ProsPects for develoPment

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ProsPects for develoPment
When training becomes innovation
Company profile
Through effective knowledge management and the
valorization of expertise, private companies can enhance
efficiency both internally and on the market, and public
administrations can improve their ability to respond to
citizens’ needs.
We use new technologies together with the most innovative
instructional methodologies revolutionizes access to training
material, making it available when and where it’s needed.
Lattanzio Learning has developed the perfect
combination of traditional models and new-generation
technologies to offer training solutions that meet today’s
From consulting to integrated training
services and projects for e-learning
systems: a global provider of
solutions to improve education
and learning.
Human resources is the key
competitive factor for organizations
seeking to meet the new challenges of
today’s globalized world. LATTANZIO
Learning is one of the first Italian
providers to offer integrated training
solutions and consulting on training
processes for public organizations,
multinational corporations and large
private companies.
Over the years, we have carried out
countless projects developing training/
professional systems in Italy and
abroad, covering organization and
logistics, educational coordination,
teaching and assessment. Thanks to
our skills in planning and developing
digital training content, we have been
able to support client companies in
the banking and insurance, industrial,
telecommunications and automotive
Our core approach at LATTANZIO
Learning is to use processes of
A new era for training
For both groups and individuals, for students and educators alike, we need to foster a new beginning
in training for organizations. What is needed are new training modes capable of incorporating and
valorizing the specificities of contemporary contexts, where training is lifelong in that it embraces the
entire span of people’s lives and lifewide in that it is simultaneously formal, non-formal and informal,
available in multiple settings, spaces and times.
Contemporary conditions call for new planning, methodological and technological solutions. The
training processes provided through e-learning break with the classical vision of training. This is not a
more ‘modern’ way of reorganizing methods and content by simply transferring them from traditional
educational settings into new virtual environments. It is much, much more. Multimedia, hypertext and
interactive tools enrich a form of training designed to be activated at any moment and in any place. This
is training that blazes new, diverse pathways aimed at achieving new objectives. How then can we aid
educational institutions, businesses and public administrations in enhancing their capacity to learn and
efficiency and sustainability to guide
instruction. Our range of training plans
are designed around new learning
modalities that give students access
to the classroom anywhere and at any
moment through delivery options that
ensure maximum cost efficiency.
The use of multimedia options
and new technologies to provide
instruction through multiple channels
including the internet and mobile
phones is fundamental.
Calling on training to evolve and grow.
An integrated and systematic use of new technologies in providing education and
training to foster learning processes. Making instructional content available outside
the conventional school and university context.
Supporting teaching institutions as they respond to the requirements of new
legislation, LATTANZIO Learning guarantees the high-level technological and editorial
expertise needed to produce high volumes of cross-platform multimedia content.
With an eye to fostering the circulation of best practices and quality methods.
e-leArnInG In And for
The digital revolution as a change factor
Many companies and training organizations rely on out of date training programs
for developing and maintaining key competences, failing to take into account that
e-learning has become key to new approaches to learning and knowledge acquisition
processes. What is needed is a reformulation of methodologies for planning,
constructing and providing instructional and training pathways, along with the
development of new assessment criteria.
LATTANZIO Learning is here to support service-provision companies in their efforts
to update training models for the new requirements of the market. For years we
have been helping multinational players with training and consulting in both Italy and
solUtIons to BenefIt sPecIAlIZed comPAnIes
And trAInInG orGAnIZAtIons
Thanks in part to the financial support of the European
Commission’s Seventh Framework Program, the Lifelong
Learning Program and the Information Communication
Technologies Policy Support Program, LATTANZIO
Learning is investing in research projects for the creation
of industrial prototypes.
