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Dec 11, 2013 (5 years and 6 months ago)


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Geospatial Analysis

Sentinel Visualizer provides complete support for Geospatial Analysis and Visualization. Our
Geospatial tools are integrated into the product, removing the need for separate installations
or software licenses. We also support Google Earth if you have that installed.

Complete Control

Sentinel Visualizer Geospatial Tools provide
complete control over map appearance.
Choose raster, or color/grayscale vector
modes. You can toggle cities and regions on
and off with the click of a button. Full zoom
and pan support is built in. And because we
use ESRI

compatible shape files, you are
assured of future growth potential.

Locate Entity Data

Any data that you show on the Link
Analysis view is automatically shown on the
Geospatial View. This makes it easy to see
the geographical disposition of your entity
records and adds a whole new element of
understanding to data.

Geo Filter and Geo Query

Use the Geo Filter tool to filter data outside the
geographical area you select. Use the Geo Query tool to
find all data that resides in a specific area. With Sentinel
Visualizer Geospatial Tools, filtering and querying data is
as easy as drawing a circle.

FMS, Inc. · 8150 Leesburg Pike, Suite 1150 · Vienna VA 22182 · USA · 703.356.4700 ·


Multiple Views

You can use the Geospatial View in with any of the other views. Simultaneously see your link chart, geospatial view,
and timeline data, all in one display, or split across multiple displays in a multi
monitor configuration.

View Underlying Data

You can configure the Geospatial View to show tool tip data in either basic or extended mode. Simply hold the
mouse cursor over a location and information about that point is displayed. You can also click on an entity data in
the map and pull up detailed knowledgebase information screens.