Central Bank Of India


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Central Bank Of India

Expression of Interest for procurement 1000 Rural ATMs

Tender No.CO:DIT:PUR:2010


Central Bank Of India

Expression of Interest


1000 Rural ATMs

Central Bank Of India

Expression of Interest for procurement 1000 Rural ATMs

Tender No.CO:DIT:PUR:2010


Invitation for Expression of Interest:

1. Central Bank Of India invites sealed covers from eligible companies for Expression of
Interest (EOI) for procurement

1000 Rural ATMs under Outsourced Model.

2. A complete set of tender document may be procured from following address during
working days of the Bank. Alternatively Tender Document may also be downloaded
from Bank’s website.

3. The details of the ten
der are given below:

Tender Reference


Date of commencement of tender


bid Meeting with vendors

14.01.2011 at 15.00 Hrs.

Last Date and Time for submission of
Eligibility bids

04.02.2011 at 15.00 Hrs.

Date of openin
g of Eligibility bids

04.02.2011 at 15.15 Hrs.

Address for Pre
bid Meeting and

Central Bank of India, DIT(ATM), 1

Floor, Plot No. 26, Sector 11, CBD
Belapur, Navi Mumbai


Contact Telephone Numbers

Phone : 022

Fax Number

Fax : 022

mail address


Website address



bid meeting with vendor
s who
shall be held on the date and time mentioned
herein above at
Central Bank of India, DIT(ATM), 1

Floor, Plot No. 26,
Sector 11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai


Vendors need to submit
their queries at least two days before Pre
bid meeting to ena
ble bank to reply the
same during pre
bid meeting.

5. Eligibility Bids will be opened after the closing time.

7. Terms and Conditions, Eligibility Criteria and specification of the products are
described in the tender document and its Annex

Dy. General Manager

Central Bank Of India

Expression of Interest for procurement 1000 Rural ATMs

Tender No.CO:DIT:PUR:2010


1. Introduction

Central Bank of India was established as the first fully Swadeshi Bank by Sir Sorabh ji
Pochkhanwala in 1911. Today Central bank of India is a leading public sector
undertaking listed in BSE / NSE. For m
ore information please visit

The Bank has a network of

branches and 182 extension counters, all under Core
banking Solution ‘B@ncs24’ from Tata Consultancy Services Limited, spread across the
length and breadth of the c
ountry with presence in all the States and 4 Union Territories.
The Bank also has specialized branches catering to the specific needs of Retail customers,
Industrial units, corporate clients, Forex dealers, Exporters and Importers, Small Scale
Industries a
nd Agricultural sector.

The Bank has sponsorship in 8 Regional Rural Banks (RRB). Bank has two subsidiary
Centbank Home Finance Limited and Centbank Financial & Custodial Services Ltd. And
joint venture INDO ZAMBIA BANK LTD.

Bank provides all major payme
nt services to its customers like ATM Cards, RTGS,
NEFT, ECS, NECS, SWIFT, Credit/Debit/pre
paid cards, Cash Management Services,
apart from delivery channels like ATMs, Mobile banking, Internet banking etc.

2. Objectives of EOI

Central Bank of India pl
ans to put in place 1000 Low Cost Rural ATMs under fully
outsourced model, in phased manner, with the following capabilities:


Should be able to operate without Air Conditioning


Should be sturdy enough to operate in hot, humid and dusty conditions without


Should run on Solar Power with Backup


Should have the capability to handle two denomination notes with two currency


Should be capable of interfacing with the present ATM Switch 'Electracard' from
Opus and other major switches


Should be c
apable of supporting both PIN based and Biometric authentication.


Should be capable of providing Voice recognition for illiterate customers


Should have a transaction amount announcement feature


Should ask for thumb impression after announcement of amount


hould have adequate security


Should have suitable user friendly features

Bank requires low cost ATMs with capabilities to withstand rugged rural conditions at
the same time having the basic features and securities required for trouble free ATM
, on a fully outsourced model wherein payment will be made on per
transaction rate basis.

Central Bank Of India

Expression of Interest for procurement 1000 Rural ATMs

Tender No.CO:DIT:PUR:2010


Requirements detailed above are indicative and not exhaustive.

3. Scope of Work

The selected vendor would be expected to work in close coordination with the Bank in

order to implement Rural ATMs with features as stated above. The scope is as under:


This process is based on
outsourced model

on transaction basis. The
ownership of machinery and site will remain with the bidder and the
payments shall be made for success
ful financial and non
transactions by the cardholder for the proposed ATMs.


The Bank has in place an ATM switch that has capacity to cater to 3000 ATMs.
The Bank will continue to have switching for all ATMs including those
proposed under this pr
ocess, through Bank’s own switch.


