54 Amazing IE9 Websites You Have to Try

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19 September 2010
IE9 Beta launch
By: Marius Oiaga, Technology News Editor
54 Amazing IE9 Websites You Have to Try
When you have a Ferrari you might want to test drive it on a circuit, where there are none
of the limitations of a town street. Well, when you have Internet Explorer 9 Beta you need a
"circuit" on which to test it, something more than just your average Internet websites,
applications and services.
Somewhere where you could really go "pedal to the metal" on IE9. Where the browser will
show just what it is capable of.
Fortunately enough, a wide range of such sites designed for Internet Explorer 9 already
exist, with a plethora of Microsoft partners introducing new IE9-related web projects with
launch of the Beta
on September 15th, 2010.
The Beauty of the Web launch event for
IE9 Beta
earlier this week was a real show of force
from Microsoft partners.
At the bottom of the screen I included a range of photos from the partner section of the
event. Below you will also be able to find a list of links with some amazing IE9 websites
from the software giant's Beauty of the Web event.
"Richer Web experiences can blend into the consumer's desktop experience comfortably
and consistently. So, today we have an A to Z, literally, of Web sites, partners, live with Web
experiences that take advantage of IE9, even more than the A to Z of the Web," revealed
Dean Hachamovitch, Corporate Vice President, Internet Explorer, Microsoft earlier this
Users will be able to easily notice that IE9 can enhance the experiences associated with
social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Netlog.
But there is additional bleeding edge content from various web design firms, and new
perspectives on entertainment and news from BBC, CNN, Hulu, Vimeo, and Daily Motion.
Over 50 projects were on display in total, many of them built in very short time, just a matter
of weeks, in preparation for the event.
But all of them extremely impressive, and all of them already live on the web, and available
to testers around the world.
It's important to underline that although the Redmond company catalyzed the creation of the
projects, it made sure to have them work not only across Internet Explorer 9, but also
across rival browsers.
Superb projects such as Endless Mural will function in IE9, as well as any other browser
that supports HTML5.
All the websites featured at the Beauty of the web event in fact, are set up to take
advantage of modern web standards, such as HTML5, CSS3, SVG, etc.
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And usage is in no way restricted to IE9, which is a brilliant move from Microsoft, showing
its commitment to users, developers and partners alike, and a strong focus on driving the
web forward by making the same markup vision a reality.
"Today partners around the Internet join us in releasing new experiences for the Web. Over
70 top sites and brands that reach over two-thirds of active Internet users. Together that's
over 800 million visitors whose Web experience just got better on Windows with IE9,"
Hachamovitch added on September 15th.
Here is the list of IE9 websites, with short descriptions from Microsoft:
- Amazon.com, Inc. seeks to be Earth's most customer-centric company.
By integrating the pinning and Jump List features enabled by Internet Explorer 9, Amazon
continues to enhance the on-line shopping experience for customers by giving them easy
access to Amazon.com favorites such as Gold Box Deals and Best Sellers as well as
enabling customers to manage their accounts and check the status of orders quickly and

Agent 008 Ball
by Pixel Lab - Agent 008 Ball is an addictive game that combines billiards
with the high stakes world of international espionage. Cutting edge HTML5 features (like
Audio and Canvas) supported by Internet Explorer 9, combined with stunning graphics draw
you in as you attempt to beat a timer and avoid the nefarious tricks of the terrorist
organization CHALK.
Always Beautiful
by Big Spaceship - Using the new features included in Internet Explorer
9, Big Spaceship created Always Beautiful, an interactive visualization set to music.
Users manipulate colors and objects that adapt to the song's rhythm and structure. At the
end of the song, the user is shown the high-resolution artwork they've created using the
powerful SVG capabilities and improved JavaScript performance of Internet Explorer 9.
AP News Reader
by Vectorform - The AP News Lab "Timeline Reader" is a collaboration
between Vectorform and The Associated Press (AP) exploring new ways of visualizing and
reading online news.
We sought out to create a fully featured online reader application that showcases the
beautiful high-res imagery from the AP side-by-side with a full article reading experience.
Users can browse through all of their favorite news categories simultaneously in a timeline
visualization that frames the day's events in a complete chronological sequence. The site is
also a showcase of the latest advances in HTML5 and CSS3 supported in modern web
Some of the new technologies utilized were the HTML5 canvas tag to create a fast loading
and snappy intro animation/splash screen, HTML5 local storage to keep track of read
articles and a reading queue, and CSS3 support for embedding web fonts.
