CCNA Real Questions V3

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CCNA Real Questions & Answers

1. Which of the following correctly discribes the characteristics of switched and
routed data flows ?
A Switches create a single collision domain and a single broadcast domain,
Routers provide seperate collision domains.
B Switches create seperate collision domains and seperate broadcast
domains, Routers provide seperate collision domains and seperate
broadcast domain as well.
C Switches create seperate collision domains and seperate broadcast
domains, Routers provide seperate collision domains.
D Switches create a single collision domain and seperate broadcast domains,
Routers provide seperate broadcast domain as well.
E Switches create seperate collision domains and a single broadcast domain,
Routers provide seperate broadcast domain.

2. Which of the following are examples of the datalink layer (Choose 2) ?

3. Which of the following is a true statement about the function of a bridge ?
A A bridge creates or maintains a table of the available routes and their
B A bridge passes packets outside of its network segment if the IP address
cannot be found on its table.
C A bridge sends the frame towards the destination host after it looks up the
frame’s destination in its address table.
D A bridge creates or maintains a table of the IP addresses of the hosts
connected to it’s network segment.

4. Bio. Inc. has an enterprise server that is shared by all departments. The
accounting departments each have their own fileserver. As network
administrator, You need to ensure a secure seperation exists between the
accounting and marketing departments. What should you do to accomplish this
task ?
A Install a hub
B Install a switch
C Install a router
D Install a bridge

5. Switches are used to (Choose 2) ?
A Decrease the number of collision domains
B Reduce collisions
C Decrease the number of broadcast domains
D Increase collisions
E Increase the number of collision domains
6. In the late 1970, the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO)
created th OSI model Why ?
A To provide users with faster acces speeds to network services
B Defines a standard for how a pc works
C To urge vendors to abandon proprietary standards
D To create a standard programming language for all computers
E So that different vendor networks could work with each other

7. Giving the following description of OSI layers, choose the correct order that
these statements are listed in.
I This layer segments and reassembles data into a data stream.
II This layer manages device addressing, tracks the location of devices, and
determines best path.
III This layer provides the physical transmission of the data and handles
error notification and flow control.
A Network,Transport,Datalink
B Datalink,Session,Transport
C Transport,Network,Datalink
D Session,Transport,Network
E Datalink,Transport,Network

8. The ICMP (RFC 1700) is implemented by all TCP / IP hosts ?
A True
B False

9. The most commonly used dial-up and ISDN encapsulation are ?

10. Identify the two procedures necessary to define and enable standard access lists
to an interface (Choose 2) ?
A Define the number of access lists supported on the interface
B One-by-one copy the access list to the selected interfaces
C Choose an interface to apply to the access list group
D Define the access list number along with additional parameters
E Assign th access list number to an access list group.
F Define an access list group with both the access list number interface
number as members.

11. Which of the following best describes the meaning of “ show access-list 101” ?
A Verifies your 101th access list
B Shows extended access list 101
C Verifies your access lists
D Monitors IP access lists
E Shows the access-list error message 101

12. What does the term “backoff” refer to on an Ethernet network ?
A It is a node or software program that supplies services to a front-end.
B It is a node or software program that supplies services to a back-end.
C It is the length of time a device has to wait after an collision on an Ethernet
network before trying to send another message.
D It is a type of network protocol that allows nodes to centend for network
E It is the part of the network that provides the primary path for traffic sent
to and from other networks

13. What does the term “Base” means in 100BaseT ?
A Speed type
B Signaling type
C Carrier type
D Core type
E Cabling type
F Category type

14. FastEthernet compares to 10baseT Ethernet in which of the following ways
(Choose 4) ?
A FastEthernet is 100 times faster than 10BaseT Ethernet.
B FastEthernet and 10BaseT Ethernet use the same MAC mechanisms.
C FastEthernet and 10BaseT Ethernet use the same frame format.
D Both FastEthernet and 10BaseT Ethernet uses the same MTU
E FastEthernet is an extension of the IEEE 802.3 specification

15. Identify situations where the holddown timer would be reset (Choose 3) ?
A The evolved time exceeds the maximum number.
B Router exchanged have updated summaries at area borders.
C The router receives a processing task proportiional to the number of links
in the internetwork.
D A router detects faulty LSP’s.
E A router detects faulty packets.
F The holddown timer expires.
G An update is received indicating the original route to the network has been
H An update is received indicating an alternate route
I A router detects routing table errors.

