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Information Technology


Current Major Business/Technology

Church Benefits Association

2005 Annual Meeting

“Clergy Financial Health”

Atlanta, GA

November 29, 2005


The purpose of the IT Group is to leverage our
business and technology experience and knowledge
to better support the missions of our organizations.
This session is a forum for sharing ideas and
information pertaining to current initiatives,
discussing and evaluating technological trends and
innovations that can add value, and soliciting
outside experience to further augment our
knowledge in new and emerging technologies
relevant to our operations.

Our Goal

* To provide an overview of some
current, major business and
technology initiatives/projects
underway within our organizations.


that Information Technology is
merely an enabler to successfully
achieving the business goals.

Assemblies of God

Ministers Benefit Association

(Jim La Vallee:

New master database (

Dec. 17)

Website redesign with more daily content changes (On

line Enrollments (Phase I of II completed)

line Contributions & Receipting System (early 2006)

Assemblies of God

Ministers Benefit Association

(Jim La Vallee)

Expand Contact Center to rest of A/G Financial
(Dec. 17)

Security Audit (by May 2006)

Next generation of statements (completed Oct.

Simplified Voice Response Unit (want to add
Spanish too)

The Board of Pensions of the
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

(Ed Driscoll:

Strategic Initiatives

New Information Technology Five
Year Strategic Plan

Secure Web Services

Member Self
Service and Online Enrollment

Strategic Workflow Automation

Healthcare Plan Design

Medicare Part D

Tactical Initiatives

Financial and CRM System Upgrades

Network.and Office Automation Upgrades

Blade Server Technology


Evaluate Electronic Data Management

Offsite Hot Disk Back

The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Christian Brothers Services

(Tom Drez:

Improve Customer Services

Implement New Avaya IP
based Phone System

multimedia contact center

CRM System Enhancements

customer communications

Improve Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

Implement New Avaya IP
based Phone System


full voice mobility, improved BCP options


new data network infrastructure to support VoIP

Systems Security Initiative

strive for single signon

Strive for “anything, anywhere, anyone, anytime”

Develop Key Performance Indicator Dashboards by Functional Area

Implement Health Care Claims Imaging/OCR System

Collaborate with other single
site CB organizations to improve BCP

Church of the

Brethren Benefit Trust

(Eric Thompson:

05 In Review

New Management and responsibilities

IT has been merged in with the Finance department

This new merged department takes on a role of Information Systems Oversight
and Operations

New Database vendors for

Pension System (Trust Service Company)

Credit Union System (Bradford Scott’s ShareTec)

Major Upgrades for

Finance system (FLEXI International)

Web Server (Linux)

Antivirus system (Symantec)

Unified Backup system

Rolling 3 backup systems in to 1

Church of the

Brethren Benefit Trust

(Eric Thompson) Looking Forward

Replace our Avaya phone system with a VoIP solution

Moving to powered Gigabit

Replacement of the core switch

Developing a better IT inventory management system

Replace our CRM system, ACT with an upgrade, or new CRM

Look at options with outsourcing healthcare data or replacing
our current database

Updating the Disaster Prevention and Recovery Plan

Online PDF data collection forms for all customer service

Upgrading Online Reports for Pension members and
Foundation clients

Church Pension Group

Episcopal Church USA

(Clayton Crawley:

Information Technology and Support Projects Underway
and Upcoming

Owned Hotsite Creation and Testing

VoIP Telecom to Off
Site Employees

DR/BCP Planning and Testing

Move of Telecom and Server Room to new Location

Create Final Spokes on Unified Database Hub

Continue Migration to Unix, Linux, VMWare

Church Pension Group

Episcopal Church USA

(Clayton Crawley)

Enterprise and Business Unit Projects Underway and

Continued Roll
out of Content Management Solution

Continued Roll
out of Document Generation

Implement Call Center Based on Oracle & Avaya Infrastructure

Implement Web
Based B2C Group Self Service

Marketing and Campaign Management

Evangelical Lutheran Church in
America Board of Pensions

(Steve Willems:

Year Business
Driven IS Strategy

Replacement of Legacy Benefits Administration System

Record Keeping


Outsourced to ACS (Mellon)

Enrollment & Eligibility


Custom Developed .Net application

Billing & Receipting

Implementing iMis solution from Advanced
Solutions International. Going live Q306.

Annuity Payments

Looking to outsource during 2006.

