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September 17

Issue 53

Lync Forum is an independent forum on

Microsoft Communications & UC
Unified Communications.

Microsoft is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

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Lync Server Media Bypass

CompTIA Training

3 Amigos

Get Bandwidth Now

Next Hop

Cisco Book Review

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Welcome to the Lync Forum

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Well, the wait is finally over.

MS announces Lync.

A new look for a new er
a in unified communications.

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see your Lync products highlighted, reviewed and presented here, contact

Here is the official Microsoft PR:

"Microsoft Lync ushers in a new connected experience transforming every
communication into
an interaction that is more collaborative, engaging and
accessible from anywhere.

A single interface unites voice, IM, audio
, and web
conferencing into a richer, more contextual offering.

includes a visually compelling experience that is c
onsistent throughout
Microsoft Office and other business applications, including color
presence icons, pictures, high
resolution video and desktop sharing. End
users can instantly see the availability of their contacts, start a conference
call from r
ight within Office applications, or sit down for a "face

A single identity connects users to contacts inside and
outside of the organization with communications that are federated with
corporate and leading public IM networks.

And a single experience across
the PC, phone, web or mobile means that users have the choice to connect
from many devices. For IT, the benefits are equally powerful, with a highly
secure and reliable system that works with Active Directory, Microsoft
nge and Microsoft SharePoint and uses Microsoft management tools to
facilitate easier management and lower cost of ownership.

with existing systems enables smoother deployment and migration."


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Lync Server 2010 Media Bypass

Various calling
scenarios and CAC
Call Admission Control features Congestion


click here for animated tutorial.

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Media Bypass

Scenario 1

Call though MG
Media Gateway to PSTN
Public Switched
Telephone Network

Scenario 2

Call from BO
Branch Office through IP
Private Branch

Scenario 3

Call through Mediation Server via WAN
Wide Area Network and
Hosted SIP
Session Initiation Protocol

In this scenario, the call is made "through" HQ bypassing the P
however, if the call is off
net (in the U.S.), the call is then routed to the

Scenario 4

Call from BO to HQ via WAN and then using CAC
Adminission Control and FO
fail over via PSTN

Based on traffic load, Call Admission Control
CAC limit
s the number
of calls from the WAN to HQ, instead placing calls via the PSTN to

Scenario 5

Call to BO from legacy POTS
Plain Old Telephone Service or IPX
PBX endpoint

The animation details all the processes.

Click here to view
, note it moves
pretty fast, so if yo
u are too old or just hate animation or simply don't
understand the internet, then you may want to just read the text.

Bandwidth Does Not Guarantee QoS


Two Points and Many More later

First, the amount of bandwidth required for SIP/VoIP networks is alw
ays a
challenge as if your emailed gets delayed in SPAM filter, you never know or

However, if the voice on the other end of the telephone call starts to
stutter, it drives you crazy.

The following bandwidth chart is just a ROM

"rough" order o
f magnitude.

Your network, any network is going to be
completely different and unlike the PSTN where QoS is established "before"
you start talking, there is no network guarantees because there is "no one"
network that any customer has control over.

is, you may control the
traffic on your network using MED
exit discriminators in conjunction
with the carrier/provider and even MPLS
Protocol Label Switching.

However, when the packet crosses onto

another network, you have no
control over its
QoS and when it reaches the "last mile" another set of rules
apply which can further limit any QoS.

Second, the other point is that from our survey's the use of desktop video,
desktop sharing and webseminars is skyrocketing and Lync offers all of

In addition, small room video systems like Polycom's CX5000
Roundtable (
here's a YouTube demo
) will further exacerbate huge demands
on network bandwidth but also demanding "perfect QoS" in order to function

The following chart is just the
"tip of the iceberg"

as there is a
n "infinite
demand" for applications and thus an infinite demand for bandwidth.

your engines, as this is just the beginning.

For complete tutorial on bandwidth click here.

Lync Summit 2011 Announced

June 15

Westin Westminster Colorado

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speaking and pre
post conference meeting

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A new look for a new era in unified communications.

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publications such as:

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TECHtionary Announces training on two

certificate programs.

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MS Tech Blog

Not Just for Edu

Link to: Three Amigos

MS Education Gurus

Domestic & Global Network Services

Bandwidth and other Communications Services

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Protocol Label Switching





Hosted Servers

Cloud Computing


Telecommunications Bill Audits


Security Assessments


International Connectivity


Voice Over IP

SIP Trunking


Conferencing Services



l Services

Planning, Integration, Consulting

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MCS Knowledge Source

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"Whether you're new to Office
Communications Server and Unified Communications, simply looking for
some helpful hints, or trying to get some serious information, we'll help you
find what you need."

Book Review

Performance Management and Optimization"

By Adeel Ahmed, Habib Madani, Talal Siddiqui.

For Cisco Press details click here.

There is really nothing about this book I don't like except that it is only on
paper, not electronic but read below and you get access to
it online.

That is
the only negative think I can say about this book and if you are serious
about VoIP (SIP) performance, QoS, security, monitoring and infrastructure
integration (hardware) and more, then you need to read and know
everything that is in th
is book.

And like what my mom said to me a long
time ago, "if you think you know what's going on, then you are really full of

Seriously there is just too much really good information to mention in
less than 300 words (trying to keep in brief).

e's one of my favorites: on
page 262 "signaling traffic is also vulnerable to attack, including Spam over
Internet Telephony

SPIT leverages SIP proxy impersonation to sent
unsolicited bulk messages to SIP endpoints.

VoIP phishing (vishing or
g) involves CallerID spoofing and then call rerouting to dummy IVR
systems for further exploitation of the SIP call processing resources."

one of the many great "actionable" tutorials you will find in the book.

With your book purchase you are entitled

to free, instant online access to
that book on Safari Books Online for 45 days. After you've completed your
purchase, you will receive instructions on how to log into Safari Books
Online. If you do not want to receive online access to the book, simply
heck the box for Instant Online Access in your cart.

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Lync Forum provides classroom and webseminar training as well as a non
production environment for those
IT departments without additional equipment, budget or time.

This allows planners and users to test ideas,
dial in and dial back out, IM file transfers
, remote desktop sharing, video conferencing, run scenarios,
review logs, break linkages and learning about new telephony features and network access.

Lync Forum is
also designed for both the system integrator/consultant who wants to learn about Lync with
out having to
build their own system as well as the enterprise customer who doesn't have the time, resources or
knowledge to develop one.

Lync Forum Labs are designed to be "hands
on" or "over
shoulder" with
experts available for Q&A and classes for f
specific review.

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