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Alpha 5 v11 Overview
Alpha Five
Version 11
Alpha Five Version 11 is a new major release of the InfoWorld #1 rated rapid
application development tool that lets you build powerful & secure AJAX
business database applications for the web and mobile devices significantly
faster than with products like visual studio, J2EE, and PHP
(see chart below).
has embraced the HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript standard and is the
ONE versatile Rapid Application Development framework for

of today’s
platforms: mobile, tablet, web.
Animated overview
of Alpha Five v11
Summary of what’s new in Alpha Five v11
Video feature peaks in the Alpha Five blog
and on
A compilation of Alpha Five v11 videos is shown at
or you

can view the videos on the Alpha Five YouTube channel
Data based on a survey of 1000 users of web development tools including Visual Studio, Ruby, PHP and Java
Alpha Software
has made a
commitment to
Alpha 5 v11 Overview
Imagine if you could rapidly build any business app once and use it everywhere
- on all browsers on the web, on smartphones and tablets.
Imagine if your apps would support the cool functionality expected by users like
charting, online scheduling and HTML5 reporting, mapping, images and video.
Imagine no more. That’s exactly what Alpha Five Version 11 does. It’s the
rapid anywhere, everywhere app builder.
A Summary of Alpha Five v11 features:
Alpha Five Version 11 has a component architecture consisting of a collection of extremely
rich grid, form, dialog, security, GIS/data mapping, calendar, charting, video player, animation,
image gallery and HTML5 Web reporting components which are designed to speed up the
application development process significantly.
The comprehensiveness and depth of the
Alpha Five Version 11 components means that for
most applications, coding is not needed which in turn results in very speedy development.
In situations where
coding is desired
, Alpha Five’s RAD tools step out of the way and to
reveal a robust and extensive development and debugging environment, a powerful object
oriented language, full integration with the .Net framework, an extensive client and server
side event model.
For a developers perspective on Alpha Five please click
The ability of Alpha Five Version 11 to rapidly build and modify working applications that can
be shown to clients and then progressively refined based on client input, makes Alpha Five
Version 11 the ideal tool for practicing
agile development methods
for the creation of web
and mobile apps that truly meet customer requirements.
Alpha 5 v11 Overview
GIS/Mapping support
With the proliferation of map enabled mobile devices and the broad acceptance of
maps Alpha Software has decided that it is important to introduce mapping and
GIS support in Alpha Five.
Alpha Five v11 makes it extremely easy and quick to work with data from a
database on maps, and to build impressive GIS applications.
This is

shows Alpha Five›s tight integration with Google Maps.

Also see

Video 2,

Video 3

Video 4
To see examples where you can perform searches on a map please view

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3,
more examples.of data mapping can be found here
A popular example using Mapping of data in Alpha Five v11 –
creating the store Locator
functionality on a web site:
What can you do in fifteen minutes and Alpha Five v11 and one line of JavaScript?
Build a location finder on the web - something that would take days or even weeks with
other web development platforms!
Watch the video here.
Calendar and Scheduling Support
Many applications, especially those for service based businesses can greatly
benefit from a scheduling tool to graphically display and select dates on the
calendar. This could be used for booking appointments online for any service or
resource, synchronizing employee schedules and more. Scheduling functionality
in business applications is a heavily requested enhancement to Alpha Five with
56% of beta testers indicating that they plan on using scheduling in applications
that they are planning on building.
With the new Calendar Component, building sophisticated scheduling solutions with Alpha
Five is literally a task reduced to five or ten minutes from the weeks or even months that it
would take with other tools
Visit the
AlphaSoftware v11 YouTube Channel
to see