Our experimental innovations originate from extensive
collaboration with top European organizations in the
sectors of automobiles, aviation, pharmaceuticals, culture
and academia and extend to multiple fields, including:
Modular architectural software based on cutting-
edge technologies (XML, Web services, the semantic
web, 3G/4G LTE networks and peripherals, and cloud
computing) and aimed at integrating e-learning and
Research and development for prototyping: our ongoing commitment
content and knowledge management systems with third-
party software products (including open-source software
such as Moodle and Sakai) as well as Social Networking
platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter);
the production of highly interactive content based on
new pedagogical paradigms (simulations, role playing,
case-based reasoning, learning by doing and collaborative
Innovative solutions that employ blended approaches
using virtual and augmented reality, including “mobile” tools
(context-aware and location-based services with the use of
WI FI and UMTS architectures).
Our activity areas
PrOjecTs TO INTrOduce
dIsTANce-LeArNINg sysTems
Identifying the e-learning platform
Open-source solutions
Setting up learning content management
systems (LCMS) tools
System integration
Managing training and the impact
of e-learning on the organization
fOr e-LeArNINg
Personalized sites
Platform as a service
Security and scalability
Support and
skILLs deveLOPmeNT
Needs assessment and training plans
Training services offered in person,
blended and at a distance
E-learning courses: mentoring, tutoring,
learning community and help desk
In-person training processes: academic
office services, tutoring classroom,
instructors, monitoring and assessment
Managing teams of specialized instructors
in complex activities
dIgITAL cONTeNT deveLOPmeNT (wbT)
Designing and creating training models with digital products
Graphic planning and designing interactive, multimedia products
Reworking “traditional” content into
interactive multimedia products
Creating multimedia training catalogues on demand
Designing and planning HTML 5 and FLASH templates
Ensuring compatibility with IMS, AICC, ADL SCORM 1.2,
SCORM 2004, OASIS DITA, and Tin Can API standards
Analyzing and monitoring learning performances
Ad hOc TrAININg cOurses
Distance, blended and in-person training
Technical, managerial and specialized training
for public administrations
Training programs to meet legislative
fuNded TrAININg
European funds and Interprofessional Funds
Setting needs and identifying financial tools
planning and applications for funding
Managing training programs in compliance
with funding requirements
Administrative compliance and technical and
financial accounting
e-LeArNINg Access fOr
Organizational analysis for the
introduction of e-learning systems
and processes
Selecting the technological platform
Setting up IT environments and
systems integration
Outsourcing e-learning platforms
and services
Ad hoc development of multimedia
content (WBT)
national administrations
Public Functions Department
Ministry of the Environment,
Territorial and Marine
Ministry of Labor and Social
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Economic
Presidency of the Council of
regional administrations
Abruzzo, Campania, Emilia
Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy
Marche, Piedmont, Apulia,
Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany,
Umbria,Valle d’Aosta,
Abruzzo Regional Council
Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional
Council, Lombardy Regional
Council, Internal Control
Services Conference of Regions
and Autonomous Provinces
Provincial administrations
Agrigento, Ancona, Brindisi,
Cagliari, Campobasso,
Florence, Genoa, Lecce, Lecco,
Messina, Milan, Naples, Olbia-
Tempio, Padua, Pistoia, Rome,
Savona, Turin, Trento, Venice
municipal administrations
L’Aquila, Affile, Avellino,
Bagno a Ripoli, Bari, Bolzano,
Borgo San Lorenzo, Brindisi,
Cavriago, Cerro al Lambro,
Crotone, Desenzano Del Garda,
Livorno, Loiri Porto San Paolo,
Lucca, Macherio, Maglie, Mantua,
Melegnano, Merano, Merate,
Messina, Milan, Monza, Padua,
Palermo, Parma, Piacenza,
Porcia, Prato, Rivoli, San Giovanni
Lupatoto, San Giuliano Terme,
Schio, Sedegliano, Seregno,
Settimo Milanese, Termini Imerese,
Trevignano Romano, Verona, Zola
