Jani White Assistant Director University Ministry

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Dec 8, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Web Task Force
Content Management System Subcommittee
Research Questionnaire

Name: Jani White
Job Title: Assistant Director
Department: University Ministry

1. What is your
school/department/office doing
to create and maintain web
Jani White
Assistant Director
University Ministry
Working with Eileen Lei,
computer lab in the school of
2. Who is doing it? Eileen Lei.
3. What skills does that person
(s) have?
Web design.
4. What tools are being used? Dreamweaver.
5. How often are updates made? Just actually doing the web
site this summer.
6. Who approves new and/or
revised web content?
Jani White.
7. On average, how many hours
per week are spent on web
development and/or
Probably will be 2-4 hours a
week when it is completed.
8. On average, how much time
does it take to have an update
made, from the time it is
requested to the time it is
approved and posted?
Not sure, we’ve not had
access to the site this past
year so we haven’t really
experienced this.
9. How much does your
department/office spend each
year to create and maintain web
content ($)?
We spent $2,000 last year
for a web site we can no
longer use.
10. What problems do you
experience in updating your
web content?
The person who designed it
was a student who took the
program/application with
him – we could not update it
11. How would you like to
change the way you manage
your web content?
Have it set up in a way that
can be maintained easily by
a student assistant in our
office. Have staff give the
student weekly updates of
programming and events.