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Eighth International Symposium on
Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics

January 4-6, 2004

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Organizing Committee
General Chair
Martin Golumbic
University of Haifa, Israel

Program Co-Chairs
Fahiem Bacchus
University of Toronto, Canada
Peter van Beek
University of Waterloo, Canada

Conference Chair
Frederick Hoffman
Florida Atlantic University, USA

Publicity Chair
George Katsirelos
University of Toronto, Canada

Program Committee
Franz Baader (TU Dresden, Germany)
Peter Bartlett (UC Berkeley, USA)
Endre Boros (Rutgers, USA)
Adnan Darwiche (UCLA, USA)
Rina Dechter (UC Irvine, USA)
Boi Faltings (EPFL, Switzerland)
Ronen Feldman (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)
John Franco (U. of Cincinnati, USA)
Hector Geffner (UPF, Spain)
Ian Gent (U. of St. Andrews, UK)
Enrico Giunchiglia (U. of Genova, Italy)
Robert Givan (Purdue, USA)
Joerg Hoffmann (Albert-Ludwigs, Germany)
Holger Hoos (UBC, Canada)
Peter Jonsson (U. of Linkoeping, Sweden)
Henry Kautz (U. of Washington, USA)
Sven Koenig (Georgia Tech, USA)
Richard Korf (UCLA, USA)
Gerhard Lakemeyer (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
Omid Madani (U. of Alberta, Canada)
Heikki Mannila (U. of Helsinki, Finland)
Anil Nerode (Cornell, USA)
Ronald Parr (Duke, USA)
Pascal Poupart (U. of Toronto, Canada)
Jeff Rosenschein (Hebrew University, Israel)
Sam Roweis (U. of Toronto, Canada)
Dale Schuurmans (U. of Alberta, Canada)
Allen Van Gelder (UCSC, USA)
Toby Walsh (4C, Ireland)

The Symposium is partially supported by the Annals of Math and AI and Florida Atlantic
University. Additional support is provided by the Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild
Institute at the University of Haifa and by the Florida-Israel Institute.

Production Inference, Nonmonotonicity and Abduction
Alexander Bochman
Spines of Random Constraint Satisfaction Problems: Definition and Impact on
Computational Complexity
Stefan Boettcher, Gabriel Istrate, and Allon G. Percus
Interval-Based Multicriteria Decision Making
Martine Ceberio and François Modave
Using Logic Programs to Reason about Infinite Sets
Douglas Cenzer, V. Wiktor Marek, and Jeffrey B. Remmel
The Expressive Rate of Constraints
Hubie Chen
Using the Central Limit Theorem for Belief Network Learning
Ian Davidson and Minoo Aminian
Approximate Probabilistic Constraints and Risk-Sensitive Optimization Criteria in
Markov Decision Processes
Dmitri A. Dolgov and Edmund H. Durfee
Generalized Opinion Pooling
Ashutosh Garg, T.S. Jayram, Shivakumar Vaithyanathan, and Huaiyu Zhu
A Framework for Sequential Planning in Multi-Agent Settings
Piotr J. Gmytrasiewicz and Prashant Doshi
Heuristics for a Brokering Set Packing Problem
Y. Guo, A. Lim, B. Rodrigues, and Y. Zhu
Combining Symmetry Breaking with Other Constraints: Lexicographic Ordering with
Brahim Hnich, Zeynep Kiziltan, and Toby Walsh
A Simple Yet Effective Heuristic Framework for Optimization Problems
Gaofeng Huang and Andrew Lim
Biased Minimax Probability Machine for Medical Diagnosis
Kaizhu Huang, Haiqin Yang, Irwin King, Michael R. Lyu, and Laiwan Chan
Combining Cardinal Direction Relations and Relative Orientation Relations in QSR
Amar Isli
Unrestricted vs Restricted Cut in a Tableau Method for Boolean Circuits
Matti Järvisalo, Tommi A. Junttila, and Ilkka Niemelä
Parameter Reusing in Learning Latent Class Models
Gytis Kar
iauskas, Finn Jensen, and Tomás Ko
New Look-Ahead Schemes for Constraint Satisfaction
Kalev Kask, Rina Dechter, and Vibhav Gogate
Learning via Finitely Many Queries
Andrew C. Lee
Modeling and Reasoning with Star Calculus
Debasis Mitra
Analysis of Greedy Robot-Navigation Methods
Apurva Mugdal, Craig Tovey, and Sven Koenig
Symmetry Breaking in Constraint Satisfaction with Graph-Isomorphism:
Comma-Free Codes
Justin Pearson
Deductive Algorithmic Knowledge
Riccardo Pucella
Inferring Implicit Preferences from Negotiation Actions
Angelo Restificar and Peter Haddawy
Improving Exact Algorithms for MAX-2-SAT
Haiou Shen and Hantao Zhang
Explicit Manifold Representations for Value-Function Approximation in
Reinforcement Learning
William D. Smart
Warped Landscapes and Random Acts of SAT Solving
Dave A. D. Tompkins and Holger H. Hoos
Using Automatic Case Splits and Efficient CNF Translation to Guide a SAT-Solver When
Formally Verifying Out-of-Order Processors
Miroslav N. Velev
Multi-Agent Dialogue Protocols
Christopher D. Walton
Bayesian Model Averaging Across Model Spaces via Compact Encoding
Ke Yin and Ian Davidson
Crane Scheduling with Spatial Constraints: Mathematical Model and Solving
Yi Zhu and Andrew Lim

Papers from the Special Session on Intelligent Text Processing
Organizer: Shlomo Argamon, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Efffective Use of Phrases in Language Modeling to Improve Information Retrieval
Maojin Jiang, Eric Jenson, Steve Beitzel, and Shlomo Argamon
Text Categorization for Authorship Verification
Moshe Koppel, Jonathan Schler, and Dror Mughaz
Mapping Dependencies Trees: An Application to Question Answering
Vasin Punyakanok, Dan Roth, and Wen-tau Yih
A Linear Programming Formulation for Global Inference in Natural Language Tasks
Dan Roth and Wen-tau Yih