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July 2004

Part 1

In the first part of "Thermodynamics of directed atoms" or, in abbreviated form
"T.D.A.", w
e shall study a low
level "interatomic generation of energy".

Section 1.

Thermal heating elements

we shall name further them "Heat

Section 2.

Rotary plasma engine "HOLKEN" of the first level.

Section 3.

This section will consider generation

of energy at high pressures and
concerning low temperatures. Power of planets. Further this theme becomes
separate section of a science


Part 2

In second part
. we shall consider the generation of the energy created
by compul
sorily directed movement of particles.

Section 1. Rotary plasma engine "HOLKEN" of the second level.

Section 2. Plasma jet engine "HOLKEN" or PJE "HOLKEN" which belongs to
plasma engines of the third level.

Part 3

In the third part we shall st
udy high and ultrahigh
energy physics and

Section 1. Physics and energetics of stars.

Section 2. Physics and energetics of Black Holes.



e proceeding to consideration of T.D.A. fundamentals, I would like to state
some ideas which will bring us to basic concepts of Thermodynamics of the
Directed Atoms. This may be considered as my personal World outlook with
which many will disagree. Time wi
ll show in what I was mistaken and in what I
nevertheless was right.

During all the "conscious" part of the history of mankind, there is a constant
accumulation of our knowledge and experience

I mean that part of our history
about which the written or v
erbal information has come down to us. That is, the
period from three

five thousand years ago and up to now. This knowledge
embodies diversified information, including description of everyday life of
different peoples and the states at various time epoch
s. In particular, various
historical events, information on great and merely significant people, which have
left a certain trace in our history, are meant. A lot of works were written by
writers, historians, philosophers, and scientists. A huge contributio
n to a treasury
of our knowledge was brought with religion. We see that, despite of some
recessions and rises, the mankind always tries to develop, tries to understand the
nature of things and the World surrounding us. The accumulated knowledge is
red from century to century. Each new generation is trained by the
previous generation. Each person has his teachers and literally from the cradle
and to death is in a stage of learning. All the experience received and acquired is
transferred further.


here unexpected obstacles start to emerge. Today some scientists declare that
many historical events are not true, dates and participants of events are mixed up
or they have not taken place at all, the data obtained from different sources are

between them. On the other hand, events that have been considered
as fictions earlier, find evidence in support of their truth. The same is taking
place in understanding of the nature and physical processes. During different
time periods certain views abo
ut the essence of nature formed in the society,
which turned to difficultly surmountable dogmas. With the generational change,
some dogmas have been replaced with others, but it does not mean at all that we
have understood the essence. Such is the situatio
n that remains today. Thus, the
knowledge we saved up is a barrel of fictions in which a spoon of knowledge is

Many people can think that I excessively exaggerate. Yes, it is valid, after
millennia of full stagnation, in last three centuries th
e scientific thought has


taken a worthy place. The last, 20th century was especially productive.
Enormous research work in every possible directions of knowledge has been led.
The results of this work are so amazing that every 25

30 years our life and ou
opportunities are changed fantastically.

An opinion has been formed in the society, according to which our scientists
know absolutely all or nearly so all. On the basis of scientific achievements,
concepts of origin and development of the WORLD have app
eared. The basis of
all the theories is strictly materialistic; there is no place for the External Reason
in them. In opinion of leading scientists, the basic moving force of development
of the matter and the biosphere is Self
Organization that has obvious
ly expressed
directional character. Development goes from simple to more and more complex
forms, from less to more and more ordered ones, and in critical points jump
transitions to qualitatively new conditions, with obviously expressed features of
se transitions are carried out. "R.E.Rovinsky, “The Developing Universe”,
Israel, 2001"

Thus, some people try to convince us that the Mankind is nearly a unique
concentration of the Reason in the Universe, the more so as the birth of the
Universe owing to

the Big Explosion is completely precisely established, that is,
has taken place 13.7 billion years ago. One has to deduct from this figures
billions of years for the formation of stars and planets and billions of years more
before the appearance of elemen
tary, already biological cells

Further not less than three
four billions of years have to be spent for turning the
elementary prokaryotes into reasonable Homo Sapiens. All this testifies that the
Universe practically did not have time for cr
eation of other sentient beings, since
the development of the Universe is a result of fluctuations of bifurcation points
which lead to

dissipative structures.

However there are always people on the Earth, who possess certain knowledge,
who have fac
ed with inexplicable phenomena in their life, or those to which
simply certain ideas come, which are outside the scope of official science. The
majority of these people prefer not to share their knowledge with anybody lest
they are announced as lunatics, s
ince then it would be very difficult for these
people to restore their good name; as is known, in the past it was enough to burn
at the stake, and memory of this is still alive in people. But nevertheless there are
madmen among them, who are rejected by ev
erybody as no one wants to listen
and the more so to understand their reasoning. At times, having devoted all their
life to studying the problems, they fondly believe that their ideas are very
serious, necessary for people, so that the official science sho
uld be engaged in
their studying because at present there is no other way to get to the truth for
everybody. God forbid for somebody to get among these people, it is worse than
prison or a death penalty.


