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CMS Joomla Course Module
About The Joomla
Joomla is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) that will help you build
websites and other powerful online applications. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution
that is freely available to everybody.
Who uses Joomla CMS ?
Joomla! can be used for created many types of websites either for small business or
corporate companies. Joomla CMS is easy to implement and Scalable for large Projects.
Who Can Apply?
Any professional who is interested in making attractive website. Our high-quality courses are
recommended for marketing professionals and IT professionals like website designers, web
content-writers, web developers, web testers, etc.
Course Module
Class 01: Introduction to CMS & Installation
 Introduction to CMS
 Structure of CMS
 Types of CMS (Files & Database)
 Introduction to Joomla
 Advantages of using Joomla
 Features of Joomla CMS
 Joomla Versions (1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7)
 Whats New in Joomla 1.6,1.7
 Joomla Installation Requirements
 Installing Joomla on Local System
 Installing Joomla in Linux
 Joomla Front-end & Back-end
 Menus, Articles, Sections, Categories
Class 02-03:Joomla Back-end
 User Manager
 Media Manager
 Global Configuration
 Menu Manager
 Article Manager
 Selection Manager
 Category Manager
 Front Page Manager
 Components
 Install /Uninstall
 Module Manager
 Plug-in Manager
 Template Manager
 Language Manager
 Recovering a lost password.
Class 04:Creating Menu & Article
 Creating Menu, Menu Type
 Menu Parameters, Menu Trash
 Create a new Article, Manage Article
Class 05:Module Manager
 Install & Uninstall Modules
 Default Joomla Module
 Module Position & parameters
 Working with External Module
Class 06:Components and Plug-ins
 Using Components
 Banners, Contact, News Feed
 Polls, Search and Web Links
 Plug-in Manager
Class 07:Joomla Template Design
 Introduction to Joomla Templates
 Installing Joomla Templates
 Customizing Joomla Template
 Adding Styles to Joomla Template
Class 08: Joomla Template Design
 Extensions in Joomla
 Ecommerce with Virtue Mart
 SEO Extensions in Joomla
 Language Manager (Multi Language Site)
 Social Networking Extensions
 Security and Backup Extensions
 Premium Extensions in Joomla
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