request.
Make meaningful
decisions from meaningful