We already heard it and a little new.

Over the cent
uries, man argues about whether there is a God or not. I too would
like to offer my mite to discussing this exciting question.

Thus, ideas leaped to my mind.

Our Universe is created by a certain "
" and
controlled by "
HIS Subjects

Thus, a certain "
" has
designed and embodied all

Our universe consists of two basic components. The first component is the
Inanimate Matter
". And I have in mind not only our Material World, but also
a so
called Dark Matter or, more spe
cifically, Invisible, the "
Latent Matter
The second component comprises certain "
Particles of Life
" filling our
Universe. Particles of Life, or "
Eternal Particles
" are bits of the Maximum
Reason body, filling our Universe; each of them should gain the ex
perience of all
Life Forms
" and pass the "
Way of Knowledge of EVERYTHING
". Then it
will merge with the Maximum Reason body again.
Symbiosis of the Particles
of Life with the Inanimate Matter creates the greatest variety of living

residing in our Un
as civilizations, both visible and invisible to

In order that the Particles of Life could pass from one life form to
another, all living beings undergo the process of cyclic regenerations,

The Maximum Reason has endowed the WORL
D with the

" of which it is possible to take advantage. Just it is necessary to
know and wield the LAWS

with which our WORLD is provided.
Universe is a system of levels of Opportunities
, a certain multi
layer pie where
each layer

lives under its own laws and carries out a certain primary task. All the
levels are closely interconnected among themselves, each subsequent level being
many times more complex and possessing higher Opportunities than the previous

There are seven suc
h layers and our Material World is the most rough, lowest
level. Let's name our Material World "
the First Level of Opportunities
" or in
abbreviated form "
the First Level
", then the subsequent hierarchic layers will
accordingly receive names "
the Second Lev
", "
the Third Level
" and so on up
to "
the Seventh Level

The First Level is our Material World.

The Second Level is a Level of the
Latent Matter.

The third Level is an Information Level.

Purpose of other
Levels is not yet clear to me.
Our Material Worl
d is a projection of the
Information Level with capturing the Latent Matter up to its full

The first three Levels of Opportunities provide a huge field of
knowledge to which our studies in the nearest and distant future will be devoted.


e entire World surrounding us, our Universe and all that fills it, absolutely
Everything, it is not simply created by the Maximum Reason

it is a part of His
body. However the World is divided into living and inanimate parts where the
basic distinction be
tween them is that the inanimate matter and other filling of
the Universe lives and develops under some strictly defined physical laws,
whereas the living matter has the right to think and to create at will artificial
The level of possible

transformations a living being can afford,
depends upon the level of his development, the latter, in its turn, determines the
level of "
Admission" to use the Opportunities of the Universe.

Let’s now pass on to Subjects. Our Universe is filled with life t
o the maximum.
Living beings are divided into certain "
Life systems
which differ from each
other in the principles of construction of life forms and in the mentality
. The
basic areas of dwelling of the Life systems are the First and the Second Levels.
h Life system consists of hundreds of thousands of «
Space civilizations
each civilization being at a certain hierarchical step in its Life system. The
structure of a Life system reminds the structure of a state where there is a
government, ministries, ch
iefs responsible for different directions of activity,
then simply people, children and the lowest forms of a life which gain
experience of various forms of a life. Then they become "Children" to pass
stages of upbringing and education so that to become ad
ults and to enter upon an
independent life.

Our Human Civilization has get the status of "Children". And each child, as it is
usual, should have parents. Our parent and curator is a certain Highly Advanced
Maximum Civilization
" to which the management of

our Life System has
entrusted to create, bring up and train a young civilization up to the level of
, that is, our civilization should join the "
" in our "Life
system" and to become a full member of the "
Space Community
". Each space

civilization consists of sixty billions life particles, it is a certain magic number.
Our civilization also consists of sixty billions of persons, more of us cannot be.
The maximum civilizations are less numerous, as the most part of their members
have le
arnt the World and have returned to the Creator.

Before reaching the point of development in which we are today, we were to
learn a life in the shape of the lowest life forms over several tens of billions of
terrestrial years. Let's take a brief glance at

the World in which we live today.
We live on the planet which is full of various forms of life, from the smallest
unicells up to plant and animal forms. According to scientists’ estimates, today
there are about 1.4 million of various kinds of living being
s on the Earth, and
over all the geological history of the Earth the number of kinds that have existed
is estimated approximately at 4 billion.


All living beings around us, from the smallest up to the higher animals

them are the future space civiliz

tens of thousands of the future
civilizations similar to our human.

Thus, each person also was once a microbe
and a wormling, a red seaweed and beautiful fern, a terrible dinosaur and a
lovely monkey. Moreover, we have passed initial forms of life

both on other
planets in our galaxy and on other planets which have belonged to other galaxies,
within an infrastructure surrounding formation of some other young civilization.