AMD Space Command
- AMD Space Command is a fun game that shows the graphics
acceleration of Direct2D technology in the Internet Explorer 9 browser.
Shoot as many space attackers possible, and use the "GPU capacitor" to adjust the
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intensity of the game. AMD Space Command is built in HTML5, leveraging the GPU in your
PC to improve graphics.
You can see this first hand by keeping track of the Frames Per Second (FPS) as you adjust
your GPU capacitor!
by Archetype - Community and creativity are the driving forces behind
Archetype's BeatKeep application.
BeatKeep allows drummers, musicians, and music enthusiasts to discover, create, and
share beats of any genre. Through intuitive interactions and the power of HTML5 on
Internet Explorer 9, BeatKeep allows users to create unique audio tracks and share them on
social networks like Facebook.
Beautiful Explorer
by Soleil Noir - Web is beautiful, spontaneous, ephemeral and so
creative. The beauty of the web is the creative contents produced by everyday people. This
website is a design trends daily overview. We hope you'll enjoy it.
BMW Vision
by EMC - EMC Consulting and BMW have a created the BMW Car
Configurator, a ground-breaking tool that shows off the extraordinary BMW Vision
EfficientDynamics concept car.
The experience relies on the high performance of Internet Explorer 9, bringing together the
awesome power of Chakra, its new JavaScript engine, and GPU acceleration to enable car
enthusiasts to manipulate both the car and its environment with a fluid three-dimensional
Brain Power
by R2Integrated and Scientific America - R2integrated developed Brain
Power, a website and interactive learning tool to introduce users to the many parts of the
human brain and its functionality.
Brain Power uses HTML5, SVG, CSS3, and JavaScript. An animation layer produces
real-time interactions with elements drawn within the HTML5 canvas.
The HTML5/CSS3 engine within Internet Explorer 9 makes full rich interactive applications
practical for all new websites. In short, HTML5 and Internet Explorer 9 introduce end users
to new levels of flexibility, capability, and expression.
Chinese Shadow Play
by RedSAFI - Chinese Shadow Play is a traditional form of
Chinese art. This demo lets users choose an iconic Chinese shadow puppets, play with
puppets individually and organize the puppets in formations.
This demo shows off the power of the Internet Explorer 9 Canvas by featuring a physics
engine and a bones system, as well as beautiful bitmap art to create an engaging viewing
11. Also by RedSAFI:
Chinese Kite Experiment
- In this demo, a user can select a kite and
choose a flight pattern.
The user can also add fans to the stage and add collision detection to alter the kite's flight.
This demo shows off Internet Explorer 9 Canvas performance by featuring a physics engine
to create the flying environment.
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Comicx Parallax
by Steaw Design - As web technologies continue to evolve, we prepare
to enter the age of HTML5. Created for Beauty of The Web in honor of the Internet Explorer
9 launch, "Never Mind the Bullets" offers the traditional comic strip experience enriched by
With a simple movement of the mouse, the strip is animated and the story comes to life. It
unfolds at LongHorn Gush, a quiet town troubled by a band of outlaws, The Red Bandanas.
However, with the arrival of the famous Bill "One Shot" Collins, things are about to change.
by Demand Media - Pinning Cracked.com to your task bar allows you
easier access to one of the fastest growing humor sites in the world.
Now all of Cracked's award-winning content is only one click away - no matter where you
are online!
- Dailymotion is pleased to announce the release of its new HTML5 Player
Beta and Demo.
This development takes advantage of the latest web standards, and permits streaming
video playback without the need for plugins," said Olivier Poitrey, CTO and Co-Founder.
"We are excited to partner with Microsoft for this announcement as the new Internet
Explorer 9 shows commitment to both web standards and innovation. Internet Explorer 9
sets itself apart by supporting hardware accelerated graphics and offering users a more
app-like experience with their new Site Mode.
Digital News Archive (DNA)
by Nave - The web site provides Korean newspapers from
various publishers dates starting from 1960's to 1990's.
Users can easily browse through the newspapers using simple UI. To maximize the user
experience, the Canvas element was heavily utilized. With the Canvas, we could make
zoom, page navigation and other transitions smooth and enjoyable for the users.
- As the world's number one nonfiction media company, Discovery
Communications is always looking for new ways to engage with our passionate fans.
