PHP IDE that follows your thoughts

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Jun 24, 2012 (6 years and 1 month ago)

PHP IDE that follows your thoughts
Explore Code with a Reliable Guide
Quick Navigation right from the editor:
• Go to declaration — navigates to where the function,
variable or label in question is declared.
• Go to symbol — navigates to any symbol in project code.
How often do you navigate back to the place you changed last?
PhpStorm always tracks your changes so all you have to do
is press Ctrl + Shift + Backspace, and you will find yourself
transported back to that location.
Find/Highlight Usages locates other places in your entire
project where a given symbol is used, with quick preview and
navigation to the actual usages:
Key Features
Code Faster with Smart Code Completion
PhpStorm will take care of details and make your coding faster.
PhpStorm provides you with auto-completion for:
• PHP class properties and their types from constructor code
• HTML tags, attributes and styles
• JavaScript functions and event handlers
• function return type from its body
Do you use SQL inside PHP or HTML inside JavaScript?
Check how a modern IDE such as PhpStorm handles this.
It’s even able to suggest tablenames and fieldnames of
your DataBase in SQL. Just link the IDE with your datasource:
Hunt Down Code Flaws with Xdebug or Zend
• Inspect variables and user-defined watches
• Evaluate an expression in runtime
• Set breakpoints & evaluate expressions in runtime
• Use smart step-into to examine a particular method from
the call chain
• Debug remote applications
Zend Framework Support
Code generation through Zend_Tool integration and advanced
navigation among components.
Test Carefully with PHPUnit
Develop PHPUnit tests, run tests quickly from directory, file or
class and examine their results in the IDE.
Refactor Safely
Refactoring capabilities provided both for PHP, HTML and
JavaScript allow you to easily and safely modify the code
structure as well as undo any modifications:
• Smart Rename
• Generate Getter/Setter
• Extract Variable/Function
• Inline Variable/Function
• Move/Copy
• Safe Delete
HTML & JavaScript
JavaScript Debugger Based on Mozilla
PhpStorm provides a complete range of features for JavaScript
• Customizable breakpoints in HTML and JavaScript
• Frames, variables and watches views in the Debugger
• Runtime evaluation of JavaScript expressions
High-Speed Coding
HTML Editor allows you to utilize all the power of Zen Coding.
Type div.feature>h4+p, press TAB and you’ll get
<div class=”feature”>
Quick Color Preview
We know: The Devil is in the details.
PhpStorm makes your work easier even when it comes down to
little things like selecting the color of an HTML or CSS element.
The editor visualizes the colors used in your code.
Learn more and download free 45-day trial:
Validation and Quick-Fixes
PhpStorm detects and suggests auto-fixes for such problems as:
• missing closing tags
• wrong references to files
• duplicate attributes
HTML5 Support
We are constantly improving the IDE to support new standards.
Now you can easily enjoy HTML5 development with PhpStorm.
The IDE understand HTML5 tags, attributes, and even helps
you with the new JavaScript API:
• invalid CSS selectors
• unused JS parameters
• and more...
IDE Generic
PhpStorm Licensing and Pricing
Code Completion
PhpUnit Testing Support
Zend Framework Support
PhpDoc Support
and more...
Zend Debugger
HTML5 Support
DOM-Based Autocompletion
Show Applied Styles
Zen Coding Snippets
Visual Merging
VCS Support
FTP/SFTP Synchronization
Language Mixing/Injection
DOM-Based Auto-Completion
Framework Support
JavaScript Debugger
IDE Generic
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Version Control Integration
PhpStorm supports most popular Version Control Systems:
Subversion, Perforce, Git, Mercurial, CVS, etc.
A built-in visual merge tool resolves all conflicts in a quick and
intuitive manner.
The changes made locally are highlighted as you type in the
editor gutter.
Remote Project Synchronization
Synchronize your project files with remote server(s) via FTP,
with a network drive, or with one or more remote hosts.
Edit remote files locally and deploy back to the server using
automatic synchronization on file save.
Commercial License
For companies, and
For individual
Personal License
For trainers and
educational institutions
Classroom License
For open source
projects developers
Open Source Project