GeOSpaTIaL SOfTware SOLUTIOnS fOr The DefenSe anD InTeLLIGenCe COmmUnITy

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GeOSpaTIaL SOfTware
SOLUTIOnS fOr The DefenSe
anD InTeLLIGenCe COmmUnITy
aDvanCeS In GeOSpaTIaL TeChnOLOGy
Geospatial technology has made significant advances in recent years. The sensors used to
collect imagery and data now offer multiple daily passes, higher resolution, and a variety
of different specialized data types like LiDAR, SAR, hyperspectral (HSI), and multispectral
(MSI). With the increase in image and data quality, availability, and variety, comes the
challenge of finding technology that can utilize the different data formats available,
efficiently process the ever increasing file sizes associated with geospatial data, and
quickly disseminate the intelligence that is derived from this data.
Exelis Visual Information Solutions (Exelis VIS) is a leading geospatial
software company with a history of providing solutions to the
defense and intelligence community in support of critical missions.
We create a variety of custom and off-the-shelf tools that
integrate with popular platforms like ArcGIS® from Esri, and
are easy to use, scientifically accurate, and interoperable
with standards like OGC and REST. So whether you need
to locate hidden targets using HSI, create DEMs from
LiDAR data, deliver intelligence products to the
forward deployed, or anything in between, Exelis
VIS has a software solution for you.
Our world can be a dangerous place. From extremist groups and hostile regimes to natural hazards like
earthquakes and tsunamis, we rely on the men and women in the defense and intelligence community
to protect us. The charge of keeping our world safe from foreign and domestic aggressors as well as assisting
in natural disaster response is enormous in scope. For this reason, modern technology, particularly
geospatial technology, is increasingly used as a primary tool because of the timely, accurate intelligence
it can provide.
turN geoSpatial imagery aNd data
iNto actioNaBle iNtelligeNce
exelis vIS creates custom and off-the-shelf solutions
that are easy to learn, easy to use, and integrate
with popular platforms such as arcGIS® from esri.
prepare fOr The TerraIn yOU’LL
enCOUnTer BefOre The mISSIOn BeGInS
The terrain you encounter on the battlefield and during intelligence operations can be as challenging as
the mission itself. Understanding terrain before you begin a mission is essential for making critical decisions
such as identifying safe locations for a Forward Operating Base (FOB), locating ideal observation points
for intelligence gathering, or determining Avenues of Approach (AA) to deliver supplies.
To prepare for the terrain you encounter, Exelis VIS has tools, such as ENVI, E3De, and IDL which integrate
with your existing infrastructure and workflows, and utilize the data types and standards you already
work with, such as NITF and TFRD. Whether you rely on formats like hyperspectral (HSI), multispectral
(MSI), panchromatic imagery, or even 3D data types like LiDAR, Exelis VIS software tools allow you to
easily process and exploit your data to get the actionable intelligence you need to ensure mission success.
The software tools provided to you by Exelis VIS are designed to make it easy to process imagery and
data in preparation for performing further exploitation tasks. And, many of our tools are automated,
making it easy to quickly get accurate answers.
detect change
Understand changes in terrain by comparing
images from two different times. Changed areas
can be highlighted and compared to images from
different datasets using band ratio techniques.
extract Features
Indentify and extract features like tanks, airstrips,
buildings, roads, bridges, and more from a variety
of data including LiDAR, multispectral, and
hyperspectral imagery.
analyze line-of-Sight
Perform a viewshed analysis to coordinate troop
movements or to determine potential concealed
observation sites for intelligence gathering.
categorize terrain (tercat)
Categorize terrain to create map products that let
soldiers know what terrain is, or is not, suitable for
convoy movement. Terrain classifications can be
automatically generated or created by user defined
pan-Sharpen images
Panchromatic images can be fused with multispectral
data to create colorized high resolution images
that are suitable for advanced analysis such as
material identification and anomaly detection.
orthorectify imagery
Geometrically correct aerial photography to
compensate for image distortion due to terrain
differences in preparation for further image analysis.
exelis vIS creates automated tools for image
and data analysis based on proven scientific
methods, making it easy for anyone to quickly
get the actionable intelligence they need.
Locating targets and potential threats is essential when planning missions. Using geospatial analysis
techniques, it is possible to identify disturbed soil or stressed vegetation that might indicate enemy activity,
detect covered and concealed targets, and locate watercraft in open water environments. Providing this
information to troops before they begin their mission gives them important situational awareness which
helps protect lives and ensures overall mission success.
Exelis VIS has solutions that allow analysts to quickly identify targets and potential threats and deliver that
information to the battle field in near real time. So whether you need to monitor the daily activity of your
Area of Responsibility (AOR), perform Hyperpectral Imagery (HSI) exploitation to reveal camouflaged enemy
targets, or include image analysis results in Tactical Decision Aids (TDAs). Exelis VIS software can help you
create better situational awareness for improved mission planning and decision making.
Exelis VIS has many different tools to help you identify targets and threats, some of these tools were
created directly for the DoD, and all are scientifically proven, easy to use, and highly accurate.
atmospheric correction
Get more accurate results from spectral analysis
by removing the effects of the atmosphere on the
reflectance values of images taken by satellites or
airborne sensors.
image registration
Transform different sets of data into one
coordinate system to ensure your image has
a consistent scale. Data may be from multiple
photographs, different sensors, different times,
or different viewpoints.
data Fusion
Fuse multiple data types together to get a more
information-rich geospatial product to better
support mission needs.
anomaly detection
Look for hidden or concealed targets by searching
an image for statistical and spectral distinctions
from the background landscape.
lines of communication (loc)
Utilize 2D and 3D data to determine routes between
enemy military units and their supply base.
material identification
Based upon spectral signatures, find all instances
of specific materials in scene, such as armored
vehicles or camouflage.