By building new Internet Explorer 9 functionality into Discovery.com, TLC.com and
AnimalPlanet.com, we are able to give audiences even more ways to interact with and learn
from their favorite TV shows and personalities.

by Demand Media - eHow offers more than 2 million articles and videos,
providing visitors with trusted solutions for completing life's daily tasks or larger projects.
With Internet Explorer 9, users enjoy an optimized and more dynamic eHow, a faster
loading and immersive video experience - without the need for 3rd party software - plus new
tools to bring relevant eHow content straight to our user's fingertips.
- More than 500 million people actively engage with their friends on Facebook
each month.
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With IE9, Facebook users will be able to more quickly access and manage their social
activities through the browser and get back to their friends via a seamless and rich
- Flixster is the largest online movie community and the leading movie
application for mobile devices.
Flixster is using Internet Explorer 9's new features to give users quick and easy access to
great movie content right from the desktop.
by LA Surprise - Floweroscope provides users with a kaleidoscope-like
online artistic experience that explores the new capacities of Internet Explorer 9 to create a
unique animation experience.
Floweroscope provides symmetrical effects and randomly generated shapes, and the user
controls the shape colors and sizes.
An HTML5-supported volume effect and the new Chakra JavaScript engine immerse the
user into the experience. The Internet Explorer 9 Canvas element provides an innovative
way to draw hardware-accelerated animations without plugins.
- Gorillaz.com has been optimised for Internet Explorer 9 to take advantage of
some great new integration features with Windows 7.
Fans can now drag the Gorillaz favicon to their taskbar and access it like an app.
Right-clicking on the Gorillaz icon in the taskbar provides access to site features like News
or the G Player.
Gorillaz fans can even personalise this list by clicking the star to save any page. Powered
by HTML5, Murdoc's Reading Room is turned into an interactive space.
He'll talk you through it as you zoom up to the gallery wall and listen to tracks, bring up the
Story So Far book off his coffee table with stunning pictures, html5 video and audio, and
have a nosey look through the contents of his laptop. Click on the video to play an HTML5
- Hulu on Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7 will allow users to customize their
Jump List menu with the most popular destinations on the site.
To customize, users simply select the menu items in their profile page and they become
accessible whenever/wherever you are on Hulu.com.
The site will also enable contextual menus on Show Pages and Watch Pages allowing
users to Subscribe to shows or control their video watching experience during content
- More than 100 million unique visitors per month turn to IMDb to discover which
movies are coming out and decide what to watch.
IMDb's new HD Trailer Gallery utilizes HTML5 and Internet Explorer 9 hardware
acceleration to dramatically enhance the trailer viewing and movie discovery experience on
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Jack & the Beanstalk, an Animated, Interactive Storybook
by Clarity Consulting - The
site blends fantasy and realism in custom illustrations animated by physics-based
The GPU acceleration in Internet Explorer 9 allows for smooth rendering of animations,
even when leveraging heavy physics libraries. Coupled with SVG graphics and embedded
audio most are surprised to hear the entire site has been created using HTML5, CSS, and
The newly supported features of Internet Explorer 9 allows for rich interactivity without the
overhead of the traditional plug-in based model.
by Cynergy - JitterBug is a fast, fun game built exclusively in HTML5. Showing
off the rich media and rendering power of Internet Explorer 9, the game challenges the
player to draw lassos around fast moving bugs to unlock the Band and start the show
before the time runs out.
Relying heavily on Internet Explorer 9's impressive Canvas abilities, this rich playing
experience redefines what's possible in HTML based game play.
- Kaboodle is the Internet's largest social website for passionate shoppers.
Kaboodle's shopping tools allow users to add products from anywhere online to their
Kaboodle lists and to share those products with others.
The site's integration with Internet Explorer 9 will provide Kaboodle community members
with easy access to their personalized shopping content via a custom Jump List, ensuring
that it is always just one click away.
- LinkedIn is an Internet platform company focused on connecting the world's
The company is privately held and has a diversified business model with revenues driven
from user subscriptions, advertising sales and enterprise software licensing.
The LinkedIn Web site launched in 2003 and is the largest professional networking site in
the world with more than 75 million members, representing 200 countries and executives
from every Fortune 500 company.
LinkedIn's integration with Internet Explorer 9 will provide its members with one-click access
to their professional network and business insights via a custom Jump List.
