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Version 2

You must answer the questions below which are worth 10 points. Every point you loose by not giving
the correct answer gets subtracted from your grade for your project during your presentation.

Question 1:

A record in a Random Ac
cess File is composed of a String made out of 10 characters , a
double and an int data types. There are 100 records. What is the size of the array created by the System
to store the records?

Question 2:

What is the reason for having a certificate

Question 3:

The NetBeans IDE can create the main GUI in your project. Describe how you stored the files
create dby NetBeans. Then describe how you created the rest of the code and made the NetBeans
created GUI part of it.


The HTTP protocol provides a method called GET. You can send parameters to a server via
Get by inserting the name/ value pair in the…… (finish the sentence)

Question 5:

Explain what a type 1 JDBC driver is:

Question 6:

Your applet code is i
nterpreted by the a) The Web Server b) The Browser c) neither d) Both
the Web server and the Browser (circle correct answer)

Question 7:

The SSL is required in a transaction A) in order to encrypt the data and also authenticate
the server via a certifica
te sent to the client B) in order to substitute the TCP/IP protocol with a digest of
the message C) in order to be able to establish asymmetric encryption between the server and the client
D) in order to establish symmetric encryption between the client an
d the server (circle the correct

Question 8:

The JDBC API uses the resultSet object to capture….. (finish the sentence)

Question 9:

A JInternalFrame is attached to what object:

Question 10:

In the MVC architectural pattern of a so
ftware system the model represents what part of
the system in general?