the Calendar & Scheduling Support in action or you can

go to
Alpha 5 v11 Overview
Video as part of your database application
We’re pleased now to announce another new component in the upcoming
Alpha Five v11 - the Video Component builder. It allows you to easily insert
video into your applications from a variety of sources.
Users now expect video to be part of the database. It is now important to be
able to play both YouTube and private videos residing on any server and have these videos
run as
both Flash enabled videos on browsers that don’t support HTML5 and also on
html5 enabled devices such the iPhones and iPads that don’t support flash
It turns out that there is a lot more to this than meets the eye and its gets complicated very
The good news is that the new video component builder in Alpha Five v11 is “smart” and
hides the complexity for a developer with the result being that building video in Alpha Five
v11 web and mobile app is very straight forward.
Examples of Use:
real estate apps that includes videos of houses,
or a car catalog with videos of cars,
or personnel apps or speaker profile with videos of people,
or a repair/construction manual for equipment with how to videos,
or education apps with videos
or insurance apps with videos of claims sites
or a building management app with video of apartments
or construction project management apps with video of the project in

Visit the
AlphaSoftware v11 YouTube Channel
to see practical

applications of video with Alpha Five version 11 or you can go to
Alpha 5 v11 Overview
Image Galleries:
An integral part of modern mobile and web apps.
Alpha Five v11 comes with a powerful new component called the Image Gallery

We will be doing a series of videos but here is the first one which is an
overview video. We recommend watching the video in 720 HD

Video 1
Video 2

(using the Image gallery component within the Tabbed UI component)
Video 3

(using the Image gallery component as part of a grid and then embedded in a tabbed UI)
The new Image Gallery Component in v11 is designed to o!er the same experience for both
web and HTML5 mobile applications (including gesturing, orientation, swiping, pinch-
zooming and momentum scrolling)

An example of an Alpha Five v11 application using an image gallery might be a real estate
application where the user goes to their browser and searches for houses contained within a
polygon area or a radius of a point on a map. (This functionality is easily accomplished with the
new GIS/data mapping in v11.)

The search may also contain criteria such as home price, number of bedrooms etc. Alpha Five will
then return results by showing a row/column grid of data that met the search. The result may also
show a map with icons for each property that met the search criteria.

Next the user might click on an icon for a particular property which would then bring up all the
information pertaining to that property including a gallery of images for that house.( The image
gallery functionality would be built using the new Image Gallery Component and it would be
called by clicking on a link in the results grid).
The user of the app might also want to see video of the house which would be called by clicking
on a di!erent link in the results grid.

Finally the user may want to schedule an appointment to see the house. The video and
appointment requirements in this example would be easily met by the developer of this
application through the use of the new Video and Scheduling components in Alpha Five v11
Figure 1:

Image galleries with pinch zoom, swiping, gesturing and swiping support
Figure 2:

Click a button and call up all the data associated with the image.
Figure 3:
Click a button and view where the picture was taken on a google map
Visit the
AlphaSoftware v11 YouTube Channel

to see image galleries in action or you can go to
Alpha 5 v11 Overview
Built-in charting engine. Include charts in Forms, Report, and Grid components.
We  have  integrated


and  added  a

Chart  API
You  can  
create  charts  based  on  included  .NET  charting  engine  or  you  can  
tap  in  to  3rd  party  charting  tools  such  as  Fusion  Charts
An example of an app built in Alpha Five v11 with Charting

and using the Fusion Charts.
Alpha Five V11 introduces a powerful charting engine. Charts can be used in Form, Reports,
Labels, Letters, Xdialogs, and Web Components.
This video shows how a chart can be embedded into a form.
Watch Video Part 1
Part 2
This video shows how charts can be embedded into an Alpha Five report.
Part 1
The charting features in V11 can be used in Xdialogs. The following video show how you can
embed custom charts in your own Xdialogs.
Watch Video
The Xdialogs shown in the above video are all in the sample ‹Learning Xdialog› database
that ships with V11. Since there are many example scripts in ‹Learning Xdialog› that would
be useful to have quick
access to, regardless of which database you are working in, we
show in this video how you can easily create a Code Library from the examples in ‹Learning
Watch Video