Live Strong
by Demand Media - LIVESTRONG.COM inspires and empowers people to
achieve their daily goals around living healthy.
With Internet Explorer 9, users enjoy a more dynamic experience including an expanded
HD video browsing and improved recipe discovery.
A newly optimized experience of the popular MyPlate food and fitness tracking application
keeps users engaged in real-time.
Lost World's Fairs
by Friends of Mighty - To celebrate Internet Explorer 9's support for
the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) Jason Santa Maria, Frank Chimero, Naz Hamid, and
Trent Walton have teamed up to create a series of web broadsheets for World's Fairs that
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never were.
Each piece uses fully live text (with some HTML5 and CSS3) to showcase what's
typographically possible on the web.
MONA (Museum Of Neverending Art)
by groupeReflect - At the MONA, users work
together to create the biggest online artwork ever.
Everyone can create, draw, write, upload pictures, and add and alter things on the canvas.
It's a user-generated piece of art, which is constantly in motion.
Using Internet Explorer 9 technologies such as HTML5 / CSS3, WebFonts, Canvas and the
new Internet Explorer 9 JavaScript Engine, MONA makes you rediscover the beauty of the
web, as well as recreate it.
- MySpace Video offers music videos, full episodes of TV shows, and user
generated content and creates a social environment for users to view, create and share
videos with friends.
In Internet Explorer 9, MySpace Video serves over 200,000 videos and UGC video clips in
state of the art high-def H.264 in full compliance with HTML5. Jump Lists in Internet
Explorer 9 offer quick content discovery and easy navigation.
National Museum Gallery China
by NX - One of the most famous museums in China,
National Museum of China (NMC) now allows visitors to explore the galleries on their feet or
on the web.
Internet Explorer 9's HTML5 support is just right for this scenario: easy to develop with great
flexibility, smooth video and audio playback and a fast experience with the new JavaScript
- Netlog is an online platform where users can keep in touch with and extend
their social network and is currently available in 37 languages and has more than 69 million
members throughout Europe, and this number increases every day.
Netlog is taking advantage of pinning site to the taskbar and thereby making sure users get
to the activities within Netlog they care about via the Jump List.
One Day in Beijing
by Toujie - One Day in Beijing provides a virtual tour of famous
Beijing sites, including the Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Beihai Park, Tian An Men, and
National Stadium China (Bird Nest).
These are the must-go places for anyone touring Beijing. By harnessing the power of
Internet Explorer 9 and HTML5 along with the Internet Explorer 9 Canvas 2D API, we
created a multitude of interactive scenarios.
Users can experience flying clouds and mouse sensitive navigation, as well as other HTML
5 demos like flying kites, and piyingxi.
- Photobucket is the premier destination for saving, sharing, searching, and
creating images and video on the Web.
With Internet Explorer 9, Photobucket is using Jump List, which will allow users to access
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both their own content and content from topical "Find Stuff" categories directly from their
Red Bull
by Archetype - Archetype has created a next generation global media and
social experience for Red Bull.
This interactive application allows users to browse Red Bull's rich set of photos and video,
dynamically surfacing content based on its popularity in social networking sites and on
users' interests.
It takes advantage of HTML 5, SVG, CSS3, Jump Lists, Scaling, Audio/Video tags and
custom font features and functionality offered by Internet Explorer 9 to raise the bar for
interactivity and design in standards based websites.
Rough Guides
by Metia - Members of this interactive community use an animated
compass to navigate a map of the world; view geo-located photographs pulled from the
Flickr database; and explore 200 travel experiences selected by Rough Guides.
Members can also submit their own images to the community, and share favourite
experiences from their online travels using Facebook, Twitter and email.
- RTL Group is a house of excellent content and powerful brands, which is able to
deliver its content to all media platforms worldwide and to repeat its broadcasting success
story in every country while fulfilling its obligation to society.
By combining pinning, Jump List and previews into the RTL experience, Internet Explorer 9
users get convenient access to the most popular RTL content.
Sohu NBA
by Digital Hall nbadata.sports.sohu.com - Sohu Sports is one of the most
popular interactive sports information network among sport enthusiasts.
Being the NBA-licensed live video broadcast site for NBA events in China, NBA fans can
access team schedules, game videos and team/player data, photos, chat rooms, voting and
other interactive features. Internet Explorer 9 plus HTML 5 gives an unparalleled high
performance hardware accelerated graphics and video experience.
