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Appendix 3
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Appendix 3
ollaborative Activities, 2008

Highlighted in blue are activities to which MUII has specifically contributed.

Appointment to honorary positions at reciprocal institution

Robert Tweyongyere, lecturer in Veterinary
Medicine, appointed to a research fellowship at UVRI (2008)

Alison Elliott appointed to honorary lectureship at Makerere University College of Health Sciences (2009)

Pontiano Kaleebu was appointed Honorary Professor, for 3 years, Department of Medical Micr


Julius J. Lutwama was appointed Honorary Associate Professor, for 3 years, Department of Medical


Pietro Pala was appointed Honorary Associate Professor, for 3 years, Department of Medical Microbiolog

Birungi was appointed Honorary Senior Lecturer, for 3 years, Department of Medical


en Cose was appointed Honorary Senior Lecturer, for 3 years, Dep
artment of Medical Microbiology

Jonathan Kayondo was appointed Honorary Lectu
rer, for 3 years, Dep
artment of Medical Microbiology

Janet Seeley was appointed Honorary Associate Professor, for 3 years, Department of Community Health
and Behavio
ral Sciences


Shared supervision and teaching

Makerere PhD students
supervised by Makerere and UVRI staff:

Robert Tweyongyere, completed 2008

Deogratias Ssemwanga
, PhD in molecular virology
completed 2012

Irene Andia, commenced 2009, (sponsored by MUII)

Agnes Kiragga, commenced 2009, (sponsored by MUII)

John Kitayimbwa
, commenced 2009, (sponsored by MUII)

Annettee Nakimuli, commenced 2009, (sponsored by MUII)

Juliet Ndibazza, commenced 2009, (sponsored by the Malaria Capacity Development Consortium)

David Meya, commenced 2011, (sponsored by THRiVE)

Doris Mwesi
gire, comm
enced 2011 (sponsored by THRiVE)

Martha Kaddumukasa, department of Zoology, collaborating with UVRI department of Arbovirology

Supervision of Makerere Masters students by UVRI staff:

Eugene Kinyanda, two MMed students in Psychiatry

Masters student projects

at UVRI, as listed below

UVRI staff assist with Makerere examinations

Pietro Pala, Pontiano Kaleebu, examiners for a PhD thesis

Alison Elliott, examiner for MMed theses

Stephen Cose, examiner Masters in Biological Laboratory Technology thesis

Kinyanda, examiner for Masters in the department of Psychiatry

UVRI staff teaching on Makerere MMed module, Infectious Disease, Parasitology and Immunology

Alison Elliott
, 2008, 2009

Stephen Cose, 2010, 2011
, 2012

UVRI staff and PhD students, teaching on M
asters course in Medical Microbiology and Immunology, 2011

Stephen Cose

Irene Biraro

Appendix 3
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Andrew Obuku Ekii

Makerere students study at UVRI

Makerere MSc student projects hosted at UVRI

Andrew Obuku Ekii

, supervised by P. Pala

Jimreeves Lutangira (graduated 2010),
Alice Namatovu

(graduated 2011)
, Dennison Kizito

, supervised by A. Elliott

Justine Bukirwa, supervised by Barbara Nerima and Stephen Cose, in progress, 2012

Simon Gwapa

supervised by Stephen Cose, in
progress, 2012

Harriet Namanya, supervised by Robert Tweyongyere, 2012

Prossy Namuwulya,
supervised by Jonathan Kayondo, 2012

Krystal Birungi,
supervised by Jonathan Kayondo, 2012

Undergraduate attachments

Over 62 undergraduate attachments in 2008; 98 unde
aduate attach
ments in 2009;

in 2010;

77 in 2012,
many of these fro
m Makerere.

UVRI staff undertake courses at Makerere

UVRI staff
who have undertaken or are
undertaking Makerere Bachelors courses

William Senyonga, Bachelors in
Biomedical Laboratory Technology

Susan Mugaba, Bachelors in Biomedical Laboratory Technology

UVRI staff

who have undertaken or are

undertaking Makerere Masters courses

Fred Asiimwe, Public Health (DL)

Stevens Bechange, Public Health (DL)

Nicolas Bossa,
Biomedical laboratory science and management

Fiona Kalinda, Public Health (DL)

Paul Kato, Biomedical laboratory science and management

Dennison Kizito, Biomedical laboratory science and management

Abel Kushemererwa, Software engineering

Jimreeves Lutangira
, Biomedical laboratory science and management

Macklyn Kihembo, Biomedical laboratory science and management

Ronald Muyanja, Biomedical laboratory science and management

Anne Kapaata, Biomedical laboratory science and management

Annet Nanyubya, Public Hea
lth (DL)