After tens and hundreds of thousands of cycles of regenerations, at any lower
level of life forms, a living organism passes to a higher level and does not come
back any more. During the time period between reincarnations a particle of a life
is as though at rest, gradually moving to higher levels of Opportunities, closer to
the Crea
tor, but not higher than the fourth Level, then it comes back into a new
body to the same planet to which it is attached at present.

People occupying the Earth today, have repeatedly regenerated and continue to
regenerate in human form, a person regenerat
ing, as a rule, in a new district
where he gets life experience of different peoples. In addition, there is an
alteration of sex. For several lives he lives as a man, then for several lives as a
woman, etc. The time during which a person is at rest at othe
r levels and the
frequency of regenerations depend on the level of karmic component of each
individual and on his attachment to the Terrestrial life and can make from
several months up to several centuries.

Creation of a young civilization is a long
process consisting of several basic
stages. The first stage is selection of a young galaxy. At that, the galaxy should
meet some requirements, such as sufficient remoteness from space interstices
where there can be Black Holes that create fields in which b
iological beings
cannot exist. The galaxy should have sufficient free path until possible collision
with the neighboring galaxies.

As each such galaxy is used for simultaneous cultivation of several thousands of
young civilizations, our curators should hav
e enough time for the process of
forming young civilizations to proceed quietly, without forced shocks and hurry.

The chosen galaxy should pass the process of formation, and this takes from two
to two and half billion terrestrial years after disintegratio
n of the Black Hole. The
white Giant should burn out and turn to the Red Giant. Soot formed as a result of
disintegration of the Black Hole and the White Giant and soot developed by stars
until a slag layer has covered them should dissipate.

By this momen
t the most part of small stars become White Dwarfs and stop their
existence, planets are already formed a long time ago and the share of
radioactive substances in them, as a result of disintegration, has essentially
decreased. The basic requirements to be
met in the selection of planets comprise


their size and remoteness from the star. The planet should have mass sufficient to
retain an atmosphere and to maintain the temperature conditions within the range
according to the necessary norms for the chosen pla

The star system with planets on which a young civilization is to be cultivated, is
as though given at disposal of this new civilization so that the young civilization,
when its time comes and it obtains access to the space, could have a look at the
eighboring planets in their original form. Therefore we shall not find even early
stages of life on the neighboring planets and their satellites, except for traces of
alien civilizations that have visited us. On other planets and their satellites within
ch star systems, it is not authorized to make significant transformations.

Other civilizations, in our life system or in other life systems, which desire to
visit the new civilization, should receive the sanction to such visiting from the
civilization act
ing as a curator. Such tourists are authorized to organize their
stations on the neighboring planets and their satellites but no more elsewhere.
Aliens have no right to interfere and influence somehow the routine of our way
of life. They have the right to
observe and study us only. Therefore no alien
civilization that visits us can bring significant harm to us.

No one of the chosen planets that have passed the cycle of formation can accept
a biological civilization on its territory because there is no wate
r on its surface,
and its atmosphere does not contain free oxygen. We shall consider a question of
formation and development of planets below, however we should touch a little
this question so as to understand the process of building the biosphere of our

Let's consider the structure of our Earth. The central part of the planet comprises
a fused nucleus consisting of fused metals which lay in layers according to their
densities, heavier being in the center of the planet, lighter going to its peripher
Above the metals, as in a blast furnace, are the fused slags, i.e., the magma lay.
Above the magma there are the hard rocks of the Earth's crust and then the

After formation the planet is in a regime of constant, very slow disintegration,
nd the raised temperature increases the rate of decay of substances. Magma is a
place where constant accumulation and formation of gases and light substances
such as hydrogen, helium, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen etc. proceeds. All nucleuses
of substances vary

in speed and the scheme of disintegration, therefore certain
substances are formed more intensively than other ones, however lighter
substances are always formed somewhat more quickly than heavier ones.
Moreover the share of heavy elements on planets decr
eases with time and the
share of light elements constantly increases. So hydrogen is an end product of


disintegration, therefore it is always formed in larger amounts than other light

Gases begin their upward movement, where low
active nitroge
n and helium exit
to the atmosphere, and active substances start to undergo reactions. Carbon
combines with oxygen. The carbon dioxide gas formed rises freely to the
atmosphere. Hydrogen combines with carbon and oxygen. The area of the crust
where these re
actions proceed is still close to the magma, temperatures are very
high, therefore the vapors of water and methane formed rise up to those levels in
the planet's crust where the set of parameters of pressure and temperatures will
allow them to condense.

ter condenses first, then at higher levels where temperatures are lower,
condensation of methane takes place. Liquid methane is accumulated in the top
layers of the crust to start integrating its structure by converting itself into
heavier fractions

ne, propane and so on, that is the
formation of oil

place. During these reactions hydrogen is liberated leaving into the atmosphere.
Liquid water starts seeping downwards, back to the hot zones of magma where it
splits again into oxygen and hydrogen
and then the cycle of reactions repeats as
by the upper scheme.

