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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


(true) Agency Presentation

Who are we?

We are an independent full service interactive agency
based in Bucharest Romania, with offices in Craiova.

Our workforce totals
20 passionate, well trained
interactive advertising and marketing specialists
ranging from online marketing consultants to passionate
and talented web art directors, copywriters and
programmers. This makes us one of the biggest
interactive agencies in Romania.

We have a strong focus on results and we always deliver
efficient, creative results, in time.

What services do we provide ?

We are focused on

The main services included
in our offer are:

Interactive production

Interactive marketing

Interactive consultancy

A short client list

What do we do ?

Online Marketing

Simply put our online marketing workflow is structured on:

Strategic planning:

defining objectives and solutions, as well as the
future online marketing mix.

Creative brainstorm:

based on previously defined objectives and
possible solutions the creative team brainstorms new and efficient
online interactive scenarios.

Media buying:

we negotiate and reserve web advertising space,
depending on campaign needs. We provide some of the best deals for
our future clients, due to our existing partnerships.

Campaign implementation and monitoring.

Results tracking and analysis.

Interactive Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine

Rich media campaigns

Viral campaigns

Click Campaigns

ROI Tracking

Social media campaigns

Online Media Buying

Email Marketing

Blog Marketing

Interactive production

Be it the largest
social network
, an
engaging flash site

or a
street interactive kiosk

these are just some of
the interactive products we can create.

We plan, create, design, implement and track results
using interactive technologies.

A few examples of technologies we’ve used and
developed in so far: SQL databases, Server processed
programming languages, Adobe Flash, Video Streaming,

Interactive consultancy

We use our interactive knowledge to
provide efficient, innovative and easy to
track solutions for brand communication
platforms. The agency strongly believes in
simple, one to one marketing and

What we’ve done so far?

Our interactive work

We provided clients like PRO TV,
Interbrands, iMedia, EPG or EMAGIC with
creative, carefully crafted interactive

Here are some selections:



Euroest, the largest Romanian real estate agency commissioned MB Dragan with
creating a new website and advertising this website.


create a easy to update, easy to use website offering users an interactive
experience and create leads/sales


we’ve created a unique experience, both easy to use and smart (we’ve
built an Artificial Intelligence software to profile and recommend users the right real
estate offers). We’ve innovated by building a very usable search engine, well
integrated, fast and easy to use.

The advertising campaign reached more than
502 000 page views in the first three
, viewed by more than 92 000 unique visitors. It was the first campaign in the
Romanian internet zone using rich media (banners), contextual advertising,
blogvertising, social media (social networks distributed messages) and SEO.

Derma Estetique


Derma Estetique is one of the best beauty saloon brands, with cliniques all
over the country.


create an efficient, branding and leads oriented campaign
sustaining the brand and generating leads


we’ve rebuilt the main website, added some glam to the brand
and optimized the web pages for viewing and search engine indexing. After
that we’ve launched a 6 months campaign reaching the desired target.

The results were impressive: a
5% conversion rate and a huge ROI
. That
was the result of a well planed, well implemented online campaign, using
rich media banners, viral campaigns (a cobranded contest with a high
profile website), contextual advertising, blogvertising and many more.

Needless to say the client covered the sales needs for the rest of the year.

Razboiul Sexelor


PRO TV, the most popular Romanian TV Station needed an interactive
communication platform for it’s new show: “Razboiul Sexelor”


create a easy to update, easy to use website offering users an
interactive experience


we’ve planned, created and implemented an interactive medium
offering users video streaming from the show, latest news about their
favorite actors, wallpapers and other downloadable items, photo galleries,
community features and many others.

Traffic per

10 350 unique users

82. 375 page hits



Sono.ro, the leading retailer for online audio tools commissioned us to rebuild the
website and increase sales.


Rebuild the website to better serve the online shoppers, increase
usability, increase conversion rate and enhance traffic.


we’ve proposed a strategy starting with improving the website, decreasing
advertising costs and increasing traffic, leads and conversions.


We’ve relaunched the online store, with a better CRM, better design and
enhanced layout to help sales. At the same time we’ve decreased the advertising
costs by 40% while increasing the results by around 60%.


~ 70 000 users / month

~ 403 000 page views / month

Over 18 000 pages indexed by Google



I’deea Productions had a vision: creating the largest bloggers social network. They commissioned
MB Dragan to think and implement this interactive tool. that will be used by marketers,
advertisers and bloggers worldwide.


Create a popular and useful tool for bloggers around the world. Help bloggers
monetize their blogs, meet other bloggers and marketers to get in touch with the most influential
bloggers as well as start blogvertising campaigns.


we’ve planned and implemented a strong web application, developed on a stable
framework, multiple servers ready platform.


We’ve reached the most influential Romanian bloggers and several international
bloggers, all in the span of 1 month. Local Business Magazin on Blogzoner: “Everybody using
Blogzoner will be able to find other bloggers in the same country, city or neighborhood to socialize
or just have a peek at others’ articles”


80 % of top 400 bloggers joined Blogzoner.com

~ 20000 page hits weekly, after 1 month

Communication mix: Blogvertising, PR, viral advertising

Racheta Alba

viral campaign

MB Dragan needed an unconventional viral campaign promoting the agency’s new


Drive traffic, communicate the brand’s presence and agency philosophy.


Launch the videos

Connect with bloggers

Spread the word

Centralize traffic to the campaign’s minisite:

Gather newsletter and SMS marketing subscribers

Launch www.mbdragan.com

Racheta alba

viral campaign results


We got 5500 videos views, 15 influential bloggers writing about the
campaign and posting the video, 3000 page views on the website, over 300
subscribers and about 10 000 page views on mbdragan.com in the first
week after the launch.

We filmed, rolled out, spread the word, created the website, the social
media profiles and the buzz in under 3 weeks.

We started on the 10th of September, launched the campaign on the 15th
and announced the launch on the 1st of October.

The main clip was the most viewed in it's category on youtube, in it's

Street and mobile interactive

Street interactive advertising

Is interactive advertising online only?
Not at all
. We offer street wise
solutions like

Bluetooth marketing,

Interactive displays,

Electronic coupons,

Mobile Video Games

We have also launched the first integrated mobile marketing service
on the romanian marketed, named Mobione. You can view more
about this at

Street interactive advertising

Contact us

Str. Romulus, nr. 42,

Sector 3, Bucharest

Tel/Fax: 021 3200 111


web: www.mbdragan.com