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Career in Paramedics, Paramedical
College in Delhi NCR

Best Paramedical Institute in Delhi NCR

The raging Corona pandemic has brought the
spotlight on health across the
world. A career in health industry and particularly paramedics is the need of
the hour. Read on to know about career options as paramedics and also
about how The Healthcare School, one of the
best paramedical institutes in

is adding value to education.

We are witnessing this now during the ongoing COVID pandemic where the
manpower capacity and

health infrastructure is nearing a collapse. Over the
past few years, the medical education in India has been unable to keep up
with the increased demand for healthcare professionals across the country.
Today paramedical science has emerged as an integral

part of the health
care sector.

With advancements in science and technology, there was a slow and gradual
reduction in mortality rates and people were confident of getting cured even
after being diagnosed with an illness. This pandemic has changed equatio
and shown that there are still many frontiers that science has to travel to
protect humankind from unknown diseases. Governments and private
companies would increasingly improve health services and we would require
huge numbers of doctors, nurses and pa
ramedic staff in the coming years.

What is Paramedical Science?

This branch of medical science that deals acts as supplementary health care
by helping in diagnosis, therapy and testing is paramedical science.
Diagnosis and treatment of various health probl
ems and diseases are done
using diagnostic tools, clinical labs, ultrasound, X
ray, CT Scans, etc . The
professionals who work as diagnostic lab assistants, audiologists, speech
therapists, radiologists, CT technicians, ECG technicians, physiotherapists ar
all known as paramedics.

What is Paramedical Science?

This branch of medical science deals with the diagnosis and treatment of
various health problems and diseases. It is related to diagnostic testing in
clinical labs, ultrasound, X
ray, MRIs and CT Scan
s, etc. The professionals
who work as audiologists, speech therapists, radiologists, CT technicians,
ECG technicians,
lab technicians

are all known as paramedics.
Physiotherapists, emergency technicians, cardiac assistants are all
specialized paramedics.

aramedical Education in India

After globalization, the education in India has been highly privatized and
there has been establishment of many institutes by non
organizations. This is because state run colleges are not enough to fulfil the

of medical job
oriented training and courses. India is a developing
country tier II and tier III city is witnessing a growth in hospitals to cater to
the medical demands of the growing population. As a consequence, the
health care sector is witnessing a s
ignificant gap between the availability
and need of skilled paramedics. Therefore, the scope of paramedical
education in India is immense.

One of the best
paramedical institut
es in Delhi

is The
Healthcare School

This institute is operated under the aegis of the International Skills Academy,
a premier skills training academy. It was set up in 2011, with the sole
objective of imparting skills based quality education to students
and train
them as effective manpower.

The Healthcare School is an approved training hub partner of the Tata
Institute of Social Sciences

School of Vocational Education ( TISS

The institute is also an affiliated training provider of National
Development Corporation under the Ministry of Skill Development and
Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India.

The Healthcare School offers many paramedical degree and diploma courses
that students can opt for. While most courses have Class 12th as the
ility criteria, there are few courses that be joined after Class 10th as

Medical Lab Technology

This is a three
year degree course open for Class 12th Science group students

In this course students undergo specialized training on conducting
al analysis of body fluids like blood/ urine/ sputum/ faeces/ skin.
They are taught on how to store and collect samples and how to process
them for conducting tests for various diseases

Students are also trained on preparing reports which are conclusive of

disease/ problem

Patient care management

This is three
year degree course open for Class 12th students of any stream

This course trains students into professionals who can take care of in
and OPD (out
patient ward) patients. They are taught to

provide ancillary
services in pediatrics, geriatrics, cardiac care, oncology care through basic
nursing procedures, storekeeping, biomedical waste disposal, health care
management, operation management etc.

Emergency medical technician

6 months course ope
n for Class 12th students of any stream

This course aims to train students to provide assistance during emergency
situations like childbirth, falls, slips, heart attacks, accidents, gunshot
wounds, natural calamities, fire etc.

They learn to provide assist
ance, provide vital services, follow medical
protocols and adhere to first aid mechanisms Students learn about primary
medicines, backboards, stretchers to transport patients

General Duty Assistant

This is a three month course open for students after class 10th or 18 years
and above

This is aimed at students who have completed class 10th late or who are not
equipped for higher studies. In this course, students are trained to help
patients who are una
ble to take care of themselves and perform their daily

Students learn to help in daily care of patients who are unable to take care of
themselves. Daily activities include bath and other ablutions, exercises,
feeding, giving medicines etc.

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The institute offers Work Integrated programmes where students can study
and work simultaneously. This gives them practical work experience and
also an opportunity to earn while they learn

The institute focuses on soft skill de
velopment like communication skills,
grooming and language skill.

With the health industry all set to undergo a major transition in the coming
time, the role of paramedics as skilled healthcare professionals is going to
increase. This is an apt time to loo
k at paramedics as a career option and
what’s better than the best
paramedical institute in Delhi

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