Thus on planets similar to our Earth, the center layers of the crust should contain
water in small amounts, and the upper layers should contain oil that constantly
accumulates. Thus about two

billion years ago, before introducing life to the
Earth, our planet
should have

an atmosphere consisting basically of carbonic
acid, hydrogen, nitrogen and helium and all other gases and compounds in
smaller quantities. All gases are slightly mixed, but b
asically they are placed in
accordance to their densities in the atmosphere, in particular heavy carbon
dioxide gas closer to the ground, then nitrogen, helium and hydrogen.

Hydrogen, helium and a part of nitrogen that are in the upper layers of the
phere are constantly attacked by fast cosmic particles being as though
washed off and leaving to free space. Here I would like to notice that any planet
having an atmosphere can hold only a certain critical layer of gases on its
surface, and irrespective o
f their structure, all superfluous is drifted to outer
space. Thus in the atmosphere, heavy gases which have been accumulated by the
planet during the previous several billions of years

dominate, since light
gases such as hydrogen, helium and a part

of nitrogen exit to outer space, that by
the way leads to constant loss of weight of the planet.

Now let's talk about biological structure of the Earth. By the way, inasmuch as I
am very far from biology, in the main we shall speak not about biology but a
the principles of structure of biosphere and about the stages of its development.


About two billion years ago, the first protozoan bioorganisms were brought to
the Earth. Let us suppose them to be prokaryotes. These are the simplest living
beings tha
t can exist under the most terrible climatic conditions. As I have said
above, our galaxy is used for the cultivation of several thousand civilizations,
however they are started not all at once, but in some sequence. Therefore
protozoan organisms can be br
ought to us both from other galaxies and from the
planets of our galaxy where they have already fulfilled their cycle.

The purpose of protozoans is an accumulation of a starting biomass with which
the surface of the Earth is impregnated. After the biosphe
re has been filled with
more complex organisms, plants and animals, it becomes a closed field because
higher living beings cannot use for food only inorganic substances. Each living
being on the Earth serves as a food for other beings whereas inorganic
stances play an auxiliary role.

A second purpose of the protozoans is the splitting of atmospheric carbonic acid.
Carbon goes for creation of a biomass, and oxygen exits to atmosphere. Free
oxygen is bound to free hydrogen to form water vapor; in addition,

practically with all substances laying on the surface of a planet.

The atmosphere contains a lot of carbonic acid, which creates a strong
greenhouse effect. Average temperature on the Earth is about 60

70 degrees of
Celsius. In the atmosphere, t
here is an accumulation of water vapor, and only
after a lapse of about half a billion years it becomes enough that the first rains
fall. What have been created are the conditions for settling larger living beings,
namely, bacteria on the Earth. Bacteria c
arry out the same task as prokaryotes,
but they have also their separate mission. Bacteria are creatures that are able to
bring together substances in piles, thus every possible ore blocks start to be
created. Millions kinds of bacteria have created deposi
ts of every possible ores,
which we use today.

The first rainwater does not stay on the surface of the Earth. Its big part
evaporates back into the atmosphere, and the rest filters into the ground to form
underground lakes, rivers, seas and oceans in the
uppermost layers of the Earth's
crust. Half billion more years have passed. The carbonic acid content in the
atmosphere has decreased a little; it should be remembered that magma
constantly delivers new portions of gas onto the surface. The temperature on
Earth has gone down a little. The first pools have appeared on the surface of the
Earth, as well as the first free oxygen in the atmosphere. The process of
formation of biosphere starts to develop at a quicker pace. Microplants and
insects appear, and

photosynthesis starts to act. The carbonic gas content in the
atmosphere continues to go down.


The first free oxygen in the atmosphere and the first water in open reservoirs
allow appearing the first plants and small vertebrate animals. By this moment th
protozoan kinds of bioorganisms and a portion of bacteria start to leave the
Earth. They have fulfilled their task in the accumulation of a biomass. About one
and a half billion years have passed from the beginning of the operation.

Now there comes time

of a "gigantomania". The "gigantomania" is necessary for
the creation of
huge water resources

on the Earth. It is still hot enough on the
Earth, the atmosphere being dominated by carbonic acid. More than half of the
planet is comprised of continuous subtr
opics. The Earth is filled with giant
vegetation and then accordingly with huge animals. The carbonic
acid gas is
completely drawn out from the atmosphere to be practically replaced by the
oxygen. As a result, oxygen is a basic gas filling the atmosphere o
f the Earth.
Almost all hydrogen, which rises to a surface from the interior of the Earth,
becomes water. Nitrogen which earlier, in the carbon
dioxide atmosphere, was in
the upper layers and went away to space, now has been lowered to the surface to

its accumulation. The period of "gigantomania" is a time when the basic
stocks of coal are created. Several hundreds millions of years have passed. Seas
and oceans have covered the Earth. Vast water stretches have been filled with
various life forms.