Visit the
AlphaSoftware v11 YouTube Channel

see v11 charting in action or you can go to
Alpha 5 v11 Overview
Grid Builder Component
The Grid component in Alpha Five v10.5 has historically been where developers
have spent most of their time in building Web apps.
V11 introduces a large number of very powerful and “cool” new capabilities
to the grid component.
Praising V11 Group Breaks, Animation, and Multiple Selection in Lookups
I was just just trying a new V11 feature related to Group Breaks on grids, and thought that
I should show o! and praise Alpha for some of their new V11 features! Here’s the ‘show o!’
this quote and screencast was posted on the
Alpha Five message board by Carol King, an Alpha Five customer who is building a SaaS
application in the construction industry using Alpha Five.
Visit the
AlphaSoftware v11 YouTube Channel

see the Grid Builder Component in action or you can go to
Dialog Builder Component
Alpha Five v11 includes an extremely powerful new high-performance


that supports repeating sections, transactions, rollback and
optional Genie-assisted data binding. The Dialog component is ideal for building
questionnaires and forms. The forms can be laid out in any way you want.
Information about new dialog component
Visit the
AlphaSoftware v11 YouTube Channel

see the Dialog Builder Component in action or you can go to
Alpha 5 v11 Overview
Custom and User Defined Components
V11 introduces



User-defined Components

that allow anyone with HTML,
JavaScript, and Xbasic skills to write a component within a pre-defined framework that can
easily integrate with Grids, Tabbed UIs, and other Alpha Five Components.
Web Components Style Builder
Alpha Five o!ers an entirely new style builder for Web Components which gives
you much greater control over how your web components are styled. One very
nice capability is the introduction of sliders for hue, saturation and luminance.
These sliders make it very quick and easy to change the color scheme of
multiple elements at the same time. The Alpha Five v11
Style Builder

and new,
attractive Web component styles take full advantage of CSS3.
Visit the
AlphaSoftware v11 YouTube Channel
to see the

Web Components Style Builder in action or you can go to

Built in Animation
The functionality of an application is, of course, paramount! However, in today’s
world of ever improving user interfaces, the appearance of an application is often

To address this Alpha Five v11 takes full advantage of CSS3 and also introduces extensive
animation throughout the product to make it extremely quick and easy for a developer to
add animation to their applications. Here are just a few examples of how straight forward (and
fun) it is to infuse animation into an Alpha Five application

Alpha 5 v11 Overview
Plus…. a lot more
Summary of some of the other things in Alpha Five version 11 is shown below:
Net Support
– Full integration of the .Net Framework V4. Use any of the thousands of .Net
classes in Alpha Five. The Xbasic code editor now has full auto-complete for all .Net methods.
Click here For recorded presentation on this topic
Web Services
- Call web services from Xbasic
SQL Support
– Alpha Five o!ers “portable” SQL support for MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server,
DB2 and other backend SQL databases as well as support for .dbf tables.
– An improved

Quick Report Genie

and a new

Layout Table report

allow the
easy generation of


in HTML and Excel. This includes the ability to create

, which are even more useful than subreports.
New report style
– sheets make it easy to create stunning reports Including HTML5 reports
The Application Server
– has been made faster and more robust, and the process of making
it compatible with Microsoft IIS at the API level is far along
Support for IIS (pdf)

Click here
for a recorded presentation.
HTML Reporting
– Generate reports directly to HTML. No longer have to use the PDF printer
Excel Reporting
– Generate reports directly to Excel. No longer have to use the PDF printer
driver to generate an Excel report. A new

Excel API

allows you to directly create Excel files
from Xbasic. This facility is utilized by the new

Layout Table report
– Xbasic is now more powerful. Among other improvements, it has support for

.NET Framework

and a more powerful

Class syntax

that supports data hiding. Much
improved auto-complete in the Xbasic code editor. Major improvements to Xbasic classes.
JavaScript editor
– Full color coding and auto-complete when editing JavaScript code in
web applications.
jQuery Support