Predosa, Mountain communities
of Mugello,
Intermunicipal association Terre
fiscal Agencies
State Property Agency
Land Registry Agency
national agencies
ACI, Arpal, CNR National
Research Board, National Enaip
agency, ENIT Italian National
Tourism Agency, Vesuvio National
Park Agency, FORMEZ,
I.P.SE.MA. Social Security
Agency for the Maritime Sector,
INAIL, INPS, Isfol, ISTAT National
Statistics Institute, MAE /
Studiare Sviluppo, Prefecture
U.T.G. of Naples, SOGEI
european commissions and
eU agencies
DG Education, DG Sanco, EMSA
European, Maritime Safety Agency,
ETF European Foundation for
Professional Training, EP European
parliament, Secretary General
of the European Council, EIOPA
European, Insurance and
Occupational Pensions Authority,
ECDC European Center for Disease
Prevention and Control
regional agencies
Regional Agency for the
Environmental Protection of
Campania, ARPA Molise,
Piedmont Arpea, ARTA Abruzzo
Regional Environmental
Protection Agency, ASAP Public
Adminstration Development
Agency, CISPEL National Services
Confederation, Piedmont EDISU,
Forrestal Agencies of Sardinia,
IREF Regional Training Institute
of Lombardy, LAORE Regional
Agency for the Agricultural
Development of Sardinia,
Public service providers
Amtab, ASTEM Lodi, SERTA,
Valle Umbra Servizi
chambers of commerce
Milan, Rome, FORMAPER,
Health and social services
Vittorio Emanuele di Gela Hospital
Trust, IZS, S. Croce e Carle
Hospital Trust (Cuneo), SIFO,
ULSS 8 Asolo
entrepreneurial organizations
ACAI Sicily, Christian Association
of Italian Artisans
trade Union organizations
CSA Lombardy
PUBlIc AdmInIstrAtIon
otHer coUntrIes
Australian Department of Defence
new Zealand
MOE Ministry of Education New Zealand

Norwegian Defense ADL Centre

Ministry of Education Sultanata of Oman
DBC Onderhoud e-learning for Health

Ministry of the Interior and
Administration, Ministry of Regional
Development and Tourism,
Ministry of Labor, Family and
Equal Opportunities, Regional
Developmental Agency for South
West Oltenia

Spanish Ministry of Defense

OCC Office of the Comptroller of the
International Agencies
oUr cLients
Hundreds of national and international references.
training companies
saudi Arabia - National Center for
e-learning and Distance Learning
Austria - FHV Fachhochschule Vorarlberg
belgium - VBJK
france - Cegos France
england - British Council, East
London e-learning, Eukleia Training
Service Birmingham, Tribal Education
mexico - Instituto Latinoamericano de la
Comunicación Educativa
hong kong - Cegos Hong Kong
Netherlands - EIPA, Fundeon
Portugal - IFB Instituto Formacao
czech republic - Cegos Czech
singapore - Kydon Learning
hungary - Cegos Hungary, SZAMALK
Education and Information Technology
Ltd. / Dennis Gabor College
usA - Lockheed Martin Simulation
Training & Support, Petroskills
spain - Escuela Militar de Paracaidismo
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Australia - Griffith University
saudi Arabia- King Khalid University, Taif
University, King Fahd University
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Universitas 21 Global
spain - Universidad Cardinal Cisneros
usA - At Still University, California
State University, Capella University,
DeVry University, UMUC University of
Maryland University College
training companies
BIP Business integration partners
Cegos Italia
Eni Corporate University
Ferrovie dello Stato Formazione
Trentino School of Management
EI Chiavari
Turin Politecnico
Unitel Sardinia
University of Florence
edUcAtIonAl orGAnIZAtIons, scHools And UnIversItIes
ItAlY otHer coUntrIes
food - De Cecco
Automotive - Autotorino, Carraro,
Volkswagen Group Italia
Banks, Insurance and financial
services companies - Allianz Bank
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consumer Goods - Safilo
consulting - KPMG, Altaformazione,
Associazione IFTA, Blueit, Centro Studi
Pluriversum, CGM Consorzio Gino
Mattarelli, Consorzio Mesogeo, IAL
costruction - Italcementi
energy - ENEL, EON, General Electric
Oil & Gas Nuovo Pignone
Pharmacueticals and
biotechnology - Artsana,
Astrazeneca Intn, CD Pharma
Group, Centro Medico Ceccardi,
DOMPE’ Farmaceutici, Ginsana,
Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale
dell’Abruzzo e del Molise G. Caporale,
Pfizer Italia, Philips Medical
fashion - PPR/Gucci
manufacturing - ILVA, Targetti
Sankey, Wurth
otHer coUntrIes
Aeronautics - TAP (Portugal)