re has come the period of stabilization. The "gigantomania" gives up the
place to smaller forms of plants and animals. Nitrogen has accumulated in the
atmosphere. The most part of oxygen has become water, and its share in the
atmosphere has considerably go
ne down. Climatic conditions on the Earth have
been brought to certain steady parameters. Each planet has some parameters of
its condition, such as its size and mass, attractive force on its surface, thickness
and density of its atmosphere, temperature con
ditions, etc. Fresh portions of
gases constantly rise onto the surface of the Earth from its interior. The purpose
of the stabilization period is creating a living biomass of such density on the
planet that would provide constant qualitative structure of t
he atmosphere, which
in turn influences stabilization of its temperature condition.

The climate on the Earth is brought to a stable condition. There has come time to
the advent of main character on the Earth

man who is created so that the
environment fo
rmed on the planet would be the optimum environment for his

Now I would like to talk about the role of our curators in all this construction.
Imagine that some modeler has decided to create a new line of clothes. Our
modeler is a well

person. He possesses the knowledge in the
technology of tailoring; he knows all kinds of clothes and accessories produced
by the industry. In fact, he is an excellent artist in his field, one of the number of


artists of such a level. Certainly he wants to

create something very beautiful and
original, and certainly he is in love with his project and wishes his clothes to
please everybody. But certainly a new product should be of excellent quality and
conform to the necessary standards.

I think you have und
erstood me. Our Curators create a new kind of a space

that is us. For them, it is
a new stage of knowledge of the World
and for us, it is
a conscious introduction to the way of knowledge

All the process of construction of the biosphere, wh
ich has taken several billions
of years

is entirely directed to achieving the only purpose, namely, creation of a
bioplanet which has to become a house, an educational class and a training
ground for a young space civilization. Certainly all principles o
f bioconstruction
are known and proved. It is necessary to create a planet with an oxygen
atmosphere and sufficient water resources. The flora and the fauna should
support balanced circulation of biomass.

On all the way of bioconstruction, our Curators sh
ould lay down a complete set
of life forms providing circulation of biomass and corresponding to each stage of
development, with matching these life forms to the parameters of the planet and
its condition at a given stage.

Here I would like to notice that

there is a law in our World, which is used as one
of its basic laws, that is a law of
Freedom of Choice
, which, with some
exception, is fulfilled everywhere. I shall try to explain what it means. Our
World lives under certain laws. For example, as to non
living matter, a Black
Hole should be broken up to form a galaxy. This process runs under certain
physical laws, but the Creator has not prescribed exactly how many stars and of
what sizes should be formed, how many planets and of what sizes should be
ed around each particular star, and so on. Thus all the process is determined
by the frameworks of some laws, but inside of these frameworks everything is
left to chance. Disturbers of this random process are living beings which use the
matter for their ne
eds, thus breaking a natural process of development of the
matter. The same principle of freedom of choice is also incorporated in the
development of life forms.

Each life individual bears in itself a particle of life which is a component of the
each living organism
, being a part of the Creator should, within
the framework of its opportunities,
approve itself as the Creator
. Therefore our
Curators, having created all the set of life forms which should provide the closed
circulation of biomas
s, let it out to the testing ground for a free life. Herewith a
set of problems is solved, starting from a design and appearance of each kind of
living form, a kind of food which this creature will consume and its digestion,
ways of orientation in space, a

principle of reproduction, etc., and finishing with


a genetic code, defense reactions, the program of development and a level of
possible mutations.

The whole scheme of life forms for a long period of time, and this can last for
millions of years, is thr
own upon its own resources. Supervision is conducted
over the scheme. This is done to know how the created forms adapt to their
environment, how they face fight for survival, etc. Their genetic codes and other
programs, when necessary, undergo updating. At

certain intervals when there are
essential transformations of climate on the Earth, full or partial replacement of
the scheme of life forms by a new scheme is made, which is corrected with
regard to survival of kinds in new conditions.

A man sharply diff
ers from other higher forms of living beings. He has already
passed all stages of life forms and has reached the home straight. All life forms
possess thinking, but their level of activity is limited to some frameworks. The
primary goal which they solve is

to adapt, to conserve a species and to survive in
the given conditions. Life forms are more closely connected to the nature. Their
intuition is tuned more finely, which allows them to foresee in advance the
changes of weather and climate, to detect the ap
proach of danger. All the sense
organs of a man

hearing, sight, sense of smell, intuition and all other abilities
for communications with the world are dulled. It has been made for a man to
start using his free
wheeling thinking, which will more than fil
l all remaining

The mankind has other problems to solve on the Earth.

We have to pass
three stages of development.

The first stage is accustoming to the Earth’s
natural conditions and an attempt of preservation of the human species.

The second sta
ge is devoted to our upbringing and initial acquaintance with
the nature surrounding us.

