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Level 1, 453 Ruthven Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350
Phone - 07 4638 8500
Mobile - 0438 981 907
ABN: 61964823348
About PX Webdesign
Since 2002, we have been developing websites for our clients who are primarily based in the South

East Queensland region including Toowoomba, Brisbane and also spanning out to numerous clients

interstate including Melbourne and Perth. We deal with a wide range of industries and

organisations including Commercial, Industrial & Retail Businesses, Not For Profits and Government

Our developers and designers are based locally and we do not outsource our work to offshore

workers as we believe that only the best websites can be developed when working together as a

team. We also suggest that you look at our Portfolio on our website (link below) to see the wide

range of websites we have previously developed.
Custom Website Design
As a part of the development of your website we also will design the visual 'Front End' of your

website to give your website an individual professional look as specified by you. We allow for

revisions to your visual website design during the design process as we are only completely

satisfied with the design until you are.
Our website design is W3C Standards Compliant (www.w3c.com) allowing our designs to be

accessible by all users. We also ensure that your website is Search Engine Friendly to allow for

more successful listings of your website on popular Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo! and

Content Management System (Breeze)
On the next pages are further details about the Content Management System (Breeze)
that we

have developed in-house and use now for over 110 of our clients. The usage of this Content

Management System will be ideal as it has been designed to be flexible enough to develop custom

websites like yours, along with allowing yourselves to easily update the website.
A key feature of our Content Management System (CMS) is that we develop your website as a

'whole' so that it allows you to have full control over where the website can be hosted. There are

many Content Management Systems that now require you to host only with the website designer's

server as they 'centralise' the one copy of the CMS for multiple clients – limiting you from being

able to change providers if needed at a later date. We believe in giving you the freedom and

confidence to know that you are not locked in when it comes to the options and flexibility of your

website after going live.


Level 1, 453 Ruthven Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350
Phone - 07 4638 8500
Mobile - 0438 981 907
ABN: 61964823348
Breeze Content Management System (CMS)
Our Content Management System (CMS) will allow you, the owner, to

update and make changes to pages on your website at you own leisure

and from anywhere with an Internet connection. If you can use a word

processor like Microsoft Word then you can easily make changes on your website through the use

of our word processor styled content editor. We are more then happy to arrange a demonstration

of our Content Management System for you any time just so you can see how easy it really is to be

in control of the content on your website.
No on-going license fees and free updates
Our Content Management System (unlike others) doesn't have any

on-going license fees and as the core of the system is separated from

the design of your site we are able to update the system with no

interruptions to your website.
We also include 6 months of free

updates to your Content Management System.
A flexible platform for future growth
Our CMS is also very flexible and allows to be extended upon with any other extra

sections/modules (such as a newsletters system or a document manager) that you may require

either now or in the future – we don't limit what can be achieved with your website using our CMS.

No need for any costly upgrades, our CMS is future proof.
Search Engine Friendly as standard
The CMS is also search engine friendly, which means the link names (URLs) for the pages on your

sites are relative to the title/content of the page - not a big link that is just full of useless letters

and numbers. This assists in your website appearing in search results on popular search engines

such as Google and also allows for links to pages on your site that you can email to people that

make sense.
See below for an example.
Non Search Engine Friendly URL
Search Engine Friendly URL


Level 1, 453 Ruthven Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350
Phone - 07 4638 8500
Mobile - 0438 981 907
ABN: 61964823348
Menu Manager
The menu manager in our CMS allows you to

easily manage all of the items in the menu on

your website. You are able to change the order


menu items, make pages visible or not to the

visitors of your website, add new pages and

also remove pages from the website.
Multi-level Menu Manager Option
This option will allow you to add sub-pages under main page headings such as in the example

below under ' Our Services'. You will also be able to add pages under these 'sub-pages' (such as

'Sampling' in the below sample) which will allow you to have up to two levels of content (eg.

Services Marketing).→
This option will also automatically place summarised links on each sub-page on the main page – in

this case the 'Services' page when viewed by visitors to the website.
Content Attachments Option
This option allows you to attach documents (such as

PDFs and Word Documents) to your page that you can

link to in the content of the page you are editing.
This option can also optionally automatically index the

attachments and the bottom of the page for easier

reference by the visitor.