Get Started in Cloud Computing with mCloud On-Demand from Morphlabs


Dec 9, 2013 (5 years and 2 months ago)


Get Started in Cloud Computing with
mCloud On-Demand from Morphlabs
mCloud On-Demand is a free cloud services platform that sits on top of Amazon EC2 and helps
take the complexity out of cloud comp
mCloud On-Demand delivers core Infrastructure as a
Service (IaaS) functionality that lets you launch and configure CentOS and Windows virtual
machines just like Amazon EC2.
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Key Features of mCloud On-Demand
mCloud On-Demand has the key components that define a true cloud computing solution including:

-- web-based self-service for provisioning virtual machines (VMs)

Windows or CentOS
- users can launch either CentOS or Windows VMs

Bundled Flex Images
- ability to save and re-use server configurations

Measured service
- built-in metering of usage by VM hour

- capabilities for internal or external chargebacks or show-backs

- robust administration features for adding and monitoring users
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mCloud On-Demand
What Can You Do With mCloud On-Demand
mCloud On-Demand is a great way to get started in cloud
computing whether you are a system administrator, architect, DBA,
software developer or business user. In fact, mCloud On-Demand
can be used by anyone who wants to gain experience with the
public cloud.
With mCloud On-Demand, you can:

Create CentOS or Windows VMs
using our Cloud Builder -
all sizes of servers from Amazon EC2 are supported

Connect to the servers via SSH or Remote Desktop
configure the servers however you want to with development
environments, applications and packages

Bundle configured servers
to reduce system admin time and
share with others

Launch bundled servers
to rapidly deploy standardized

Manage users and permissions
to fine tune management
and control

Explore the power of mCloud technology
today with no
upfront investment in hardware
System Admins Get More Efficient
System admins can use mCloud On-Demand to simplify the
process for provisioning and setting up virtual servers. In addition,
self-service enables users to rapidly increase and decrease
capacity as needed with minimal upfront costs.
Software Developers Become More Productive
Software developers gain the ability to rapidly provision and set up
environments that they can use for development, testing and
deployment. By spending less time on system admin tasks,
developers can quickly respond to market needs and drive more
innovation into their products.
Business Users Gain Access to Cloud-Ready Applications
Business users can also benefit from mCloud On-Demand through
pre-configured and supported access to software that they need to
run their businesses. We will be building App Stacks that can be
installed from within mCloud On-Demand to deliver cloud-ready
applications, and we will be adding mCloud Elastic Apps (eApps)
that will be scalable, elastic and fault-tolerant versions of cloud-
ready applications.
About Morphlabs
Morphlabs helps businesses get to the cloud faster, more reliably and with more flexibility. Our
mCloud solution is a comprehensive cloud computing platform that starts with Infrastructure as a
Service and will ultimately extend into Platform as a Service and Software as a Service.
mCloud technology can be installed by enterprises on top of their own infrastructure to create either a
private cloud environment behind the firewall or by service providers to create a public cloud that can
be sold to their customers, and it can operate with Amazon EC2 giving you the flexibility to operate
across both public and private clouds.
mCloud On-Demand at a Glance

Free for up to 20 VMs per month

Users are responsible for all EC2
usage charges billed by Amazon

Free access to mCloud On-Demand
user community

Technical support options are
available for an extra cost

mCloud add-ons include: Bundled
Computes, supported App Stacks,
eApps and App Environments
Get Started with On-Demand
Itʼs easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Signup for a free mCloud

Demand account at

Provide your Amazon keys

Design and launch your VM

Configure your VM

Bundle your VM for future re-use
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