The third part is training and simultaneously
passing the maturity examinations.

All the way of development of the mankind is confined in a time framework, that
is 24
000 years, which have a cyclic character and are divided into stages of rise
and fall. The third, shortest stage should be passed in 2400 years. The second

in 4800 years, the rest of the time is allocated to the first stage of

We shou
ld become a Cosmic Civilization, receive the status of "People" and join
the Space Community. Therefore special requirements and special attention are
applied to us. A man is literally a biological robot and the most powerful
biological computer, in which
everything necessary for his development is
already incorporated. But a computer needs to be taught to function correctly.


In order for our curators to direct our development, our planet is programmed to
some extent and prepared for this process. Concentr
ations of substances

are created on the planet. This is done for us to get acquainted with various
substances and their properties at a certain moment of our development. In no
other way a man who lacks any serious technological knowledge could not
out copper, gold, iron and many other things in the nature.

We are surrounded with wildlife which is our infrastructure. It is created not only
for us to be fed by it and to use it for our needs. In studying wildlife surrounding
us, we get acquainted

with a variety of life forms, methods of its adaptation to an
environment, which allows us to get adapted to the nature and to survive. We
come to know how various kinds of living organisms function, what place they
rank in the biostructure, etc. But what
’s the most important, many terrestrial
animals are similar in their appearance to representatives of alien civilizations.
And we should be prepared for meeting with representatives of alien
civilizations and should not be fatally shocked with their appear

To go on, all our planet is divided into small sites, so that people living in some
district long enough, start to differ a little from the inhabitants of the adjacent
site. These distinctions are absolutely inappreciable to visitors, but locals
tinguish very nicely their neighbors who differ a little in face, in appearance

a figure, a timbre of voice, a different dialect of language and as consequence a
different mentality. Increase in distance between the sites makes all these
distinctions to
grow sharply, which has led to that thousands of nationalities live
on the Earth, differing in appearance, language and mentality. I want to notice
that it is connected only to a district where people live. By the way, this
circumstance also influences the

rest of wildlife.

At the initial stage, such division into peoples and nationalities leads to
numerous wars. Then peoples that are close to one another in mentality start to
join into states, this being a very important factor in upbringing of the mankind
States are structures which start to create laws of their own existence, their own
culture, originality and mentality. Except for succeeding wars, it leads to that the
states different in mentality, language and the internal structure learn to live in
ace with their neighbors and to cooperate with them,
that subsequently
results in the mixing of peoples

Now we have reached a threshold of becoming a Space Civilization. What is
expected are our contacts and, as a consequence, cooperation with alien
lizations. And it will look like the relations between states. And we should be
prepared for dialogue and cooperation with alien civilizations which are
absolutely unlike us. Thus, all the previous history of the mankind, creation of
states and complexitie
s of relations between them, all this is nothing but
rehearsals before meeting and cooperation with alien civilizations.


already in the 21st century we should adjust all our differences and become
a joint nation of people from a planet the Earth

that is a common state.

Huge role in the formation and upbringing of the human society belongs to
religion. The system of upbringing of a man has been constructed with the use of
simple everyday examples that has allowed creating cultural and educated
nough modern society.

All religions have a common origin. The mankind is nothing but children created
by the God whom He loves but will punish if people do not observe His
Commandments. Through certain people, in the form which is simplified and
e to understanding, our curators have tried to get across to our ancestors
the essence of construction of the World and the way in which the society should
develop. Religions descended to the societies that lived one and a half

two and
more thousand year
s ago. Those were obscure times when a man could not
receive knowledge, therefore all religions gave practical instructions. In the
southern countries, the Koran and the Torah prescribed to do ablution and
circumcision to boys, not to eat pork and other pe
rishable food. In more northern
Christian countries, these rules are not present. With the advent of refrigerators
and water supply systems, the spread of knowledge concerning the rules of
hygiene, these instructions have lost their urgency. It is differen
t with the
traditions which have been developed in peoples for centuries and of course can
be kept, if certainly there are no wild medieval ceremonies in them.

Large families are a particular subject of discussion. A duty to have many
children has been pr
escribed by religions with a view of preservation of human
species and in connection with absence of medicine in antiquity, high children's
death rate and short duration of human life. Today, when practically in all
countries there is an extensive network
of medical institutions, when life
expectancy is growing, necessity for large families has disappeared. Moreover,
the increase in population which takes place basically in the undeveloped
countries, can lead the world to serious cataclysms, and this is alr
eady noticeable

The new times are coming when merely belief in the God starts to be replaced
with the knowledge of the God. With transition to a new stage of development to
which we have come today, the religion will lose its importance in course o
time up to its full dissolution. It has carried out the mission put before it almost
completely. I use the word "
" because practically everywhere the society
does not adhere to keeping the Commandments given by our curators. Moreover,
there are sig
nificant groups of people that use religion with a view to finding a
carefree life and personal enrichment, which is a double sin. It’s because a man
exists on the Earth with the unique purpose

to cognize the surrounding


The sense of our life cons
ists in constant development.