Automotive - SCANIA (Sweden)
Banks, Insurance and financial
services companies - AXA France
(France), Bankia S.A. (Spain), CPA
Australia (Australia), Eureko/Achmea
(Netherlands), Genworth Financial (USA),
Philadelphia Federal Credit Union (USA),
Swiss Re (Switzerland)
luxury goods - Pandora A/S (Denmark)
consulting- Accenture LLC (USA),
Cornerstone onDemand (USA), Deloitte
ERS - Enterprise Risk Service (USA),
Indah Sejahtera (Brunei), Ksolutions
Automatic machinery - IMA
retail - Unieuro
It services - Axmediatech, Microarea,
Oracle Italia, Selex Elsag, Shuttle
transportation - Gruppo Torinese
media and telecommunications -
Fastweb, HR Service (Gruppo TI), Poste
Italiane, Telecom Italia
textiles and clothing - Fillattice
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Publishing (USA), Elsevier (England),
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entertainment - Sky (England)
Pharmaceuticals and
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Safety Laboratory (England), Merck
Sharp & Dohme Corp. (USA)
manufacturing - Pioneer (Japan)
retail - IKEA (Sweden)
Health - Washington Dental Service
It services- Allen Interactions
(USA), Edutech USA (USA), IBM
France (France), Infinitas Learning
(Netherland), Intuition (Ireland), Kapsch
BusinessCom (Austria), PC Training
Source (USA), Prink Iberia SL (Spain),
Thales Netherland (Netherlands),
TicketMaster (USA)
media and telecommunications -
Alcatel- Lucent (France), Ericsson AB
A system for structuring competencies through
reduced-cost e-learning options that accelerate the
learning process: this objective can be achieved by
implementing technological environments for content
& knowledge management. Software platforms,
instructional services and digital content can be
perfectly integrated with support from LATTANZIO
WHAt lArGe BUsInesses
Adopting innovation through low-cost tools
LATTANZIO Learning provides “turnkey” services in areas
such as health and workplace safety or informational
projects that are ready for immediate use without the
risk of overloading internal resources. Any company
that aims to grow cannot do without distance learning
Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) tools, on-the-job assistance,
ad hoc and personalized courses and multimedia content
for multiple spheres including technical and commercial
sme trAInInG for concrete
The cloud computing approach
LATTANZIO Learning has accumulated impressive credentials, with over
14 million satisfied clients in 10 years, hundreds of projects of planning,
managing and accessing training for approximately 350 public agencies
as well as the most significant web learning project in Europe. This expe-
rience makes us the only company with a proven ability to foster access
to new technologies for integrated training and e-learning in the public
Bolstered by the Group’s extensive background and a capacity for inter-
preting the specific complexities of the public sector, we offer services for
all kinds of public administrations and support them in managing learning
and training processes through advanced technologies.
We draw on specialized technical skills, management expertise and
new approaches to sharing within and among administrations to
design our training courses and tools for improving the functioning, flexi-
bility and adaptive capacities of public administrations so they can most
effectively respond to today’s increased internal mobility.
LATTANZIO Learning’s registry of instructors includes
over 1,500 professionals representing countless areas
of expertise (managerial, technical and operational), al-
lowing them to intervene wherever needed. The material
they cover is always associated with real-life experience
and the workplace context in keeping with a logic of
action learning. We focus on contextualizing training
and making it an integral part of the client’s organizatio-
nal strategy. We work to engage our customers both
public and private, generating a powerful sense of
shared aims and awareness among all the participants.
The high-quality and extensive experience characteri-
zing our pedagogical coordination, tutoring and admi-
nistrative services ensure that training is effective and
organized efficiently. Training activities can be carried
out in the classroom, at a distance (e-learning) or throu-
gh blended approaches.
