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Assignment 5

CPU’s & GPU’s






Central Processing Unit

The CPU is like the brain. Everything that needs
processing is processed through the CPU. The CPU
stays idle until the human inputs an action. The CPU is
constantly listening for input, and can either accept
that input or ignore it.
When the CPU accepts an

input, it takes the information of the input, reads it,
and decides what it’s going to do with it.
If the CPU
reads information that is for the GPU, the CPU will
send the input over to the GPU and the GPU will deal
with it.
CPU’s have cores. The speed of
how much
information a CPU can process at once depends on how many cores it has.
the best CPU is an i7.
An i7


four cores
, and e
ach of the four cores can process up
to two threads simultaneously, so the processor a
ppears to the OS as eight CPU
When you run a process, the CPU will store that in the cache; and when you run the
same process in the future, if the cache thinks you run the process regularly,
it will
assign a higher
priority to the process being ru
. Every CPU has a different cache
size; an i7 has 6.0 MB

There are 6

types of priority; these priorities are:

Very Low.




Very High.


The data bus is the speed of what the
CPU can proces
s information at. An i7 CPU can
process information at minimum 1.70 GHz. Som
e higher i7 models can deliver up to
2.60 GHz processing speed.
When playing video games, everything that goes on is
being processed through the CPU, including the physics.


Graphics Processing Unit

The GPU is like the CPU, except it only deals with
graphic processing.
When the CPU takes
information, if it thinks its graphics information, it
will send it to the GPU to deal with. When the GPU
takes the information, it decides what it’s going to
do with

it; accept or ignore it. If the GPU accepts
the information, it will

the changes and print the graphics to your display
When playing video games, usually, the CPU deals with the physics input of
the video game, but with some software, you can

allow your GPU to take the
responsibilities of processing the physics of a video game.
GPU’s can be used to
Bitcoin mine. The more hashrate they produce, the more results you will get.
GPU’s produce a lot more hashes per second, and dominate GeForce G
PU’s in
hashrate. For
example, a GeForce 790

will produce around

Mh/s, where as a
Radeon 795
0 will produce around 700 Mh/s.