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Spoilers Side Skirt Kit
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Alloy Wheel Kits Exhaust Tailpipe
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Mirror Covers
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style and protection
Kick Plates Sports Pedals Carpet Mat Kits
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Car Care Kit Safety Kit Touch-up Pens
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pioneer accessories
avic-f700bt avic-f900bt avic-hd311
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Model Cars Watches Teddy Bear
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Headlamp and Light Cluster Frame Kits
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order on board
Car Cover Net Kit Luggage Protection
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safety and entertainment
Parking Sensors iPod Connection Lead
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Clothing Pens Torch
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front spoiler*
Part No.50903244
rear spoiler*
Part No.50903245
rear spoiler*
Part No.50903247
* Supplied primed ready to be painted to
match the colour of the car and to be
applied using adhesive No.5908061
sideskirt kit*
Part No.50903243
18” alloy wheel kit
Measurements:18"(camber ET42 18"x7.5J).
To be used in conjunction with 215/40 - R18 tyres.
Comprising 4 wheel rims 50903240 and 4 hubcover
badges 50501564.Snow chains cannot be fitted.
Part No:50903239
17” alloy wheel kit
Measurements:17"(camber ET39 17"x7J).
To be fitted in conjunction with 205/45 - R17 tyres.
Comprising 4 wheel rims 50903236 and 4 hub cover
badges 59591564.Snow chains cannot be fitted.
Part No:50903235
16” alloy wheel kit
Measurements:16"(camber ET39 16"x7J).
To be fitted in conjunction with 195/55 - R16 tyres.
Comprising 4 wheel rims 50903234 and 4 hub cover
badges 59591564.Snow chains cannot be fitted.
Part No:50903233
exhaust tailpipe
anti-theft bolts*
Part No.50903250
Thatcham approved.
Part No 46002873
* Photo not shown
in the catalogue.
Polished grey.
Part No:50903297
mirror covers
Titanium chrome.
Part No:50903396
mirror covers
Opaque black.
Part No:50903395
mirror covers
Satin chrome.
Part No:50903296
mirror covers
vintage four-leaf
clover sticker
vintage racing logo
roof sticker
In white.
Part No:50903433
In red.
Part No:50903434
In black.
Part No:50903435
In white.
Part No:50903442
In red.
Part No:50903443
In black.
Part No:50903444
v racing sticker on bonnet
In white.
Part No:50903436
In red.
Part No:50903437
In black.
Part No:50903438
vintage racing logo sticker
side panel stickers
In white.
Part No:50903439
In red.
Part No:50903440
In black.
Part No:50903441
window stickers
Alfa window sticker for fitment
to rear
window glass.*
In red.
Part No:50903445
In black.
Part No:50903394
* Photo not shown
in the catalogue
italian flag sticker
'biscione'vintage sticker
Part No:50903420
In white.
Part No:50903393
In red.
Part No:50903418
In black.
Part No:50903419
Colour Code Part No Description
601 71804317 Black
251/A 71805124 Biancospino White
289 71804324 Alfa Red
185 71805125 Giulietta Red
805/B 71805126 Etna Black
612/A 71804327 Techno Grey
252/A 71805127 Gardenia White
669/A 71805128 Grafite Grey
437/B 71805129 Blue
507/A 71805130 Corsa Yellow
bodywork car care kit
For the correct maintenance
and care of your car exterior.
Part No:71803240
For looking after the leather interior of your car.
Part No:71803241
car care kit leather
Alfa Romeo personalised bag complete with warning
triangle,high visibility waistcoat,gloves,torch and bulb kit.
Part No:71805178
safety kit*
touch up pens
bulb kit*
Part No:50903275
* Photo not shown
in the catalogue.
illuminated kick plate
alfa romeo logo
Front only.
Part No:50903254
stainless steel kick plate
with MiTo logo
Front only.
Part No:50903253
set of 4 carpet
mats kit
Part No:50903476
Part No:50903478
Part No:50903477
net kit
Part No 71805355
semi-rigid protection for
luggage compartment
zip through alfa romeo
logo top
To restrain objects and protect the boot.
Part No:50903291
tow hook automatic
A container which organises
the space in the luggage
compartment,keeping bags
and objects still and protected.
