Course ICDN 1 ver.1.1

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Oct 26, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Course ICDN 1 ver.1.1


Get the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to effectively use and
configure basic networking protocols.

Duration: 40 Acad.

hours (5 days). Price 60 000 kzt

/ person

Prerequisites: General familiarity with information

Module 1. Basics of networking

• Principles of networks: the basic characteristics used topology, topology
and network applications

• Basics of network security, network attack techniques and protection

• seven
layer OSI model of open systems
and TCP / IP Model

• Protocol IPv4, header format, functionality description, IP addressing.
Familiarity with the protocols ICMP, DHCP, DNS.

• Protocols TCP, UDP. Principles of operation, header formats.

• The process of delivering IP packets, the protocol


• Ethernet protocol and its variants, the concept of MAC addresses. Methods
of construction of local networks (Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet)
for optical and copper links.

Module 2. LAN technologies (Protocol Ethernet). Wireless LANs

• D
ivide and switched Ethernet. Definition of terms: collision domain and
domain broadkastov

.• Principles of LAN switches, working via Ethernet. The concept of the

• Introduction to the Cisco IOS operating system• Starting up the Catalyst
operating syst
em IOS

• Typical problems encountered in creating and configuring local area
networks and troubleshooting

• Fundamentals of Wireless Networks. Protocols 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g.
The usable frequency range controlling organization.

• The vulnerability of
wireless networks, and methods of protection. The
encryption WPA, WPA2, 802.1x.

• Implementation of Wireless LAN Cisco Systems. Various topologies of
wireless networks. Steps for setting up a wireless access point and wireless

Module 3. Setting up

communication between LANs

• Routers. Routing basics, building a routing table, the definition of the
metric and the principles of the routing protocols.

• Basics of binary arithmetic. Partition IP networks into subnets.

• The initial configuration of the

router Cisco.

• Program management of the router through the web
interface of SDM
(Security Device Manager)

• Setting up a DHCP server on a Cisco router

• Telnet and SSH. Questions about basic commands Cisco IOS Software for
testing, and the establishment

of the connection to the remote device.Module
4. WAN technologies

• Introduction to WAN technologies. Leased lines, circuit
switched, packet
switched network.

• Technology use permanent virtual circuits, a kind of protocol for DSL,
cable modems.

• Basics
of routing, static and dynamic routes.

• Connection point to point. Setting synchronous interfaces of routers Cisco,
HDLC protocol and the PPP.

• Routing protocols RIPv1 and RIPv2, setting and checking

Module 5. Device management network environment.

• Pr
otocol CDP.

• Social & router.

• Saving to an external server and restore configuration and operating