George Odongo, Software engineering

Joel Opio, Biomedical laboratory science and management

Jonathan Wandera, Quantitative Economics

Peter Nkurunziza, Biomedical laboratory science and management

Josephine Magoba Makuyi, MBA Finance, (DL)

Lubega, MA Sociology

Edward Ssenyonjo, MSc Information systems Management

Anne Nabukenya, MSc Health Services Research

Martin Mbonye, MA Sociology

Yunia Mayanja, Masters in Public Health

Edward Ssenyonjo, MSc Information Management

Anne Nabukenya, MSc in H
ealth Services Research

Prossy Namuwulya,


Molecular Biology

Rita Nakiboneka
MSc Biomedical Labor
atory Technology and Management

Appendix 3
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UVRI staff

who are
a PhD

at Makerere

Josephine Bwogi (supported by THRiVE)

Joint workshops

Faculty of
Medicine, Health Research Ethics workshop

A workshop for the Faculty of Medicine, March 2008, at which two UVRI senior staff (E.K. Mbidde, A.
Elliott) participated as facilitators.

Workshop on proposal writing

A workshop on proposal writing funded by the I
nternational Association of Public Health Institutes

March 30th
April 3rd, 2009

Participants from UVRI and Makerere, and elsewhere in the region.

Workshop for supervisors

A workshop for PhD supervisors from Makerere and UVRI, including MUII and MCDC su
pervisors and
supervisors from other programmes. December 2009.

Hot topics in Infection and Immunity, Uganda 2008.

A full day symposium, with speakers from UVRI and Makerere, on current research in Infection and
Immunity, held at Makerere, August 2008, to launch the Makerere
UVRI research training programme.

Young Scientists Symposium, 2010.

A full day sy
mposium for yo
ung scientists fro
m Makerere and UVRI

held on 4

March 2010, with
prizes for the best oral and poster presentations.

Symposium on Infection and Immunity, 2011.

A full day symposium with keynote speakers and presentations by young scientists from Maker
ere, UVRI
and other partners


held on 8

November 2011, with prizes for the best oral and poster

Makerere College of Health Sciences Research Agenda meeting, 1

July 2012

Attended by Professor Alison Elliott

Makerere College of Health
Sciences Meeting on Intellectual Property Rights, November 2012

Attended by Dr Barbara Nerima

6. Joint seminars and meetings

Collaborative meetings on mathematical modelling

Modelling use of vaccines, February 2008, participants from MRC/UVRI
statistics and School of Public
Health (SPH)

Two UNAIDS meetings, addressing modelling of the roles of modes of HIV transmission, April and May
2008, participants from MRC/UVRI statistics and SPH

Informal meetings with modellers in the department of Mathem
atics, Makerere, and a lecture given by
L.A. Shafer (MRC/UVRI) at the department of Mathematics “Epidemic Potential in Human Sexual
Networks: Networks and Modelling”, November 2008.

Grand Rounds at Makerere Medical School

A presentation given by E.K. Mbidd
e, August 2008

Collaborative statistics seminars

A series of seminars, held sometimes at UVRI, sometimes at Makerere (Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI)).

UVRI monthly scientific seminars

Participation by colleagues from the Infectious Diseases Institute
and Makerere Medical School

Research Forum, Infectious Diseases Institute, Makerere University

Regular meetings at IDI to which UVRI staff are invited to participate, including as presenters

Hot topics seminars in Infection and Immunity

50 Hot Topics
seminars in Infection and Immunity, given by local and international world leaders, 2009 to

Appendix 3
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Peer support meetings for trainees

A series of meetings held at Makerere University (IDI) for peer support of graduate trainees at which UVRI
and Makerere trai
nees in health research can meet

Joint laboratory meetings

UVRI staff and MUII postgraduate students participating with Makerere University College of Health
Sciences, Department of Microbiology, laboratory meetings.

Monthly writing workshops for MUII fell
ows and other trainees

Commenced March 2012.

Capacity builders meetings


meetings, held at Makerere University, attended by leaders of capacity building
aimed at coordinating and streamlining capacity building activities. 4

May 2009; 12

February 2010
, 11

November 2011

THRiVE annual general meeting, 2011

Presentations by MUII fellows

THRiVE annual general meeting, 2012

Attended by Dr Stephen Cose, Dr Jonathan Kayondo and Professor Alison Elliott

Makerere staff head projects at

Professor David Serwadda heads the Rakai Health Sciences Programme

Dr Noah Kiwanuka heads the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative at UVRI