The assessment methods we have developed over
the years allow our clients to accurately gauge the
effectiveness of their training investment and allow us
at LATTANZIO Learning to continuously improve the
quality of our services.
tHe GroWInG “KnoWledGe” demAnds of
PUBlIc AdmInIstrAtIons
“Tailor-made” training
LATTANZIO Learning’s pool of
professionals is enriched by an
impressively international background,
allowing them to understand and
dialogue with interlocutors from multiple
cultural contexts. The integrated
training programs we have developed
on behalf of executive agencies, the
European Commission and internal
development banks stand as proof of
our innovative contributions and ability
to respond to emerging needs.
Digital leaning for the
european Union and
international development
LATTANZIO Learning offers technical consulting,
planning and provision of training services as part of
projects co-funded through structural funds and
training plans financed through Interprofessional
funds, which also fund compulsory training, individual
educational plans and further preparatory activities as
well as other initiatives associated with training activities.
The training plans financed by Interprofessional Funds
are offered through various instructional methodologies
ranging from the traditional classroom to on-the-job
support or distance learning. The key is providing
support for the company through strategies aimed at
identifying the most appropriate funding and securing it.
LATTANZIO Learning handles all the steps, from
presenting training projects to the Fund to managing,
coordinating, implementing and providing the training
itself. Lastly, we also take care of the cost accounting
in full compliance with the requirements of the Fund in
Identifying and managing financing
for training
People, processes and technologies call
for an integrated approach.
The technology that is
transforming e-learning. Looking
to future horizons for effective
distance learning
Having been established in 1992 as an innovative
research laboratory with the name Interactive Labs,
the company was purchased by the Giunti Editore
group in 1994. Under the name of Giunti Labs, in 2003
it developed and launched the first LCMS (Learning
Content Management System) on the European
market. The company became eXact learning solutions
in 2010 following a change in ownership and today it
forms part of the Lattanzio Group.
eXact learning solutions has 20
years of experience in developing
e-learning software tools.
With its highly innovative solutions,
it has supported universities and
top-tier companies both in Italy
and abroad, fostering and guiding
the evolution of multimedia training
programs, from adopting content
management tools to selecting
the best insourcing platform and
integrating it with the organization’s
existing informational systems.
eXact learning solutions has taken
its place as a leader in the LCMS
(Learning Content Management
System) sector thanks to superior
technology combined with an
ongoing commitment to enhancing
e-learning standards through
extensive, long-term participation at
the international conferences and
roundtables where these standards
are defined.
The eXact learning Suite platform offers a range of functionalities for creating and providing educational content
that can be fully personalized to meet any client’s specific training objectives. Whether you are working from existing
resources or drawing on various unconnected blocks of information, you can use the suite to create tailored
e-learning and knowledge-sharing programs.
A suite for managing the entire life cycle of the process
eXact learning Mobile makes it possible to manage,
provide and trace educational content on iPhones, iPads,
Blackberrys and all other Android devices. This innovative
platform improves content accessibility to make learning
eXact learning Content Models is a library of learning
object models for high-volume production. It allows users
to “drag and drop” pre-existing template elements, thus
making it easy and fast to create highly interactive and
sophisticated content characterized by high visual and
pedagogical quality.
eXact learning LCMS was nominated Best Learning
Content Management System at the Best of Elearning!
2012 Awards. A powerful knowledge and content
management tool for authoring processes, it supports the
production and management of documents as well as
content produced independently by the final user.
eXact learning Packager is a highly evolved author
environment that enables the rapid creation of content
in keeping with international standards as well as the
importation of pre-existing material, including material
already organized in packets.
what organizations need:
• A rapid authoring process and platform that provides multiple levels
of competence and interfacing to satisfy authors with different skills and
• To extend the authoring team with reduced time-to-market so that
instructional designers and expert users can utilize the same templates
and workflow as the rest of the organization on a single shared platform.
• To optimize limited life-cycle content that can be issued on any
platform, including mobile terminals, through a just-in-time approach.
