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Nov 12, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Simple Elegant Solutions to Complex Mobile Challenges
Mobile Development Services
Michael Coffin, President, Informed Publishing
Because we licensed Circle 38's technology, we were able to rapidly take our well established Pocket Guides for emergency first responders
to mobile devices. They even designed and built in-app calculators to quickly determine medication dosages and treatment protocols to use
while treating patients. Doug and Ogden were able to see our primary business challenge -- how to migrate our Pocket Guide content to the
iPhone and Android platforms faster than our competitors. They created a common framework for rendering our existing content on iOS and
Android and trained our staff to migrate that content to digital format. 7 of our apps reached the top 20 in medical categories on both the App
Store and Google Play. We even hit #1 with one of our apps in both stores.
- Matt Forbeck, Geek Dad, Wired Magazine
Justin sat down with me and showed me the iOS game (...), which seems to be nearly ready to ship. The interface is smooth and
easy to use, almost intuitive. With little to no instruction at all, I was able to jump in and start playing right away. Justin showed
me how the game has a great amount of complexity but that it’s layered to allow novices to join the fun right away and then learn
better strategies as they played.
One of the best demos on our show floor!
- Tycho (Jerry Holkins) from the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)
Circle 38 works with Fortune 500 companies as well as start ups. We offer our clients more than 20 years of combined experience using
best practices in development and implementation to build fun new applications and services. We have an established track record of
bringing the highest quality technical execution for the mobile platform. In the world of mobile applications, the best applications are
optimized around the user. We collaborate with our clients to understand what they are trying to achieve, and then design an app that
users love to use.
Photo Circle by Circle38
Our own apps and patent pending technology say a lot about
what we offer our clients...
Solving complex challenges in the simplest way possible is what we do best. Our apps
and technology are designed for people to use together, when they are together. Our
patent pending Circle Connect technology is the only cross-platform solution that
allows users to create a private "circle" of friends on multiple devices using inaudible,
high-frequency sound waves. Our Circle Messaging technology is an example of
how to address latency and create real time content sharing in a more reliable way
than NFC, and faster than GPS. Whether you license our Circle Technology or just
leverage our development skills and strategic consulting experience, we collaborate
with all of the stake holders in your organization to build the best user experience
possible for your app.
Complete design and implementation - wire frames, app development, testing and
launch on various platforms
Consulting to build the best specification or determine the most crucial
requirements that your development and engineering teams will need to
be successful
Licensing Circle Connect or Circle Messaging combined with a variety of
development support scenarios
Our services can include:
PhotoCircle is a simple, private and fun way to capture memories in a shared photo album. Just put your phones together, and start taking pictures.
Our monthly active users are increasing at a rate of more than 15% mostly through viral promotion.
Our clients are happy for three simple reasons:
We listen to our clients and help them
create the best specifications possible
We build elegant, innovative solutions
designed with the user in mind
We develop apps with the highest
quality code on time and on budget