Dr Robert Tweyongyere heads studies on schistosomiasis at UVRI

ellows of the programme appointed to
Makerere faculty



of the nine PhD and post
doctoral fellows




of Makerere faculty

One is an honorary member of the Makerere faculty

Collaborative research

Wellcome Trust Uganda Post
doctoral fellowships in
Infection & Immunity

Jonathan Kayondo

Robert Tweyongyere

Makerere, UVRI, Johns Hopkins, Joint Clinical Research Centre

A paediatric phase 1 HIV vaccine trial

The Rakai Health Sciences Program

A programme of HIV research; a collaboration between Makerere
University School of Public Health and

DART and ARROW research projects

Studies of the use of antiretroviral therapy in adults and children, respectively. Collaboration between
MRC/UVRI and the Infectious Diseases Institute at Makerere, among other c

A pilot study to examine human tissue
specific immune resp
onses to Mycobacterium tubercul
osis directly ex vivo

THRiVE pump
priming project, a collaboration between Stephen Cose (UVRI) and Robert Lukande
(Makerere University Department of

Social Sciences: Relationships Study

The Social Sciences programme at MRC/UVRI are collaborating on a study on relationships with the
Health and Development Centre
(Makerere University); Professor Janet Seeley and
Dr Anne Katahoire

principal investigators

Collaborative capacity building programmes

Appendix 3
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THRiVE: Training Health Researchers into Vocational Excellence

E.K. Mbidde, P. Kaleebu, J. Kayondo and A. Elliott participated in the successful, Makerere
led proposal,
“THRiVE consortium”, for the Wellcome Trust African Capacity Building Initiative.

Members participated in the launch meeting in Arusha in October 2009.

Experience and materials developed by MUII

adapted for the competitive selection process for PhD
and post
doctoral fellowships in THrIVE.

EACCR: East African Consortium for Clinical Research

J. Kayondo has coordinated an application, led by P.Kaleebu, for a clinical trials capacity building netw
across the region, with participants including the Infectious Disease Institute at Makerere the “East
African Consortium for Clinical Research” (EACCR).

Members participated in the launch meeting at UVRI in January 2010.

Collaborative programmes
have b
een undertaken

MCDC: Malaria Capacity Development Consortium

One PhD fellow from this Makerere
based programme is undertaking her project, and is co
supervised, at

MUII and MCDC held a joint workshop for supervisors.

Dissecting the
Immunological Interplay between Poverty

Related Diseases and Helminth Infections: An
European Research Initiative

The capacity building work package of this programme has contributed to the following


funding of the immunology course


faculty for
the immunology course


diagnostic PCR workshop


PhD funding


South and South
South exchange visits for training in flow cytometry and molecular

Short Courses

Short course for ethics committees

SIDCER, Human participant protection, GCP
and SOP training for ethics committees, run by the UVRI
Science and Ethics Committee, May 2008

Genes & Genomes in the Tropics.

A three
week course at Makerere, run by Prof Kironde, 28


May 2008. UVRI staff contributed
lectures, and the Inter
national AIDS Vaccine Initiative at UVRI hosted a site
visit for the participants

Uganda Intensive Course in Statistical Methods and Epidemiology

Short course run by MRC/UVRI statistics

unit, August 2
008, August 2009, February 2012

Advanced course in
Statistics and Epidemiology

Held in November 2011


The MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS and the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, in collaboration
with the EDCTP, the MUII. A 3
day bioinformatics training/mentoring programme, October, 200

Immunology in the Tropics

A modular short course run by MUII, hosted jointly by UVRI and IDI Makerere, with faculty and
participants from both institutions.
This is a two part course. Part I has been run

times, in
September 2009, 2010

and 2012
. Part II has been run t
hree times, in March 2010,

and 2012
with the
time scheduled for March 201

Short course in qualitative methods

A short course was run by Professor Janet Seeley (UVRI) for THRiVE PhD students between September
December 2012

Professor Seeley will run a further qualitative methods course with the School of Public Health in October

Appendix 3
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Good Clinical Practice

Training held jointly between MRC/UVRI and Infectious Diseases Institute, Makerere.

Courses co
in February 2012 and May 2012

ACREM (Applied Clinical Research Evidence based Medicine)

Run by the Infectious Diseases Institute, January to December 2012

Appendix 3
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UVRI Open Day

An Open Day for school students and undergraduates held at
UVRI. Presentations by researchers form
both UVRI and Makerere University. Undergraduates from Makerere. March 2009.

Creation of the UVRI strategic plan

D. Serwadda participated in the UVRI strategic plan development September 2009.

Council on Health
Research for Development (COHRED) partnership:

In 2008 UVRI and Makerere (both School of Public Health and Faculty of Medicine) joined a programme
for Health research communication in East Africa.

External Review

Elliott participated in an exter
nal, review of the Makerere University
Tuberculosis Research
nit “Grand Challenges” project
, May 2008

Centers for Disease Control, UVRI

Makerere Walter Reed Program collaboration:

Laboratories at UVRI
have been

renovated under this collaboration.