- jQuery is now tightly integrated into all Web components and jQuery
themes are now supported in Web components.
Alpha 5 v11 Overview
A New Tool for a New World
by Jim Dusoe
As a developer I look for several things when

determining what platform I want to use for building
applications for my customers
Simple database connectivity
Connects to all major RDBMS platforms - SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, etc.
Rapid development
Quickly address the data input and management needs of the end user with tools to create
powerful “Grids”. Grids in Alpha Five can be built and modified for virtually any need - Data
entry, reporting, searching and filtering records and many other uses. The Dialog component
provides a very lightweight and completely customizable mechanism to easily collect data
and gives the developer complete control over the back-end processing of the data.
Rapid modification
Equally important is Alpha Five’s ability to quickly modify and deploy components when
changes are required. This aspect of development is often overlooked when evaluating the
total life-cycle of a development project.
At some point in nearly every project, there is that one business rule, process or function that
makes it unique. The language you use has the potential to make or break the success of
the project. Alpha Five’s mature Xbasic language is a complete, powerful scripting language
which enables you to solve virtually any coding challenges a developer may encounter.
Heavy support for string manipulation, XML handling, File IO, array management and much
more means a minimum of third party tools are required to accomplish all the standard tasks
a developer may need. Built in FTP and Email clients, support for JSON, CSS, and JavaScript
means a complete development environment for today’s development requirements.
Alpha 5 v11 Overview
For the Web and Mobile, a simple “publishing” process means users have immediate access
to the latest updates to the software. For those who still need to create a desktop system,
traditional compile and deploy options are available.
Technologies addressed:
Alpha Five IDE

Alpha Five hides the complexities of development by writing much of the code for you -
especially JavaScript, the de facto language of the web. Popup windows, data validation,
mouse over text and image manipulation, conditional display and style management are
all defined by property sheets and dialogs requiring no coding at all. But when you need to
create that custom piece of functionality, Alpha Five allows you to tie into a rich event model
for both Client and Server Side development.
Alpha Five sits very
well in the middle of a
development “universe”
that addresses all aspects
of today’s development
Alpha 5 v11 Overview
It is rare to find a product that is both very broad, covering all aspects of development -
prototyping, data entry (CRUD), navigation, reporting, etc., and at the same time provides
such a depth in the underlying development language(s). Alpha Five strikes the proper
balance between ease of use and at the same time provides the developer the tools necessary
to build virtually any custom code they may need at any level.
And now with the latest features o!ered by V11, Alpha Five leads the market in the ease
in which a developer can create Web and Mobile applications. Alternate data views, GIS/
Mapping, powerful calendar and scheduling tools, and the ability to run on IIS all make for a
compelling platform for any developer’s future applications. And because the end result is
all industry standard code (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) Alpha Five works very well with other
legacy systems. Alpha Five pages can run inside ASPX or PHP pages in an iframe, or other web
sites and services can be accessed by or displayed in Alpha Five web pages. Alpha Five is less
of a replacement for current web systems, and more of a “parallel development tool” that can
peacefully co-exist in any environment. No need to throw away all the work you’ve done, just
replace it as needed and add on with Alpha Five solutions.
Alpha 5 v11 Overview
About Alpha 5 v11:
With the consumerization of IT and the addition of mobile devices into the market, the
requirements of modern business applications has changed forever - you owe it to yourself
not to get left behind
This new world demands a new tool for building these apps
A tool where you can build once and have it run both on the web and on
mobile devices independent of the brand of mobile device
A tool that embraces standards like SQL, stored procedures, web services,
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, .NET and IIS
A tool that views charting, scheduling, mapping, video and images as key
factors that can genuinely enhance most business apps
A RAD tool that realistically lets you build and modify apps 5-10 x faster than
PHP or Visual Studio, but that is seriously powerful, infinitely extensible and
does not get in the way if you want to also code
A tool that is easy, highly productive but also immensely secure and scaleable
A tool that is based on experience of servicing millions of users at 10’s of
thousands of customers