IDenTIfy TarGeTS anD pOTenTIaL
exelis vIS software solutions work with the formats
you already use. from nITf and TfrD, to Sar, LiDar
and hSI, our tools help you create the geospatial
products you need to ensure mission success.
Real situational awareness requires real-time information. Geospatial imagery can provide the current
information warfighters need to make critical decisions. In the past, an obstacle to using imagery in
time-sensitive operations was the time it took to download multi-gigabyte images. With Image Access
Solutions (IAS) from Exelis VIS, warfighters can now access the latest imagery information directly on
their mobile devices, even over highly constrained bandwidths — allowing them to perform a host of
visual exploitation tasks in theater, including zooming, rotating, and sharpening an image. From off-the-shelf
applications to custom integration, we have the image delivery technology you need for the most accurate
and current situational awareness.
IAS compresses large imagery datasets using JPEG 2000 and can be accessed via JPIP (JPEG 2000 Interactive
Protocol), allowing you to deliver any portion of the image at any resolution over any bandwidth. End users
can quickly access, zoom, and pan to a desired region of interest within an image without having to receive
or decompress the entire multi-gigabyte file. This means that the tactical user can retrieve only 1-2% of a
compressed file, representing a download time of minutes or seconds as compared with hours. Now users can
receive time-sensitive image information quickly to make mission critical decisions.
the suite of iaS components can be deployed into an existing enterprise framework or integrated into
other existing systems by the exelis ViS professional Services group (pSg), which has over 20 years
experience in image processing and management. pSg can help design the appropriate architecture to
optimize deployment of the iaS components that meet your organization’s specific needs, and additional
components can be developed and deployed as specified by system integrators, prime contractors,
program managers, or it and iS managers.
GeT GeOSpaTIaL awareneSS
where anD when yOU neeD IT
yOUr UnIqUe ChaLLenGeS
• Supporting national capabilities and programs of record
• identifying, defining, and implementing Full Spectrum geoiNt workflows and solutions
• developing custom spectral, thermal, and Sar maSiNt tools to support exploitation
and production requirements
• enhancing intelligence applications with commercial data sources
The world of defense and intelligence is highly distinctive — posed with unique and complex
challenges not often faced in industry or private business.
At the forefront of innovation, the US defense and intelligence sector leads the way for the rest of
the world by using modern technology to help solve unique problems — problems that can change
quickly and need to be resolved even faster. Whether needing to detect unseen threats to troops,
identifying safe routes in disaster areas, or monitoring enemy activities, defense and intelligence
professionals need geospatial knowledge to stay ahead of the game.
For decades, the defense and intelligence community has turned to Exelis VIS to employ the latest
image and data analysis technologies, from off-the-shelf products to fully custom implementations,
to provide the geospatial knowledge needed to make informed decisions. Custom solutions are
carefully defined and developed by a team of highly experienced consultants from our Professional
Services Group (PSG), a team focused on helping you get the actionable intelligence you need. With
unparalleled knowledge of data processing and image exploitation, we combine the agility of
commercial software development with your unique mission needs, delivering you the latest
technology-based solutions to your 21
century problems.
And, since our PSG team members work daily with government agencies, they are fully capable of
ensuring your mission success with onsite, long-term commitments to your programs. Let us help
ensure your mission success by:
a COmpLeTe SUITe Of SOfTware
fOr DefenSe & InTeLLIGenCe
Whether you’re on the front line or supporting missions from remote locations,
you encounter daily challenges, many of which can be overcome through the use
of geospatial software technologies from Exelis VIS. Our tools help solve problems
ranging from understanding the terrain of the combat environment and finding
hidden targets, to tracking enemy troop movement and delivering mission-critical
imagery to the forward deployed.
proceSS aNd exploit imagery with eNVi
ENVI is the premier software solution to process and exploit geospatial
imagery. It is designed to be used by everyone from first phase exploiters
to image analysts and image scientists, regardless of prior experience
with imagery.
extract 3d iNFormatioN From lidar with e3de
E3De is an interactive geospatial software environment used by all phases
of analysts. With E3De you can create powerful 3D visualizations and easily
extract important features and products from LiDAR data.
cuStomize image applicatioNS with idl
IDL is the preferred computing environment for understanding complex
data through interactive visualization and analysis. It is used throughout the
defense and intelligence community to create customized tools for image
analysts, geospatial analysts, and scientists.
compreSS aNd deliVer imagery with iaS
Image Access Solutions (IAS) is an image dissemination platform that allows
the delivery and visual exploitation of geospatial imagery data where and
when soldiers need it — even over constrained bandwidths.
cuStom coNSultiNg SerViceS with pSg
Our Professional Services Group provides enterprise consulting and custom
development services for the defense and intelligence community with data
and image analysis, visualization, and delivery challenges.
ENVI, IDL, and E3De are trademarks of Exelis,
Inc. All other marks are the property of their
respective owners.©2012, all rights reserved.
Exelis Visual Information Solutions, Inc. Images
courtesy of DoD. Use of DoD images does not
constitute or imply endorsement. Image data
courtesy of DigitalGlobe, GeoEye.
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distributor network, we can support your geospatial needs regardless of
your location.
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All Exelis Visual Information Solutions products are backed by our world-class
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