Basic Web Design

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Basic Web Design


Week 5

Choosing a Domain Name, Hosting
and Marketing Your Web Site

Domain Names


A domain name is a text name corresponding to
the numeric IP address of a computer on the

A domain name must be unique

Internet users access your website using your
domain name


Selecting a Domain Name

Select a domain name that matches your company
name as closely as possible or a description of the
product or service you sell


your company is “Smith, Inc.” and you
sell computers


is taken try:

is taken try:

Names can be up to 67 characters, so be creative!

Checking the Availability of a
Domain Name

Searching for a domain name is called a “whois”
search, as in “
who is

the owner of this domain”

To search for a domain name go to

InterNIC supervises the registration of domain
names and regulates the

(these are the
companies who actually register your domain

Registering and Hosting Your

Web hosting is the placement of your
HTML documents on an internet web server
that allows people to view them

Most registrars now offer hosting services

Points to Consider When
Selecting a Web Host

Amount of file storage (in MB’s or GB’s)

Amount of file transfers per month (in MB’s or GB’s)

How many email addresses are included?

Are they compatible with your web development
tool? (i.e. Dreamweaver or FrontPage)

Will you need a database? If so which one?

Will you need a shopping cart? or an online product

What usage statistics are available?

Cost per month + any overage fees

Marketing Your Site


Preparing your web pages for search
engines and Search Engine Optimization

Submitting your site to major search

Links to and from your site

Use your web address in all advertising

Marketing Your Site


Preparing Your Site for Indexing

Be sure your page “Title” accurately reflects the
content on the page, along with your company (or
division), product or service name

Use a "description" meta
tag and write your
description accurately and carefully

Use a "keyword" meta
tag to list key words for the
web page

Use a distinct list of keywords that relate to that
specific page on your site instead of using one broad set
of keywords for every page

Marketing Your Site


Inserting Meta

Open your web page in Dreamweaver

On the INSERTS palette click on the
HTML tab

Click on the HEAD tab and then the KEY
symbol for KEYWORDS and type in your
keywords for that page and a few general
keywords for your site

Repeat for the DESCRIPTION meta

Meta Tags


<title>Wave Creative Services

Audio Recording, Voice Over, IT
Consulting, Web Site Design and Web Development in St. Croix, US
Virgin Islands

Website Design</title>

<meta http
Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO

<meta name="description" content="Wave Creative Services is a full
service marketing and communications company serving St. Croix the
Virgin Islands, US and beyond. We specialize in commercial and
narrative voice
overs, writing, editing, web site design and
maintenance. When others have let you down, try us.">

<meta name="keywords" content="marketing communications, voice
overs, voice
overs, voiceovers, audio recording, web design, web
development, website design, website development, computer
consulting, computer repairs, macintosh, mac repairs, IT help, IT
consulting, original music, movie score, commercial music">

Submitting Your Site to Search

The Big Three



80% of all searches on the web!



Each search engine uses a different approach to index
your web page

Be sure to read about how each one works (available on the
class web site, see “Week 5”)

All search sites use the Title tag, and the Keywords
and Description meta
tags so be sure to add them
before you submit your site

Search Engine Optimization


The practice of guiding the development and
management of a website so that it will
naturally attract visitors by winning top
rankings on the major search engines for
selected keyword terms.

SEO Basics

Selecting & incorporating target terms

Web / S.E.O. copywriting

Page titles & meta tags

Link building

Site submission

Monitoring & refinement

What Are Target Search Terms?

What are search terms?


Keyword phrases

Benefits of selecting the right terms

Insure traffic to site is relevant

Obtain high ranking for terms

Increase direct traffic

Selecting Search Terms

Organization name

Business type

Product / services


Related products /

Synonym variations


Singulars / Plurals

Hyphenated words

See what your
competition is using

See what the top
ranking companies are

Writing for the Web

Be to the point

respect your visitor’s time

Only 8 seconds to capture the visitor’s

Only 30 seconds to provide visitor’s with
the information they are looking for

Writing for the Web

Using headings / subheadings to guide the
readers eye
(H1 and H2 tags are good for this purpose)

Incorporate bulleted lists when appropriate

Avoid using “fluff” copy

Try to keep pages under 300 words

Use keywords throughout the copy

Marketing Your Site With Links


Getting links to your site from:




Professional associations

Government agencies

Other non
competitive companies

Create a links page on your site and reciprocate
links from other sites

Self Advertising Your Site

Print your web site address on everything!

Company letterhead

Business cards

Print advertising

Phone book ad

Professional Web Advertising


they are the leader for a reason



Web hosting providers usually assist (for a
fee) with marketing and promotion of your