• Extendable models for producing personalized templates that meet
multiple needs, including managing a large volume of repeatable
• To improve the quality and coherence of publishing projects and
reduce their margins of error, thus ensuring that constantly updated
content is always available and accessible.
• To protect their investments through e-learning standards that make
it possible to issue content through any LMS or integrate it with other
company systems.
• The opportunity to integrate, index, store and re-use sources and
material as well as to create derivative versions of content tailored to
different audiences and outputs (e.g. web training, publishing on mobile
terminals, hardcopy documents). In other words, they need a single
source with multiple outputs through multiple channels: online, offline
and mobile.
the private and public sectors are distinct and complex terrains, comprising specificities that
include local factors and require personalized approaches and solutions. to effectively serve this
network of structures and needs, a consultancy must operate in an equally sophisticated and evolved
way, with method, vision and the ability to understand and manage a range of complex requirements. this
involves activating partnership networks between Pas and the world of business in order to foster the
development of networked local actors. it involves offering businesses external synergies and connections,
a system of relations to ensure growth, access to the financial community and effective internationalization.
consultancies today are called on to offer the kind of integrated services that are generated by internal
synergies and an ongoing commitment to researching and developing know-how about frontline issues
in Pa innovation and sme support, about models of excellence and ways to spread best practices, about
operational solutions and processes of applied management.
this is what we believe it means to offer “systemic” consulting. to this end, the Lattanzio group draws on its
innovative corporate structure to support public administrations and companies in growth.
LATTANZIO Learning spA is a Lattanzio
group company.
the group enjoys an exceptional degree of
national presence in terms of both clients
(operating for years in all italian regions) as
well as locations (milan, rome and bari). its
international scope
is also noteworthy, both in operational
terms, with branches in romania
(bucharest), croatia (zagreb) and
macedonia (skopje) and for the proportion
of total sales represented by its export
market share, currently more than 50%.
A system for growing
companies and public
Leading public sector change
italy’s only tailored and systemic
consultancy for growing smes
ict solutions and services for
innovation in businesses and
consulting for sustainable
business projects
image development, positioning
strategies and visibility cam-
Leading solutions for online and
mobile training
training for growth: content,
technologies and services
the associations
The Lattanzio group companies are members of
cONfINdusTrIA AssOcONsuLT – Federated
Association of Consulting Firms – which is
an associate of Confindustra, Confindustria
FEACO (European Federation of Management
Consulting Associations) – as well as
AssOLOmbArdA and eLIg (European Learning
Industry Group).
Quality and environmental management
The Lattanzio group companies are UNI EN ISO
9001: 2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified for
management consulting, research, managerial
training, publication, information system
development, communication and event
ISO 9001: 2008
ISO 14001: 2004
The website enables users to access the online Documentation Center, which
is free of charge and reserved for LATTANZIOnet subscribers. By joining the more than 100,000 network
subscribers, you can view the entire collection of seminar proceedings and consult databases, training
resources and bibliographies. A subscription to LATTANZIOnet also entitles you to receive free of charge
our Newsletter, with group-related news, activities and projects and the topics most fundamental for
change in public administrations and businesses.
consulting learning outsourcing
Main Office
Via Domenico Cimarosa, 4 (20144)
tel. +39 02 29061165; fax +39 02 29061102
Via Nazionale, 89A (00184)
tel. +39 06 58300195; fax +39 06 5813174
Corso della Carboneria, 15 (70123)
tel. +39 080 5277221; fax +39 080 5722318
Local Offices
turin, Genoa, Florence, Cagliari, Palermo
Main Office
Romania - Bucharest
Bd. Carol I, nr. 34-36 (020922)
tel. +40 21 2240161; fax +40 21 2240377
Croatia - Zagreb
Maksimirska 48 (10000)
tel./fax +385 1 4675 032
Macedonia - Skopje
Ul. Roza Luksemburg 15-1 (1000)
tel. +389 2 609 11 11
Head Office
Via Nazionale, 89A - 00184 Rome (Italy)
tel. +39 06 58300195 - fax +39 06 5813174
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