- This showcase is a sneak peek at the future of t-online.de.
Core features are new picture and video galleries, a 360 degree view of consumer products
and a fun and challenging online game, all completely realized in HTML 5.
This, as well as the implementation of the Internet Explorer's Jump List feature, offers the
user a glimpse of what a modern news website could be like when fully implementing the
power and simplicity of HTML 5 in combination with the Internet Explorer's unique way to
surf the web.
The Doll Parade
by Freetouch - The Doll Parade allows its users to assemble a wide
variety of dolls by customizing their arms, legs, faces and apparel.
Once the doll is assembled the users doll along with other creations march smoothly via an
HTML5 Canvas. The experiences takes advantage of HTML 5 (Canvas), SVG and CSS3.
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The Killers
by SparKart  - The Killers' website chronicles the band's career, and
offers users a seamless browsing experience of the band's music and video content.
The website takes advantage of HTML5, Canvas & SVG across the site's panoramic
landscape & internal sections, leveling the playing field in displaying content to users across
multiple platforms & devices.
The Shodo
by Business Architects - The Kanji Calligraphy website takes advantage of
powerful new Internet Explorer 9 features to introduce users to the beautiful Japanese
calligraphy known as Shodo.
Even better, Kanji Calligraphy allows users to create their own calligraphy-based art work
and share it on Twitter and Facebook.
This site is based on several of the features supported by Internet Explorer 9 HTML5
(canvas, video element, audio element), SVG, and WOFF.
The Wall Street Journal
- WSJ.com offers breaking news coverage, real time quotes,
and in-depth analysis and commentary to the business elite.
Its high-end magazine, WSJ., emphasizes luxury and discerning lifestyle content. To make
it easier for users to find and enjoy the content, WSJ is implementing favicons, pinning and
the Jump List functionality of Internet Explorer 9 and employing HTML5 features for the
visually enriched magazine.
Users can more quickly and easily access Journal content on their faster Internet Explorer 9
by BBC - TopGear.com is the award-winning website of the world famous
motoring entertainment brand, Top Gear.
Top Gear presenters, producers, magazine team, and contributors regularly post on
TopGear.com. The Cool Wall leverages the HTML5 and hardware accelerated graphics
support in Internet Explorer 9 to provide amazingly smooth transitions, Deep Zoom
functionality and slick video playback.
- Twitter lets you share and discover what's happening in your world. The Twitter
pinned app in Internet Explorer 9 makes it easy to jump into your Twitter timeline, read and
send direct messages, and more, so it's never more than a click away.
USA Today
- As a part of the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, USA TODAY built a
multimedia project examining where things now stand in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.
To build the site, we used a variety of web standards, including HTML5 video tag and
several CSS3 features, that take advantage of the capabilities of cutting-edge web
technologies in Internet Explorer 9.
- Vodpod makes it easy to build your own video channel with your favorite
videos from the Web, and to tune in to channels by other members who share your tastes
and interests.
By pinning Vodpod to the taskbar in Internet Explorer 9, users will be able to jump right to
their real-time Vodpod feed, to their video collection, or to their favorite channels.
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by Stimulant and KEXP - WebVizBench lets fans of Seattle's non-profit
radio station KEXP explore historical airplay data, while putting HTML 5's new features to
the test. Sift and sort through 6+ years of music, or use the benchmark mode to see how
your browser, CPU and GPU stack up against a thorough battery of DOM, canvas,
typographic, SVG and video rendering tests.
- XING is a social network for business professionals with more than 9.6 million
members worldwide.
Using Internet Explorer 9 technology such as Jump Lists, XING members can perform tasks
like sending messages faster than ever and also receive real-time updates about their
network. This supports our XING Anywhere strategy and our efforts to provide our members
with great usability.
Yahoo! Japan
- Through Jump Lists in Internet Explorer 9, users of Yahoo! can enjoy
the 'People', 'TV', 'Game/Animation', and 'Sports' categories of search ranking, and further
enjoy it by switching to Yahoo! Auction, and Yahoo! Answer to see what is actively traded or
discussed related to popular queries.
- "Exhibition and Archive" presents a historic online exhibition and a new
experience of archival survey.
The side is driven by HTML5, CANVAS, CSS3, SVG and Jump List, which allow graphically
rich, standard conform applications and avoids plugins. The pure implementation supports
the modern claim of "form follows function" and adds sustainability."
Download Internet Explorer 9 beta
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