Using NetBeans to edit project home page

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Nov 10, 2012 (5 years and 8 months ago)


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Use NetBeans to edit your project home page

Create a NetBeans project by following the Using
the NetBeans CVS client:


Further information can be found at:

Copy the index.html file you have downloaded to a
new file called defaultIndex.html

Right click on the new file and select CVS

Verify that it has been added to the repository in
your project by viewing the CVS repository (tool in
your project left navigation bar)

Actions: 11 Sept 2006

Use NetBeans to edit your project home page

Read the information provided on the default project
page concerning use of the project home page, the
starter kit, etc.

Further information is available in the “How do I ...”
section of the left navigation bar in your project

Work with your group determine the information and
layout you want to present on your project home

View other project home pages from previous
classes (sub
projects of DistributedCollaboration)

(scroll to bottom of page)

Actions: 11 Sept 2006

Use NetBeans to edit your project home page

Edit your index.html file using NetBeans

Use strict html, do not use CSS or JavaScript, etc.

Commit the index.html as described earlier

Reload your home page in your browser to view the
changes you have made.

Use the general discussion forum to ask and
answer questions about this process

Use the forum properly

Ask questions if you don't know

Answer questions if you do know