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Akin to medicine, the field of paramedical science also has various specializations. After one
has decided to become a “paramedic’’
the next decision pertains to which specialization or
course should one opt for. Here’s a quick check list on the various options of paramedical
courses in Delhi…

The paramedical industry is often termed as the backbone of the healthcare industry. Apart
from doctors, surgeons and nurses, it is the paramedic personnel like lab technicians,
imaging technologists, radiologists, physiotherapist etc. who ensure an accurate diagnosis,
a successful medical procedure or a supportive treatment. Students can often
get confused
with the to them in terms of paramedical streams which translate into various courses.

These are few factors which one can delve on before deciding on a particular stream or

What are the available paramedical options?

After completing
Class 12
, one can choose a stream in Ophthalmic Technology, Medical Lab
Technology, Allied Health Sciences, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy,
Dental Hygiene, Medical Imaging Technology, X
Ray Technology, Speech Therapy, Sports
Medicine, Au
diologist Technology to name a few. Here’s a short brief on each of them.

Ophthalmic Technology

it is the science of testing eyesight. Training is given to determine
if the eyes are having sight issues, figuring out the number for optical glasses etc.

ical Lab Technology

it’s the science of lab diagnostics. Students are trained to collect
samples, test specimens of blood, urine, faeces, skin etc. for specific diseases and give
accurate and correct readings and reports.


the science with
deals with treatment of ligaments, muscles due to nervous
or brain and injuries. Students are trained to help patients with various exercises and
treatments that lead to pain management.

Occupational Therapy

this science is a cross between physiotherapy
and psychology.
Students are trained to help patients with injuries, trauma, limb replacements.


this science deals with assistance to doctors for providing

medicine for numbness of whole body or any particular body part, during m

Dental Hygiene

science related to teeth disorders and diseases, Students are trained to
assist dentists and dental surgeons.

Medical Imaging Technology

this is science of using magnetic waves for determining the
problem in any particu
lar part of the body. CT Scans, MRIs are all part of this technology
where technicians operate highly sophisticated machines to generate accurate visuals of
body organs, veins and nerves.

Ray Technology

science of using radio waves to understand damage

or diseases of

Speech Therapy

science that deals with helping patients with speech or clarity of speech.
While few have birth defects others develop speech hampering due to some specific medical

Sports Medicine

science that deals exclu
sively with injuries and support services to people
engaged in sports

Audiologist Technology

science that deals with hearing defects and deafness.

Identify the ideal college.

India presently has thousands of colleges offering various paramedical courses.
One should
check for affiliations, accreditations, courses offered,
and industry

reputation, past
placement record, faculty and infrastructure; before finalizing your option. Students should
be clear on the type of course that is being offered by the college

whether it’s a degree,
diploma or certification course. This is

all these courses have different durations,
different fee structures and most importantly in each course different aspects of a particular
subject are taught. Hence the value in the j
ob market in terms of educational qualification
are also different.

The Healthcare School, offers popular paramedical courses in Delhi.

The institute is operated under the helm of International Skills Academy; which is pioneer in
the skilled education sec
tor and runs institutes and schools for training students to enter the
hospitality and paramedical industries.

The Healthcare School is a
training hub partner of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences

School of Vocational Education (TISS
SVE), Mumbai.


is a training partner for National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and Tourism and
Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) which are initiatives by the Ministry of Skill Development and
Entrepreneurship, Government of India.

The Healthcare School offers degree and diploma courses in the streams of Medical lab
Technology, Patient Care Management, Emergency Medical Technician and General Duty

Why choose The Healthcare School

The three
year degree courses of The Healthc
are School are Work Integrated Programmes.
It gives internship and work experience while studying, which eventually roves to be very

The institute has excellent infrastructure, experienced faculty and well networked
placement cell.

Above all
, the institute focuses on soft skill development like communication skills, grooming
and language skill and not just educational qualification.

Now that you know about the various streams and options, do follow your interests and

choosing a cou
rse. And of course, do visit the website of The Healthcare School to
get answers to your queries regarding paramedical courses in Delhi.

For more details please visit at