It is terribly
hard work where all of us should understand everything by our own mind, and
all that it is necessary for us to achieve this purpose, should be made by our own
hands. Nobody will send manna to us nor will make an
ything for us.

Commandments play a key role in our upbringing. And the most important one
is an appeal
to Love

literally to everybody and to everything that surrounds us.
But people have misunderstood this appeal. We are not offered to love each

with the same love as we love our child or favorite person.
We are
offered to develop in ourselves "the Life Position" which is expressed in
aspiration to serve another persons.

However the majority of us serve only

Also it is not necessary It
does not ensue that we are offered to be in
somebody’s service. No, it is necessary for us to have
positive, well
, always to be
benevolent to all people
, and we have to conduct our
activity so that it
does not harm to another

Such a lif
e position should be taken by overwhelming majority of inhabitants of
the planet. We should change our outlook on life and make reassessment of life
values. We should be moderately offensive, but not warlike. We should not
simply be able to think, but to t
hink reasonably, and this is not the same thing.
We should learn to think correctly!

First of all we should understand that all
that is material is very accessible and therefore not essential. We should
understand that the
World is a single whole
, and ther
e are no absolutely
opposed concepts, such as white and black, yes and no, good and evil.
Everything is intermixed, and the main thing is our life position.

If we do not correspond to certain standards in any parameters, usually at the
third stage when du
ring training the mankind starts receiving knowledge about
high energies, however behaves inadequately, it undergoes almost utter
annihilation. The genetic code of the remains of the mankind is subject to
correction. A sort of new technology that is to say

a "way" of development is
chosen for us, and then we enter a new cycle of maturing.
The mankind has
been already many times subject to practically utter annihilation, and today
we once again enter the third stage of training, which is the most

for us.

Above I have said that the development of the mankind has a cyclic character
where there are stages of rise and fall. From the end of the seventeenth century
we have entered the time period when the rise in our development has begun.
This is conn
ected with a certain position of the Solar system in the space when
man receives an opportunity to gain, understand, process and master deep
. Thus, during the last three centuries the mankind has received basic


knowledge, that is to say we have

passed preparatory classes in the stage of

The twenty first century sharply differs from all the previous course of human
events. Today we are on the eve of revolutionary changes. In the last century we
have familiarized with different types of

fuel energy and have understood its
importance for our development. And all this was undoubted progress. But
today, the fuel energy has become harmful, and what is more, fatally dangerous
for us. The mankind has begun to consume huge quantities of oil wit
Global Warming, which gathers momentum
. The quantity of rains
sharply grows, and they easily lead to flooding. The Southern part of Asia and
the Central America are exposed to most powerful tropical hurricanes coming
one by one. I think, in as

early as a year two, similar hurricanes coming from the
Atlantic will start to visit Africa and Europe. The quantity and the intensity of
every possible natural hazards will increase.

Whole regions will decline.

Cities and settlements will be demolished
by a
disaster, transport and communications will be paralyzed, and the
agriculture will be destroyed.

Tens and hundreds of millions inhabitants
will remain without means of subsistence.

Famine and epidemics will begin.

All these “pleasures” are already ine
vitable for us.

Don’t flatter yourselves
to think that it does not concern you, don’t cherish an illusion, this will
touch all of us. Our general carelessness, indifference to everything that is
not connected to pleasures and instant gaining money, adheren
ce of
scientists to settled dogmas will lead us to loss of all the achievements of the
civilization, to full degradation and destruction of the mankind.

However, there is other way!

It is necessary to refuse completely nuclear and
fuel power and to procee
d to non
polluting power. The industry should work
only on without waste technologies. Any emissions in an atmosphere, anything
harmful it should not merge or be dug in.

However there is other way! It is necessary to abandon completely the use of
and fuel energy and to turn to non
polluting energy sources. The industry
should be completely based on wasteless technologies. There should not be any
injection into the atmosphere, no harmful substances should be discharged or
dug in.

I offer my project

of non
polluting energy source. Here I mean plasma engines
"HOLKEN" which represent three levels of engines, namely, two rotary engines
and one jet engine. I am aware of misunderstanding and skepticism to my
projects on the part of the public and scientis
ts; in fact my engines are perpetual
motion machines, inconsistent with the Law of Conservation of Energy.


However, in connection with global dangers which approach upon mankind, I
consider that it is necessary to create at least an international organiza
tion which
would accept any, even most absurd offers concerning
absolutely non
, so as to consider and approve them on short notice. Such organization
must invite inventors to the commission and, whenever possible, listen to their
reasons w
ithout prejudices because it is impossible to expose all the picture of
the project in several pages of its description. And certainly, all the jobs and
journeys of the authors should be at the expense of the organization, with a full
guarantee of authors’

rights. Only in such a way we can somehow rescue
ourselves and our planet. All original projects break out in somewhat of the
conventional norms and consequently do not find support of anybody. The basic
problem of all similar projects is an impossibility

of creation of a pilot sample.

