Inauguration 24-25 August 2006

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Inauguration 24
25 August 2006

Swedish Center for Biomimetic Fiber Engineering

"Think Nature"

Innovative Sweden

Artist: Olafur Eliasson, Green River
a video documentation from a performance in Moss Norway 1998

Stockholm, Sweden

The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Day 1
24 August 2006
Opening 14.00

Day 2
25 August 2006
Scientific Minisymposium 9.30

The Swedish Center for Biomimetic Fiber Engineering is a new cross
disciplinary strategic cente
r of
Excellence at KTH. Our research stems from the appreciation of the special and very useful properties
of plant cell walls, characteristics which, from a long
term perspective, have the potential of
revolutionizing the field of novel material design. T
hrough detailed studies and knowledge mining
concerning the fundamental mechanisms responsible for plant cell wall formation, we set out to mimic
the natural process (Biomimetics) with the aim of creating new tools for the development of unique and
d tailor
made materials.

Nature’s design is our source of inspiration.

Our partners are the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), the Swedish University of Agricultural
Sciences (SLU) and STFI
Packforsk. The strategic research center is financed by the Swe
Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) and the partners. For more information on the center, see the
unofficial homepage:


Attendance is free but requires
registration for those who wish to attend the inauguration on August 24, 2006.
Registration should be made by email
to “
” no later than August 10. Please provide
name, affiliation and con
tact information for all attendees. Homepage:

Day 1

24 August 2006

Preliminary program

Moderator: Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Professor and Chair of General Management, School of
Business, Stockholm University, Sweden

14.00 Inauguration of the Center

Anders Flodström, President of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm

Lars Rask, VD Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

Ulf Carlson, Chairman of the Board of the Center

Tuula Teeri, Professor and Director
of the Center

14.30 Biomimetics and Nature

Julian Vincent, Professor of Biomimetics at University of Bath

Success with Biomimetics

Fredrika Spindler, PhD in Philosophy, Södertörn University College

Nature: A Philosophical Approach

15.15 Short Break

“ Biomimetics Clipps”

15.30 Business and Product Development

Mats Johnson, CEO SweTree Technologies

From Innovation to Product: (Bio)Technology Transfer to the Forest Industries

Lars Uno Larsson, Founder Swedish Biomimetics 3000
A VPO (Venture P


Funding of Translational Research in Biomimetics to Commercial Candidates

15.50 By Design
How to Communicate and Materialize Inherent Potentials

Mats Brodén, Founder The Material Point

An Approach for Communicating Inherent

Cecilia Hertz, Founder/CEO Umbilical Design

Technology Transfer: From Discovery to Product

Fredrik Magnusson, CEO Propeller, Strategic Design Director

Visualizing Ideas

16.30 Closing: Questions and Final Statements

17.00 Buffé and Wine

eo Screening of Green River by the artist Olafur Eliasson

Between talks: “ Biomimetic Clipps”

Educational DVD´s provided by Swedish Biomimetics 3000

The inauguration is co
organized with:

The Material Point

Thanks to:

Lars Uno Larsson, Founder Swedish
Biomimetics 3000

Day 2

25 August 2006

Preliminary program

16.30 Scientific Minisymposium

Moderator/Host: Tuula Teeri

9:30 Coffee


Stefan Ståhl, KTH

Welcoming Statement

Tuula Teeri, KTH

Biomimetics and Fiber
based Materials D

Julian Vincent, University of Bath

TRIZ: a Systematic Approach to Problem Solving

Vincent Bulone, KTH

In Vitro Carbohydrate Biosynthesis

Birte Svensson, DTU, DK

Enzymology of Starch Processing

12.00 Lunch


Robert Gilbert, AU

To be anno

Mark Rutland, KTH

Novel Approaches for Fiber Surface Modification and Characterization

Derek Gray CA

Properties of Cellulose Microcrystalline Particles and Thin Films

14.20 Coffee Break


Lars Berglund, KTH

Microcrystalline Cellulose Nanoc

Ton Peijs

To be announced

16:30 Session ends