.Net Framework / Web Services

Web Strategy / Implementation

Desktop Refresh / XP Rollout

CRM Visioning

Enterprise Reporting

Investment Guidance/Advice

Excessive Trading/Market Timing

Update of Web and eStrategy

Marketing Prospect Function

Conceptual Design

Health Savings/Reimbursement Account Implementation

Medicare Part D


Expanded Markets

Business Intelligence

GuideStone Financial Services

of the SBC

(Rick Hart:

Lutheran Church

Missouri Synod

(Bob Cushman:

Rolled out “The Church’s Plan”

Began offering an optional 403(b) TSA

Implemented the Retiree Medical Supplement

Changed name to Concordia Plan Services

Benefits Partner

Moved our retirement system to EDS

Completed HIPAA Security Regulations

Outsourced network security and monitoring

Installed new telephony system (call center)

Began tracking key IT metrics

Implemented unstructured content management system

2005 in Review

Lutheran Church

Missouri Synod

(Bob Cushman)

Complete Strategic Planning

Support New Business Initiatives in our Benefit Programs

Redesign our Web site

Begin Developing Self
Service Capabilities

Identify and begin tracking benchmark data within Operations

Major upgrade of our Lawson ERP system

Redesign imaging to support record retention schedule

Looking Ahead to 2006

Ministers and Missionaries
Benefit Board of the ABC

(Bill Siener:

Executive Summary

80% reduction in capital expenditures over the past six years, with continued
achievement in the Cost Management component of the MMBB Balanced Scorecard.

Capital expenditures have enabled MMBB to operate on a 24 x 7 basis:

leveraging an integrated LAN/ WAN infrastructure

using application systems in conjunction with our Third Party Administrators

employing a Disaster Recovery Hot Site

Ministers and Missionaries Benefit
Board of the ABC

(Bill Siener)

2006 Business Plan

Revise the architecture for the ABC Retirement Plans to support generic plans with multiple %
premium contributions

Development of a Data Integrity Model, resulting in the redesign of the Member and Employer
Data Base structures

Implement the final 403 (b) Roth IRA Plan regulations

Outsource State Tax Withholding to our Third Party Administrator

Implement a Nortel SSL VPN Gateway for remote access to complement the existing Nortel IP
SEC VPN services required to support our TPAs

Enhancements to the ACT2005 server to support client software revisions (.Net)

Upgrade of the LAN/WAN infrastructure with the implementation of Blade servers

Implement an Internet IP
based Video Conferencing capability in support of MMBB off
site or
Affiliate Plan meetings

Implement a Nortel Voice over IP (VOIP) soft phones for Internet calls by remote users through
the Meridian 11C voice system

(Tom O’Neill:

Marketing Focus

UCC Institutions

Expanded Insurance Benefit Offerings

Revamped Member Education Programs

Consolidation of Annuity Products

Wide Imaging/Workflow Solutions

Internalize Core Website Functionality


Work In Progress

Staff Empowerment

day Adventist

Retirement Plans

(Nancy Lamoreaux:

Current Initiatives

(Nancy Lamoreaux)

May 2004 started imaging all original DB service

New Retiree Benefit Payment software (in

Delphi and SQL

January 2006

Rewrite DB service record collector (field) in .NET

summer 2006

Rewrite DB processing software (in

and SQL

summer 2006

Rewrite accounting software (in

Delphi and

fall 2006

DB Service Record Imaging

(Nancy Lamoreaux)

1. Employer remains custodian of the original document and
continues to send that document to a new employer.

2. Employer photocopies all hard copies of original service

3. Employer ships photocopies of service records to our
imaging vendor

4. Vendor scans all documents

5. Copies are shipped to an off
site storage facility for long
term storage

6. Vendor burns compact disks with the images

7. Retirement loads all images onto its retrieval/storage

Implementing new technology strategy and
enterprise architecture

Piloting single sign
on and portal technologies

Developing new reporting services solution

Continued server consolidation

Evaluating enterprise workflow and imaging solution

Evaluating health administration system replacement

Caring For Those Who Serve

(Eileen Kane:

Implemented SunGard’s Omni Annuity and DBEN

Implementing COBIT process maturity improvements

Implementing a new administration tool to deliver
improved functionality to Plan Sponsors via the Web

Implementing new products and services that require
technology solutions such as:

New pension plans with DC and DB components

Due January 2007

Redesigned voluntary DC plan

Due January 2006

Financial planning and Life Stage Investment Services

Due January 2006

New health and welfare offerings


Caring For Those Who Serve

(Eileen Kane)

(Elliott Buchholz:

05 In Review

The focus of the past year has been stabilization and
enhancement of the many new applications and services
implemented in the prior year.

Heavy focus on measuring and improving quality of
customer service

Continued push to convert all physical folders into
document imaging

Implementation of Customer Contact software to track
and measure customer contact reasons

Conversion from Checkpoint VPN to Netscreen

Looking Ahead: 2005

Conversion of retirement management system to .Net

Applications to support new product: Health Savings
Acocunts (HSA). Web
based application for YMCAs to
provide contribution information.

Applications to support new Pension Fund feature: Loans
from tax
deferred (403
B) accounts.

Updates to production systems to support numerous plan

(Elliott Buchholz)

Looking Ahead: 2005

Implementation of US Postal Service approved address
validation software at point of entry

Addition of many self
service features on our web site

Personal information updating

Withdrawal process initiation

Enhanced annuity calculator

(Elliott Buchholz)

Thank You!

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