16. You are required to load a new version of the cisco IOS into one of the routers on
your company’s corporate network. Which of the following command will
accomplish this ?
A copy tftp flash
B copy flash ftp
C copy ftp flash
D copy flash tftp

17. You are configuring a router from setup mode. What does the [ ] signify ?
A The recommeded setting for the parameter
B The default value for the parameter
C The selection of choices for the parameter
D The variable’s label for the parameter
E The overriding variable inserted by the cisco IOS for the parameter

18. You are configuring a Cisco router that is attached to your company’s corporate
internetwork. Which of the following is responsible for storing the ARP cache,
routing tables and packet buffers.
B Mini-ROM
C Flash Memory

19. Which of the following symbols in the router prompt indicates that you are in
privileged mode ?
A %
B #
C privileged
D >
E ^

20. You are configuring an cisco switch. As you try try to enter a command, you keep
getting the %incomplete error response. How can you get help on the command
that you are trying to enter ?
A Reenter the command followed by a questionmark to view keywords
B Type “ Help” followed by the command to see command parameters
C Use the up arrow to review the prompt before the error
D Type “?” to display all the console commands
E Type history to review the prompt before the error

21. How do you view all acces list applied on all interfaces (Choose 2) ?
A show access list
B show running config
C show access list all
D show access list interfaces all

22. What is sure about IPX rip (Choose 2) ?
A it uses unequal multiple path
B it uses ticks and hop counts as it metric
C Routing table update sents at 60 sec interval by default
D it does not support the split horizon algorithm

23. Can two different IPX encapsulation type be transmitted on a single dat link ?
A True
B False

24. What is the following term called : The process in which frames from one
network system are placed inside the frames of another network system ?
A Route Poisoning
B Split Horizon
C Tunneling
D Flow Control

25. You have 8 workstations that are connected to a switch, each is connected to an
10 Mbps port. What will be the individual bandwith available to each ?
A 80
B 10
C 16
D 5

26. What is the broadcast address in a 802.3/LAN
D 00:00:00:00:00:00

27. How do you configure the line console password to “cisco” ?
A Line console 0
Password Cisco
B Line console 0 4
Password cisco
C Line console
Password cisco
D Line console 0
Password cisco

28. You are required to backup your IOS to an network location.
Which of the following command will accomplish this ?
A copy tftp flash
B copy flash ftp
C copy ftp flash
D copy flash tftp
29. Which command will show you the configuration of the system hardware, the
best software version, the names and sources of configuration files and the best
image ?
A show memory
B show config
C show process
D show version

30. By default which is IGRP metric (Choose 2)?
A Hopcount
B Delay
C Loading
E Bandwitdh
F Reliability
G Ticks

31. Which layer provides segmentation of data and reassembling at the other end ?
A Session
B transport
C Datalink
D Network

32. Which of the two Ethernet implementation have distances of 100 Meters ?
A 10 base 2
B 10 Base T
C 100 Base TX
D 100 Base FX

33. Which cable would you use to connect a router to a switch ?
A Crossover cable
B Straight through cable

34. Compare 10BaseT and 100BaseTX (Choose 2) ?
A Both have 100 meters distance
B Ethernet specification
C Star topology

35. What command will enable an encrypted password which cannot be seen in clear
text in the running config ?
A Enable password
B Enable encrypted password
C Service password encrypted
D Enable secret password

36. What command will you give on the privileged mode to see the previous 10
commands in your buffer ?
A show buffer
B show memory
C show previous command’
D show history

37. What command will enable a network on an interface ?
A Ip network
B Network
C Network Interface
D Network

38. Enter the command to enable rip routing protocol on a router ?

39. What command will you enter to make a subinterface on serial 0 ?
A 1 and 2
B 0.2 and 0.3
C 2.0 and 3.0
D 1/2

40. In subinterface mode, if you enter CRTL Z, which router mode will you return
A user EXEC mode
B Global config mode
C Router mode
D priviledged mode