Part No:71804388
Part No 50903282
* Photo not shown
in the catalogue
Size Black Red
S 5916459 5916461
M 5916456 5916462
L 5916457 5916463
XL 5916458 5916464
XXL 5916460 5916465
separation grille/net
Dog separation grille/net.
Part No:71805354
connecting lead for iPod
parking sensor
Reversing sensors fitted on
the bumpers,signalling that
an obstacle is nearby during
parking manoeuvres.
- Convenient for parking
- Safeguards the aesthetics of
the vehicle
- Maximum driving safety
- 3 year warranty
Part No 50903410
Allows the iPod to be operated via
the radio that comes with the
vehicle and,if present,via the radio
controls on the steering wheel.For
vehicles with Blue&Me™.
Part No:71803812
blackout blinds
For rear side and back window.
The blinds give protection from the
sun and prevent insects coming in
through open windows.Clear visibility
to the outside.Easy installation with
invisible fixings.
Part No:71805264
* Photo not shown
in the catalogue
pioneer avic-f700bt
With the complete European
road network stored in its 2GB
internal memory,this 2-DIN
integrated audio,video and
navigation system is your ideal
travelling companion.Its stylish
5.8-inch WVGA touch screen is
supported by a USB terminal
and ipod Direct Control.Another
key feature of the AVIC-F700BT
is playback of video and MP3
files that have been copied onto
an SD Card or USB device.
Furthermore,integrated Parrot
Bluetooth® wireless telephony
enables you to safely use your
mobile phone hands-free.
Requires MiTo fitting kit to
be installed.
Part No 46003924
pioneer avic-f900bt
The AVIC-F900BT is a fully-integrated
audio,video and navigation system
that comes in a 2-DIN format and
stores map data for the whole of
Europe in its 2GB internal memory.Add
points of Interests (POI) or play audio
and video files that you’ve stored on an
SD Memory Card or USB device.The
AVIC-F900BT plays most file and disc
formats,including CD,DVD,and DivX,
and is equipped with an attractively
designed 5.8-inch WVGA touch screen.
The AVIC-F900BT has 3 RCA pre-outs,
enabling you to connect external
amplifiers as well as additional
speakers and subwoofers.Its finishing
touch is integrated Parrot Bluetooth®
wireless telephony.
Requires MiTo fitting kit to be installed.
Part No 46003925
pioneer avic-hd311
This 2-DIN HDD-based unit with a motorised
7-inch touch panel display offers everything
you could possibly desire in an AVIC (Audio,
Video,Information and Communication)
unit.Navigation accuracy is a trademark of
Pioneer’s AV/Navi units,and is further
enhanced in the AVIC-HD3II thanks to the
integration of over 1000 3D landmarks.This
good-looking unit also provides a complete
in-car entertainment experience thanks to
its DVD playback capabilities,HDD Music
Library and optional Bluetooth®
wireless telephony.
Requires MiTo fitting kit to be installed.
Part No 46003926
iPod fixing kit
* Photo not shown
in the catalogue
alfa romeo belt
Black belt with metal clasp.
Part No:5916371
alfa romeo belt
Grey belt with metal clasp.
Part No:5916370
alfa romeo classic cap
Black cotton cap.
Part No:5916378
alfa romeo red silk tie
Part No:5916105
alfa romeo classic cap
Red cotton cap.
Part No:5916377
alfa romeo carbon
fibre pen set
Part No 5916121
alfa romeo carbon
fibre ballpoint pen
Part No 5916122
alfa romeo carbon
fibre torch
Part No 5916123
alfa romeo challenger
Black dial and black strap.
Part No:46003187
alfa romeo ladies chronograph
White dial and steel strap.
Part No:46003190
Dealer Stamp
All information,descriptions and illustrations are given solely as a guide.Actual
product specifications may differ due to manufacturing requirements.Alfa Romeo
reserves the right to make any changes to its products it considers necessary.
alfa romeo 8c competizione
pedal car
Part No:5916373
alfa romeo 8c competizione
6v electric car*
Part No:5916374
alfa romeo
teddy bear
Part No:5916032
alfa romeo model car
8c competizione
In black or red.1:43 scale
Part No:5916467
alfa mito model car*
1:43 scale
Part No:5916467