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Notes for pages 134
Genetic Engineering


Genetic engineering is the process of taking _______________ from
one organism and transferring them into the DNA of another
organism. This process is sometimes called genetic


Let’s review.

Turn to page 78 to complete this next section. A DNA
molecule looks like a twisted ______________. This shape is often
called a __________________ ____________________.The two side
of the molecule are made of ___________________ and
.Each rung of the ladder is made of a pair of
molecules called ____________ _______________. The 4 kinds are
_____________,______________ ,____________ &
______________. Usually represented by the letters A, T, C & G.

Sugars, phosphates and nitrogen bas
es make up a DNA molecule.

DNA makes up genes.

Genes, several pairs of them, make up a chromosome.

Chromosomes are found in the nucleus. The nucleus is found in the cell.

3. Return to page 134. Scientists are hoping that genetic engineering
produce ________________, improve _______________
_______________ and cure human _________________

Genetic Engineering in Bacteria

Because bacteria reproduce so

quickly, they are ideal for scientist to work
with. Bacteria cells c
ontain small, circular pieces of DNA called
___________________. An ______________ cuts open the plasmid DNA.
Other genes are inserted into the cut DNA. As the bacteria reproduces the
new cells will contain copies of the ___________________
_____________ can be collected and used to treat people
with diabetes. ___________________ _____________ _____________ a
protein that controls the growth process in children can be produced this

Page 136. Genetic engineering has also been used in
crops. Some of the
genes enable the plants to withstand _________________ temperatures,
_____________ soil and to resist __________________. Animals have also
been used to produce ________________, like the blood clotting protein
used to treat hemophilia.

_______________ _____________involves inserting working copies of a
gene directly into a person with a _______________ _____________ like
cystic fibrosis.

The Human Genome Project

A ____________________is all the DNA in one cell of an organism.

main goal of the Human Genome Project is to identify the ________
___________________ of every gene in the human genome. As a result of
this work, scientist can now identify people at risk for Alzheimer’s disease,
breast cancer, Huntington’s disease, as w
ell as many other conditions. What
are the benefits of knowing that you may eventually have one of these
diseases? What are the cons to having this information?