41. You want a message to appear at an interface defining the job description of the
network attached finance lan . How do you accomplish this ?
A banner motd #
B Message finance LAN
C Description Finance LAN

42. You can config ppp on which of the following physical interfaces (Choose 2) ?
A asynchronous serial
B Ethernet
C Fast Ethernet
D Synchronous serial

43. Which command do you use to disable CDP on a given interface ?
A (config)# no CDP run
B (config-if)# noCDP disable
C (config-if)# no CDP enable
D (config)# disable CDP

44. To suspend a telnet session, what command do you enter ?
A exit
B Logout
C disconnect

45. What command check layer 3 connectivity ?
A telnet
B traceroute
C ping

46. What does RARP do ?
A It resolves IP to MAC addresses
B It resolves MAC to IP addresses
C It resolves IP to IPX addresses
D It resolves an network address to DLCI

47. What command wil force the router to boot from ROM ?
A Boot rom
B Boot rxboot
C Net boot rommon
D Boot system rom

48. What statement is true regarding CDP ?
A it is disabled by default
B It brings information about remotely connected devices
C CDP is independent by layer 3 adresses

49. Why are switches preferably used as compared to a bridge ?
A Because switches increase broadcast domains
B Bridges are ASIC based
C Switches are faster then bridges

50. What is a root port ?
A A root bridge
B A port in listening state
C It is the lowest cost path from the non-root bridge to the root bridge

51. What technology / mechanism is implemented to present loops in a bridged
network ?
C Split Horizon
D Poison reverse

52. In frame switching, which operation mode checks the destination address as soon
as the header is received and immediately begins forwarding the frame ?
A Store and forward
B Cut through
C fragment free

53. Which frame-switching mode provides CRC ?
A Cut through
B Store and forward

54. Synchronizes VLAN configuration information with other switches. This is true
for which switching modes (Choose 2) ?
A Server Mode
B Client Mode
C Transparent mode
D User mode

55. To reset the configuration revision number, what command do you use in
privileged mode ?
A Reset revision number
B VTP number reset
D Delete VTP

56. How will you be certain that STP is working (VLAN 1) properly in your switched
network when you use the syntax show spantree ?
A Bridge indentifier has priority 32768
B Adress is 0050F037DA00
C Disignated port has priority 0
D VLAN 1 is executing the IEEE spanning tree protocol

57. What port is the port no of TFTP ?
A 23
B 25
C 69
D 161

58. What statements are true for UDP (Choose 2)?
A Connection oriented
B It uses the transport layer
C the receiver send an acknowledgement
D Depends on upper layer protocol for reliability

59. What is a 3 way handshake ?

60. How many bits are by default in a subnet mask of a class B adress ?
A 8
B 16
C 24
D 28

61. Ip adress belongs to which ip address class ?

62. You are given an ip adress what subnet is the host ip on ?

63. In order to have 5 subnets and 17 hosts on each subet, how many bits subnetting
will you do on the class B adress ?

64. How do you prevent routing loops in a routed network (Choose 2)
A Split Horizon
B Route poisoning
C Switching

65. Which of the following is an IP link state protocol ?

66. What is sure about RIP version 1 (Choose 2) ?
A It uses composite metric
B its administrative distance is 100 by default
C it uses hop count as its metric
D it is a classfull routing protocol

67. What command will display all ip routing protocol
A show all protocol
B display ip protocol
C show ip protocol
D show ip route

68. How do you apply an accesslist on an interface ?
A I access list in/out
B Ipx group access in/out
C ip access group in/out

69. What is the range of the extended ip accesslist ?
A 1-99
B 100-199
C 600-699
D 800-899

70. What will be the wildcard mask if you want to deny the host to send
traffic out of E0 ?
A Access list 101 permit any any
B Access list 1 deny
C Access list 1 deny

71. Which statement are an sure match (Choose 2) ?
A Ethernet 802.3 ----à à ARPA
B Ethernet 802.2 ----à à SAP
C Ethernet_SNAP ----à à ARPA
D Ethernet 802.3 ----à à Novell Ether

