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Dec 7, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Highlighted Features:
Apptha is an e-commerce based website that offers complete solu
tions for well known templates, extensions, plug-ins and themes. It
mainly supports the popular platforms like Joomla, WordPress and
Magento. This is a one stop solution for all your extension based
needs of your CMS. Apart from sales, after sale service is one of the
noteworthy features that are present.
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Social Affiliate facility is present with which you can earn rewards for
referring friends via Social Media sites.
The Review section is designed in a never before advanced manner.
The user experience is brilliant with authentically customized product
One step checkout option is present for timely shopping experience.
Highlighted Features:
Ztheworld is an e-commerce based property rental service wherein
the customers can rent the merchant listed property for rent while
staying on a vacation. The properties are of multi categories and can
be classified as hotels, resorts, boat houses, residential house stays,
etc. This is developed by using Magento platform.
The site is designed in a highly responsive manner which is
very essential while viewing using multiple devices.
Complete social media integration is supported.
All the properties listed can be easily navigated using the in-
built Maps feature
Alongside customer login, a well customized merchant login is
also present for property owners to host their listings and keep
track of it the bookings.
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Highlighted Features:
Dealnuts is a Magento based deals website. This website allows users to
buy various products under varied categories like travel, essentials,
dining, house hold appliances, etc. This allows users to buy products
based on deals as well as without deals also. Thus this e-commerce site
act as both a shopping website as well as a group deals based website.
Group buying concept is present wherein the users can avail very
cheap deals on high quality products within allotted time and
utmost number of assigned buyers.
An impressive getaways option is available wherein users can have
a quick access to the trending hotel deals.
A well customized and user friendly merchant login is available
which will help the merchants to host their deals.
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Highlighted Features:
The is a fashion magazine e-store of the
famous American photographer Nick Saglimbeni who is considered as
the pioneer in the field of 3D photography. This SaaS modeled Shopify
powered e-store has collection of his magazine WMB 3D: World’s Most
Beautiful 3D.
This site is developed using Shopify based cloud service (Software as
a Service) model.
The site is out and out a customized site wherein no default tem
plates were used.
The content management for the site is done with the convenient
WordPress CMS.
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Highlighted Features:
Tropicanoo is a rental property servicing and solutions e-commerce website that
allows users to pick their favorite vacation or holiday destination and also choose
a rental property for their stay. The rental properties are not restricted to luxurious
hotels or resorts but also consist of budget friendly home stays and other varied
Social media integration is provided via facebook plug-in thus the logging in
and booking the property is made easy.
Ad management option is included in the website thus allowing the ads to be
managed by the site owners themselves effectively.
The overall user experience is effectively provided throughout the website.
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Highlighted Features:
SamenKoojes is a Dutch based Magento powered e-commerce
website that has group buying concept. This offers multiple house
hold and beauty products on group deals based selling. This web
site also sells leisure and travel accessories and also foods and
beverages too alongside house hold goods.
SamenKoojes supports complete social integration that will
help users to log in via social media as well as to share.
There is a worthy feature called “Together Bargain” wherein
the user can post their bargain price regarding any item that is
sold. The largest number of bargained price would be fixed as
the next deal.
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Highlighted Features:
Tellus Home Healthcare is an e-shopping website that sells goods relat
ed to health and healthcare. This website is a Magento powered website
which sells products ranging from mobility aids to baby care items. The
website is excellently integrated to many social media sites. The CMS
used here is WordPress.
The layout is designed in a very flexible manner such that the screen
fits appropriately to any sized display screen.
Facility for reward system is supported wherein users get reward
points for items they buy which can be redeemed every quarter.
Efficient and prompt “Track your order” option is present.
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Highlighted Features:
People Rentals is a rental property based website that allows
properties to be rented on daily, monthly and weekly basis in
select destinations. The website is powered by Magento and has
properties ranging from apartments to luxurious resorts and boat
houses. Along with renting property selling out is also carried
Facebook and twitter plug-in is supported along with Blog
ger RSS feed.
The booking and cancellation process has enriched user ex
Multi language is supported by the website.
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Highlighted Features:
3 La Modak is a multi category shopping e-commerce web store that sells
spa, food, fashion and travel goods primarily amongst other goods. The
website deploys the concept of group buying and this is powered by
This website has unique characteristic of infinite scroll that will allow
the site to load more and more products as you scroll the window.
This reduces the initial loading time.
The site supports multiple languages as well the LTR<->RTL concept
i.e. as the language shifts from English to Urdu the site orientation will
shift from Left to Right to Right to Left.
Refer Friends: Get Rewards facility is present.
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Highlighted Features:
Team Fund Up is a fund raiser e-commerce website powered by
Magento. This allows any teams or communities to customize their
team’s merchandize, host it and promote it. For every product sold
the team will receive 15-30% of the product value as a fund. This
will create funds as well as improve the reputation of the team
Efficient and complete social media based log in as well as
sharing is available
Campaign, voting facility is available.
Customized testimonial options are present.
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Highlighted Features:
R3 Remarketing is an e-store that sells used electronic hardware
related products that are sold via a third party distributors. This
is a new revolution in the selling of used IT assets. There are
a plenty of used IT assets that are of different manufacturers
like HP, Cisco, Netgear, etc which are sold via distribute catalog
This is powered by Flashecom based SaaS Cloud Service.
The catalogue feeds are gathered from well renowned Information
Technology Distributors like Ingram Micro.
Multiple social media support is provided.
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Highlighted Features:
Lash Out Pro is a beauty and cosmetics e-commerce store that is based
out in The United States of America. This allows user to fix salon ap
pointments as well as to buy products online through this webpage.
This site also possesses a blog that is informative for the users who are
in need of beauty related tips. This is majorly for eye makeup and eye
related beauty products.
The website is completely responsive i.e. it can adapt to any screen
size and any device.
The backend is well equipped with an advanced reporting system.
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Highlighted Features:
Daily Deals CY is a group buying deals website that is created in association
with Cyprus Mail. This is primarily based for spa treatment, salon deals, gym
membership, food, beverages, etc. However, many other deals are also avail
A miniature map is fitted near every deal to locate the exact location of
the store in the deal.
Awesome getaways option is available where you can book hotels at
affordable rates.
Refer friend to get credit points option is embedded in the website thus
you can earn credits by referring friends by Email or social media.
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