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Dec 3, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


1.2TH/s Neural Net
BTC/LTC/TRC Mining System
2.4TH/s Neural Net
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When You Can Only
Settle For The Very Best
Bitcoin, invented somewhere around 2008, has quickly become an investor’s dream. With exchange
rates anywhere from US$2.00 to over US$900.00, its highly volatile nature attracts investors by the
hundreds each day, since they are, most often than not, traded as investment. And today, with more and
more businesses and organizations announcing bitcoin as a valid payment option (including Germany’s
recent classification as a valid, legal financial instrument), it’s no wonder bitcoin is a hot topic today. Right
As for us, we’ll be accepting bitcoins here too in the very near future.
What’s even more interesting is that bitcoins, being cyptocurrency (computer hash codes — a string of
binary data), haven’t all been “minted” yet. There are still millions to be created by people around the
world. That’s right — bitcoins can be created by everyday people! Once you create a bitcoin block, you’ve
essentially created money out of thin air. And as stated above, with exchange rates at over US$615.00 as
of this writing (http://www.bitcoinexchangerate.org), there is essentially a fortune to be made. All you have
to do is put in some time and effort (and some electricity to run your computer), and you’ll start producing
valid hash codes that translate into genuine transaction blocks, resulting in about 25 bitcoins — all yours
to sell (a return of over US$15,300.00). In the past few months, trading (selling) operations using bitcoins
has reached US$1 million per month (at a rate of US$22.00 per bitcoin) at Coinbase, the bitcoin-based
payment processor. Remember, right now it’s at over US$615.00. Do the math.
Is there a catch? Maybe. Enter bitcoin mining. The fact is, bitcoins are produced by computers searching
for valid hash codes around the clock. The more powerful the computer, the more chances of generating a
block within a reasonable amount of time. That was back in 2009. Sharp people soon realized the GPU in
the video card was more adept at crunching numbers — a significant boost in processing power over the
main CPU processor. Over time though, GPUs consume way too much power (electricity), so out came
FPGAs. These add-on cards provide comparable performance to GPUs without the whopping electric bill.
The net result — enhanced profit margins.
Starting at only
Mine Bitcoins at
Record-Setting, Blazing Speeds
The NLS JackHammer A2367 & A2377
The world´s fastest bitcoin miners ever made
feature flashable Neural Network ROM software,
making them future-proof and difficulty level-proof
But that wasn’t the end of the game. Just recently, the bitcoin
ASIC chip was developed, whose sole purpose in life is
mining bitcoins. It’s powerful compared to GPUs and
FPGAs and consumes very little energy. It’s no wonder the
first batch of ASIC bitcoin miners were snatched up at
US$1,300.00 within hours (second batch miners are being
sold at over US$4,000.00, some reaching US$12,000.00).
So, is the ASIC the future of bitcoin mining, and our only
recourse? No.
While ASICs are powerful, they’re incredibly dumb. The
analogy here is like trying to break into a bank’s security
network using brute-force attacks. Sure, you’ll get in…
eventually. ASICs search for valid blocks in a less-than
efficient manner, brute forcing their way around, testing and
probing a myriad of options, branches and hashing
techniques. It’s basically an arms race, and a very
competitive one at that. What if this mining could be done in
an intelligent manner? What if the bitcoin miner could
optimize its search strategy, deviating from useless search
paths and concentrating its efforts and processing power on
the more promising routes? What if the bitcoin miner could
learn from past experience and self-optimize, performing
better and better the more it runs?
Those “what ifs” have been, for the most part, answered
now. It’s practically a tangible reality. And it’s here to stay,
beating every other chip out there hands down, no contest,
every single time in preliminary lab testings. Remember,
block discovery gets more difficult with time. Traditional
ASICs eventually fall victim to this easily. But a specialized
bitcoin neural network miner (due to its self-learning nature)
is, for all practical purposes, immune.
Mine Bitcoins at
Blazing Speeds...
The same revolutionary and advanced artificial intelligence neural network (NeuralReality AI
Engine) that drives the world’s most powerful lottery neural network has been put to work
crunching bitcoin blocks. A lot of reprogramming has taken place and it paid off spectacularly.
Tests show that the NeuralReality AI Engine, starting at less than 10% efficiency compared to
the latest bitcoin ASICs, finished off being a full 90 to 100 times more efficient and productive in
the same comparable time (a matter of days) thanks to its self-learning nature (the more it
runs, the better it gets). Its performance topped the best ASICs by about 950% depending on
conditions — no easy feat. This all means the NeuralReality AI Engine erupts anywhere from
9.5 to 10 valid blocks in the time required to produced one block by the best, latest-generation
ASICs. Due to the bitcoin time-based difficulty scale, this difference will be even greater as
time goes by. If Neural-Lotto could pull in US$40 million in lottery wins in record time, imagine
what it could do (for you) with rule-based, predictable bitcoin blocks…
Introducing the state-of-the-art NLS JackHammer 1.2TH/s (minimum) AI Neural 4x Quad-
Core CPUs, 32 ASIC array, ROM-Flash Bitcoin / Litecoin Miner. This is the real deal.
We’ve approached several large chip and electronics manufacturers and integrators recently
in an effort to integrate the NeuralReality AI neural network self-learning bitcoin algorithm in
ASIC ROM. In a few months from now, we’ll be building fully functional prototype Application-
Specific Integrated Circuits in China incorporating our advanced NeuralReality AI Neural
Network in desktop-sized, stand-alone, self-contained USB/Firewire/Thunderbolt bitcoin
miners. Make no mistake — these will be the most powerful miners in the world. Period. And
like good wine, they will only get better with time.
Features That Mean Business
Easy To Use.
Power To Spare.
We’ll be producing the first batch of 200 prime-time, production-ready bitcoin miners within a few
months’ time. We’re reluctant to take orders now, but donations equal to, or over US$2,997.97 will
place you in the first 200-place waiting list BEHIND preorders. Your place, of course, will be determined
by the amount donated. You might well be pushed back into the second batch waiting list by more savvy
investors. But don’t worry. We’ll send you a report each day stating your current position in case you
wish to make adjustments.
More batches will, or course, follow. But the lucky 200 who get their hands on the first batch will make a
mountain of money before the second batch comes out.
So either way, unless you step up and claim your place, you’re out for good. You could, of course, turn
to the most recent traditional bitcoin ASICs (which are about to be obsolete by the time you buy them)
and cross your fingers.
Act now and secure your place. You’ll regret it if you don’t.
for more information, please visit
BTC: 1JxzkgiJihVLyZdeipLruh73GmeR42aU46
LTC: Lg1qQa9axFcFF8XNQ39oQS9aCfYcZm9de3
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Anatomy of the
NLS JackHammer
Metal handles
protect LCD display
Top keypad provides
easy input to user-defined
functions and parameters
Highest quality
Front panel LEDs
indicate operating
status at a glance
Forward facing
filtered inlets help
protect the CPUs
from overheating
Thick full aluminum
body doubles as a
massive heatsink
Top facing LCD display
enables quick viewing of results,
temperature and parameters
Massive pure copper heatsinks
protect the 32 ASIC grid array
Military-spec fully regulated
cooled power supply helps insure
stable and reliable operation
Quad monitored silent cooling
fans exhaust heat build-up
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