72. What command displays the sap table ?
A show sap table
B show sap updates
C show ipx sap
D show ipx server

73. The total default bandwidth for ISDN Bri is 144. How much of this bandwith is
used for data transfer ?
A 64k
B 128k
C 144k
D 100k

74. Which ISDN series is concerned with switching and signaling ?

75. What command shows the encapsulation type, LMI, DLCI on an interface S0 ?
A Show frame relay
B Show frame relay LMI
C Show interface S0
D Show frame relay PVC

76. Based on addres what is the protocol and type of adress ?
A Mac and multicast
B Ip and Multicast
C Ip and broadcast
D None of the above
The Following questions are not complete but they are very usefull for the CCNA exam , I
had several of them !!

77. What are the 3 basic switch functions ?

78. What are the 2 parts of an IPX adress ?

79. How can you establish inter-VLAN communication ?

80. What protocol is used in switches and bridges to avoid loops ?

81. Assuming no subnetting, given the ip address, what all can u learn
from this (Choose 2)?
A Class B
B Class C
C hostadress =
D network adresss =
E network address =

82. What are the operational phases od a connection oriented protocol ?

83. How do you configure RIP routing ?

84. Standard you have to methods of switching : cut trough and store&forward. But
the new catalyst series use a new modified version. What is special about this ?

85. What do you need for efficient routing ?

86. What key will complete an unfinished command for you ?

87. What encapsulation methods does ISDN use ?

88. How many collisions appear in an Full Duplex Fast Ethernet connection ?

89. You get an Exibit that shows an router with 3 interfaces and thus 3 IPX
Interface ethernet 0
Network 4a
Ip access-group 800
Interface ethernet 1
Network 3d
Interface ethernet 2
Net work 5c
What is the effect of having the following access-list on interface e0 ?

90. What are the functions of ICMP ?

91. Can ipx traffic coexcist in the same data link layer ?

92. In IPX addessing, how is the node part specified ?

93. How do you configure IGRP on a router with an administrative distance of 100 ?

94. In an frame relay cloud, one router on one end does not support RARP, how will
you fix this ?

95. U get an question were they moan about an company XYZ that has employees
outsourced at home, but they have large file that must been sent to their work.
What technology do they need ?

96. Name the main 3 advantages of ISDN ?

97. What is the defination of CIR ?


1. E
2. B,D
3. C
4. C
5. BE
6. E
7. C
8. A
9. A
10. CD
11. B
12. C
13. B
14. BCDE
15. CFG
16. A
17. B
18. F
19. B
20. A
21. AB
22. BC
23. A
24. C
25. B
26. B
27. D
28. D
29. D
30. BE
31. B
32. BC
33. B
34. AC - remember 100BaseTX works by FastEthernet specs.
35. D
36. D
37. D
38. router rip
39. B
40. D
41. C
42. AD
43. C
44. E
45. C
46. B
47. D
48. B (not 100% sure ! maybe BC?)
49. C
50. C
51. E
52. B
53. B
54. AB
55. D
56. D
57. C
58. BD
59. B
60. B
61. D
62. B
63. B
64. AB
65. D
66. CD
67. C
68. C
69. B
70. C
71. BD
72. D
73. B
74. C
75. C
76. B
77. Adress learning, broadcast filtering, loop avoidance
78. Network and the node (MAC) adress
79. A cisco router with ISL running can be used
80. Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
81. AC
82. Call setup, data transfer, call disconnection
83. Router RIP, Network <address>
84. It waits till the data field arrives and then forwards it
85. The destination address of the incoming packet
86. The TAB key
87. ppp & hdlc
88. None
89. it will permit traffiv from network 3d to network 4a
90. the give an receive echo messages, destination unreachable messages
91. Yes
92. it is implied (It’s the MAC address)
93. router igrp 100
94. Create an static mapping of the next hop address with the DLCI
95. Get an ISDN connection
96. Call setup is faster, data/voice/video, faster then a 56k modem
97. The rate in bits per second in which the framerelay switch agrees to
transfer data