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Dec 14, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


Increase the Value of Your NonStop
with SOAP/AM Client
SOAP/AM Client increases the value of your NonStop Server by allowing NonStop
applications to consume web services running on virtually any platform.
Leverage business services on enterprise or global networks
Enrich your NonStop applications with Web services
Some of the Ways to Leverage SOAP/AM WS Client
Integrate with many commercial Web service providers, like Amazon AWS,
PayPal, etc.
Exchange data with business partners
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Runs on Guardian
Integrated SSL for
Short learning curve
No changes to existing
Unmatched support
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Category SOAP/AM Client Feature Description/Advantages
Consume web services from
business partners
Use NonStop applications to consume web services on enterprise or
global networks running on other platforms
Consume web services to enhance
your existing applications
Enrich your NonStop applications by integrating with many
commercial Web service providers such as Amazon AWS,
PayPal, etc.
Runs on Guardian;
no Java or OSS required
Create a smaller footprint with faster transactions, leverage
existing applications, and avoid OSS installation and training
Data integrity through TMF support Enable database integrity through the NonStop Transaction
Management Facility (TMF) so that database changes are executed in
their entirety or not at all
Inbuilt disaster readiness and
Leverage TS/MP infrastructure to scale easily; critical high-volume
applications inherit 24x7 availability
SOAP 1.1 Connect to new or legacy systems through web services using standard
SOAP protocols
HTTP Basic & Digest Authentication Provide connectivity with services protected by HTTP Basic/Digest
Integrated SSL/TLS Use the most widely used security protocol to protect sensitive data,
reduce hacker risks
WS-Security Supports the WS-Security specification: X.509 client certificates,
signature, and user identity
Internationalization Supports wide-ranging character encodings
Statistics tools Comprehensive performance planning and analysis of all
Runtime system process logging Keep IT operations informed of system status
Detailed transaction diagnostic
logging and transactions statistics
Enables real-time analysis of system performance and dynamic system
trouble shooting during development testing and production
Standards-based Interoperate more easily with systems other than NonStop
Easy to use / short learning curve Start implementing SOAP/AM and other solutions immediately;
deploy rapidly with measurable results
Rapid Development Wizards Dramatically shortens learning curve and accelerates development
Client Wizards Consumes web service descriptions and generates web service client
interface automatically
Short Response Time Eliminate long wait times for answers to technical questions
Knowledge Experts Access NonStop experts for answers to your specific questions
Knowledge Base Utilize online power tips and examples from NonStop experts
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