So, today we are on the threshold of change of epochs in the development of
the mankind.

The stage of our upbringing is completed, and since 1997 we
have come to a stage of education and reception of "the Maximum

However to enter the school of "Maximum Knowledge", we
have to pass two examinations.

The first examination

we should rescue
our planet from a Global Ecological Catastrophe, for which we need to
introduce urgently non
polluting energy.

The second exami

should change our "Life Position" and start carrying out the

These are indispensable conditions of our salvation at
transition into the "People" status.
I am writing these lines on September 24,
2004, time: 23:36. It is already mo
re than seven years and a half as we have
exceeded the term of passing the examinations. Our curators have enough time
and patience, and we have practically spent it all.

A man acquires knowledge in various ways. It can be long
term visual
observation or
gathering and processing of statistical data, laboratory researches
and so forth. However, when we need to understand internal processes taking
place in physics, chemistry, biology, space processes

we can gain this
knowledge only with the use of certain
prompts. As a rule, such prompts are
received by those people who are eager to understand certain questions, but
cannot find the main link from which they could start. Our Curators select such
people and start to send them some key prompts. Such informatio
n comes to us
in dream or as certain insights, as a bright flash. Usually it takes the form of
certain pictures, images or ideas which do not give a full picture of the problem
but provide a certain base, key points in its solution.

After having received
a support point in a given subject, people should gain an
understanding of all the questions on their own. If there is an insuperable barrier
on our way, we shall necessarily receive the prompt giving some hints on how to


overcome it, but we shall not rece
ive prompts concerning those problems which
we can solve ourselves. To learn how to receive prompts is somewhat difficult.
A man should feel intuitively a prompt and be able to distinguish it from his own
ideas. Then it is necessary to analyze a prompt and

to understand how it fits into
already known material. But the most difficult thing is that at the moment of
reception of the prompt a man have already some solutions of a given problem in
his head and now it is necessary to make a correct choice from pos
sible variants.
The choice of the correct base link in the solution of physical problems is a
determining point, as in such a way we determine the direction of search of
physical elements.

Usually prompts are very extravagant solutions which can fall out
of the context
of common norms. Therefore frequently scientists reject prompts or deform them
by making physics fit the standard dogmas. For example, in physics of
elementary particles, to counterbalance the loss of mass in nuclear reactions, the
particle and a number of similar particles have been introduced. There
are no such particles in nature. The mass of particles is expressed in units of
power, but energy and weight are not the same. In the conventional theory of
development of the Universe,

there is a concept of star collapse. The Big
Explosion theory is incorrect, which would be the subject of separate
consideration, but the theory of a star collapse is an obvious prompt because in
the space there is a process of collapse, but it occurs in
another place

we shall
consider this question in more detail in the following chapter.

All the knowledge we possess today has come to us in some sequence, and
subsequent knowledge is always based on previous one.
I want to tell that our
education follow
s some program in which there are no moments when we skip a
step of knowledge. We acquire all the knowledge in a certain sequence which
provides smooth transition from one knowledge to another. And we are
constantly warned of the next step of our program,
of the future opportunities or
tremendous knowledge.

Let's recollect homely phrases which have appeared in the middle of nowhere,
such as "end of the world", "host of planets", and in fairy tales "flying carpet",
"magic table
cloth", "a plate with water w
hich will show everything", etc., and
science fiction "Professor Dowell's Head", "From the Earth to the Moon",
"Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea", "The Hyperboloid of Engineer
Garin". There are a lot of space fiction books where a spacecraft is powere
d by
plasma jet engine. To this we can add the dreams of perpetuum mobile and
immortality! And fairy tales where people turn to different animals and back,
and the Jinn can fly above the Earth or move instantly to another place.


In fact, all this and many

other things that we do not guess at all today are not
fairy tales or fiction

all this, which we already use today, or would possess in
the near future, or else would receive more complex opportunities a little bit

With increase of our level of
knowledge, when we shall come nearer to
understanding of certain processes, we would get a certain "
" to using
these processes. I shall explain the subject in question. When we shall come
nearer to understanding of teleportation, a levitation, etc.,
we shall
get an

to teleport

and to levitate. When you would want to do some flying
you would be able to depart in flight. For you, it will be the same as if to get up
and go.

However, the increase of duration of human life depends not only on
the level of
our knowledge of our organism. Duration of human life is under control of our
curators, it depends on
our openness in acquiring knowledge
. If we, in our
development, start to erect dogmas of every kind, then frequent alternation of

is necessary for destruction of these dogmas. If we be ready to
receive large amounts of knowledge, which means for us the admission to the
Maximum Knowledge School, the change of genetic codes would be feasible to
us and allow many times increase in the
duration of our life.



September 29, 2004


Vladimir M. Merlis