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Dec 13, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


Core Java(2 Months) Object Graph Navigation Language(OGNL)
Simplifying Data access using JDBC
Intro to Java Struts 2 Presentation Tags Abstracting Data Access Layer Using DAO
OOPs Concepts and Their Implementation Role of Action Invocation and Action Context Intro to Spring MVC
Packages and Interdfaces Manipulating data on ValueStack Hibernate(1 Month)
Exception Handling Creating Custom Interceptors and results Intro to ORM and Hibernate
String Handling Validating Action Properties Hibernate Architecture
Windows Programming using AWT & Swing Generating Composite Views using tiles Hibernate Configuration
Internet Programming using Applets Using Annotations to Specify Configuration Intro to Session and Session Factory
Multithreading EJB 3.x(1 Month) Persisting Objects Using Hibernate
Stream Based I/O in Java Intro to EJB Inheritance Mapping
Networking Implementation of stateless and Stateful session beans Collection Mapping
Reflection Intro to java naming & directory service(JNDI) Bidirectional Association Mappings
J2EE(3 Months) intro to Java Messaging services(JMS) Hibernate Query Language
Collection Framework JMS Configuration Caching introduction
Generics Developing JMS Clients
Implementing Second Level Caching
Internationalization Implementation of Message Driven beans Integrating Spring & Hibernate
JDBC(Java Database Connectivity) Intro to JPA Integrating Struts & Hibernate
Server programming using servlets Relation between JPA and Hibernate Integrating JPA & Hibernate
Java Server Pages(JSP) Persisting Entities Using JPA

Annotations Implementation of Is-A Mappings

Struts 2.x Implementation of has-A Mappings

Remote Method Invocation(RMI) Bidirectional Association Mappings

Enterprise Java beans 3.x(EJB) Implementation of entity Beans

Java Persistence API(JPA) Defining Client Applications for Session & Entity Beans

XML and web Services Spring(1 Month)

Java Mail API Introduction to Spring

Web logic and Glassfish Application Server
Understanding Inversion of Control(IOC) & Dependency
Integrated Development Environment


Struts 2.x(1 Month) Implementing IOC in Spring

Introduction to Struts 2.x Understanding Aspect Oriented Programming(AOP)

MVC and Struts 2 Architecture Implementing AOP in Spring

Actions, Results & Interceptors Intro to template Design Pattern

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