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Dec 8, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)



Literacy Workshop

03, Adelaide


It's Time to Place a Peg in
the Ground!“

Workshop title:

Experience developing an IT literacy needs

what can we learn from this?

Christine Walker, IT Training Manager,

Monash University

IT Skills Matrix

lessons learned

Career Development and Performance Management
are the drivers to success

Collaborative approach is necessary

Human Resources staff


training staff

all faculties


IT professionals

technical skills requirements


Library/Information Literacy professionals


Course advisers


IT Help Desks

Blended approach to cater for all skills levels and
learning needs

Critical Success Factors

Skills Matrix as a training initiative is aligned to
University IT Strategic Plan

Ensure corporate governance and support

IT Training Steering Committee and

Skills Matrix Working Party representative of key
stake holders

Collaborate and consult, review often

Staged implementation plan

Define Scope

Assumption: all staff, regardless of their
position, depend on IT services to some extent
as part of their employment.

IT Skills Matrix Stage 1:

Identifies core skills categories which are
relevant to ALL staff

“… to work effectively and efficiently within the
Monash environment…”


Generic not role specific

Consider range of variables throughout
Faculties for staff roles and responsibilities

> Target Lowest Common Denominator

Scope continued…

Skills Matrix has a role in Staff Development
and HR Induction programs

supports application and recruiting process for
new staff

charts individual learning pathways at staff
performance review

benchmarks basic IT skills requirements

Aims to raise individual confidence, increase
productively levels, support career

Three core categories identified


General Computing

using a computer,
managing files, printing documents



use of my. monash portal,
email, calendar, voicemail services and the

Document management

basic word
processing, simple spreadsheets, presentations

prioritized as Level 1,2 and 3

Training Needs Analysis

What do I need to learn?

Self paced,
Pre test and Assessment tool

multiple choice quizzes, not compulsory

How do I want to learn?

Wide range of training resources accommodate
different learning styles, budget, location:

Online self paced interactive tutorials

Full text online manauls

Face to face instructor led sessions

Reference manuals

online and print

Recommended reading

Library catalogue

references, videos, bookshop titles

Skills Matrix

Three step process

Step 1: check the Core Categories definition of skills
to work efficiently within the Monash environment
and relative to your role.

Step 2: assess your current IT skills using the Pre
test and Assessment online tool consisting of
choice quizzes

Step 3: plan your individual training program,
selecting from the range of Training Resources

Collaborate with your manager at
Performance Appraisal for individual career


The IT Skills Matrix as a Training and Career
Development Resource


must be strategically positioned


readily accessible


part of Staff Induction programme

>integrated with LMS training, Library Information
Literacy programmes


24 x 7 access via portal Training
Channel, links to strategic locations

Promote for high degree of dependancy

Dynamic resource

regularly updated, not static

Stage 2: Role specific skills matrix


Information Literacy programme


SAP for assets management,

accounts payable

Student Administration

Syllabus Plus, Callista

Content Management System

applies to Web
authors, editors / approvers

Learning Management System

Web Ct
workshops for academics and administrators.

Web Ct User Group, links to Computer skills training

Stage 3: Technical skills matrix

Network, Desktop Support, Help Desk,
Customer Service staff

incorporates Core Categories

Communications skills

supports Standard Operating Environment

links to external vendor programmes

preferred suppliers

Stage 4: Student specific skills matrix

Enhances the academic experience

Promoted at enrolment

Resources cd rom

Course advisers, lecturers encourage basic
computing skills

Undergraduates, Mature Age students

3 Core Skills Categories apply

Free training resources

Monash Learningfast
TeachMe links to individual tasks

online manuals in pdf,

ICDL Pilot Programme currently underway

Recommended reading, Bookshop titles

Time to implement !!!

Let’s start by telling each other what we are
doing to develop IT Literacy standards.