Teacher biographiesx - Worcester Technical High School


Feb 20, 2013 (5 years and 3 months ago)


Dr. Johanna C. vanderSpek received

her BS in Microbiology from U. Mass. Amherst and her PhD from
Boston University School of Medicine. She was faculty in the department of Medicine, Section of
Biomolecular Medicine at Boston University Medical C
for several years. Her

main research
involved structure/function studies of diphtheria toxin
related fusion proteins and their use as

Dr. vanderSpek also worked in industry developing therapeu
tics with reduced side
Her current inte
rest is helping students who like science prepare for higher education and careers in

related fields.

Dr. Andrea Pereira received her PhD in Biology from Brandeis University. Prior to becoming a science
teacher, she worked as a Drosophi
la geneticist and cell biologist. Her research on the genetic analysis of
associated proteins was done at Harvard University and UMass Medical School. More
recently Dr Pereira received a Noyce Fellowship from the National Science Foundation,
which enabled
her to pursue and receive a Masters in the Art of Teaching from Clark University in Worcester MA. Her
main interest is in science teaching and literacy development in the urban classroom.