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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Website Development

How your organization can have a web site.

Why would you want a web site?


Most web sites are created to pass on information.

What do you want on your web site?

What Information?

Who you are.

What you do.

Why you do it.

How you can be contacted.

How your organization or group can be of service.



Helpful information

Why would you want a web site?

Easy to Maintain

Web sites, unlike paper are easy to update. Imagine how hard it is to
change your phone number in the phone book, Yellow Pages, a
brochure or pamphlet you create and send out.

Instant updates.

Always there.

Why would you want a web site?

Cost Effective

A web site can be free or have minimal costs if the right volunteers are

Sometimes web developers can be enticed to offer their services for
free or at a lower then normal cost, especially if they are a student or
just starting a new business.

It’s possible to have pages dedicated to satellite groups of large

Why would you want a web site?

Hire a Web Developer

Hiring an experienced web developer has many benefits

More polished professional looking web site.

They would understand the process of developing a web site.

They would understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You are hiring a company, you would ultimately be in control.

How do you go about creating a web

site for your group?

There are several items to think about when developing a web site.


what you have to say about your organization

Search Engine Optimization

Making sure your web site shows up
when someone goes looking for it

Graphic Design

the look and fee.


Creating a web site for your group


This is the most important step, take time to plan it out

Who will coordinate the site

What content do you want on it

Look at other web sites, see what they have or don’t have

Put pen to paper, write down everything you think you might want
on it

Make sure you have current information

especially contact information

make sure you have permission

Using images

Use images if you can

Make sure you have permission to use them

Creating a web site for your group

Search Engine Optimization

Meta tags need to be filled out.

Your “Search Terms” need to be in the content, both titles and

Google site map.


Creating a web site for your group

Graphic Design

Keep it simple.

Look at other web sites.

Use templates (for ideas or the templates themselves).

Don’t over do it.

First impressions count: The average person spends less then 10
seconds deciding if they will stay on your web site.

You need a place to put your web site.

Use a space provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).



Usually included with the cost of your internet service but not as
easy to use as your own domain name

You need a place to put your web site.

Use a free hosting company

Many offer serves free of charge.

Email forms.

Photo galleries.




Slow page loading.

Unprofessional look.

You need a place to put your web site.

Register a domain name and buy hosting.

Cost effective $5 to $20 a year for a domain name, $50 to $150 a year
for hosting.



Recognized as yours


Dedicated email address

You will need to understand a bit more about the web and how it
works to use this method. It helps to have a volunteer who understand
the process.