The scope of the work will include,


Site selection in consultation with the Bank. Site erection, (including civil,
interior, electrical, connectivity and air conditioning to be done by


Ensuring the compliance o
f ATMs to statutory,
RBI/VISA/MASTERCARD and all other requirements, from time to
time, at no extra cost.


The bidder will do site identification, enter into and document the lease
agreement/ownership for the site where new ATMs are proposed to be

will be by the bidder.


Rent, Electricity and taxes and lease deed expenses to be paid by bidder.


Obtaining all statutory approvals from the landlords and municipal and
concerned authorities.


Installation of ATM and its connectivity to the SWITCH, installa
tion of
UPS and air conditioners, fixtures and fittings specified.


Cash loading, cash optimization as per requirements of Bank and cash


Providing First level Maintenance, Second level maintenance, EJ Pulling
and integration of Bank
Switch and

ATMs through an appropriate
interface at no extra cost to the Bank.


Reconciliation of transactions. Providing accounting related data and
reports. Only outstanding transaction to be given to the branches for
final rectification.

3.10 The successful bidd
er will handle the AMC arrangements of the existing
ATMs which are out of warranty / currency of the earlier contract
with DSPL.

3.11 Providing and Managing network of proposed 1000 ATMs.

Providing a real time, online remote monitoring tool at Bank’s site

or site
specified by the Bank for observing the health of proposed ATMs.

Central Bank Of India

Expression of Interest for procurement 1000 Rural ATMs

Tender No.CO:DIT:PUR:2010


3.12 The ATMs should be UL 291 Level 1 Compliant.

3.13 Providing comprehensive Biometric module in the ATMs as per Bank’s
requirement, and relevant software solution/interface with t
he existing
switch through a Biometric authentication server. The end to end solution for
Biometric ATM interface shall be provided by the vendor at their cost.

3.14 Cash EOD on a daily basis.

3.15 Participating vendors will be required to undertake Proo
f of Concept
(POC) for One ATM at an identified site for a period of one month.

Qualification Criteria


The qualification for selecting a bidder will primarily depend upon the level
of expertise and experience, capacity and capability of the Bidder to
undertake a successful installation, integration and commissioning of ATM
delivery channel for the customers of the Bank. The qualification criteria for
eligibility of the bidder to participate in the tendering process shall be as


Eligibility Crit

The bidder or the parent company should be a registered company/firm
in India as per company Act 1956 or under any other Indian law and
should have been in operation and profit making for a period of at least 3
year as on date of RFP.


In case the bi
dder is new venture by well
established/ industrial house in
India with expertise in similar activities (such as IT related support /service
activities viz., Managed Services, Network Operating Center etc), the
promoter’s company /firm past performance in
terms of income & net profit
shall be evaluated based on the eligibility criteria stipulated above in their
field of business. Such companies should provide proof of their financial
ability to execute the project.


The Bidder or their business partner shou
ld have Service centers in at least 25
locations in India and are also capable of further expanding the
service/support network in keeping with the requirements of the Bank.


OEM or their authorized business partner must have an experience of supply,
allation and maintenance of at least


Central Bank Of India

Expression of Interest for procurement 1000 Rural ATMs

Tender No.CO:DIT:PUR:2010


5. Expression of Interest

CBI invites reputed vendors to submit their "Expression of Interest" for supplying and
maintaining 1000 Low
cost, Biometric ATMs to meet the broad objectives indicated in
this E
OI Document. The scope mentioned covers only the general aspects and the
requirements in detail will be provided to the short listed vendors through a final RFP.
Bank reserves the right to include or exclude optional features in final RFP.

On completion of

the complete tender process, Bank shall place an order with the
successful bidder for 200 Rural ATMs. Subsequent orders will be placed in phases
depending upon the experience and successful implementation.

The submission of the EOI shall include all such

documents that are specified herein to
prove the authenticity of their submission and any claim made therein. The onus of
proving such claims shall lie with the bidder.

All costs & expenses associated with submission of EOI shall be borne by the company
hile submitting the EOI and CBI shall have no liability in any manner in this regard or
if it decides to terminate the process of short listing of vendors for any reason

Short listed vendors will be called
in for presentation to evaluate thei
r response .

A two
stage, two
bid process (EOI, RFP/Tendering) will be adopted in the selection of
the final successful bidder.

I: (Pre
Inviting EOI and short
listing bidders who meet the
eligibility requirements listed above. Only
the short
listed bidders meeting the eligibility
conditions/qualifying criteria will be allowed to participate in Stage

listed vendors will be invited for making their presentations on a suitable
date where they can inform about their
company, operations, their products/solutions
and their proposed solution. Vendors will be short listed on the basis of their product
features as given in this EOI. Short

vendors will be required to undertake Proof of
Concept (POC) for One ATM at a
n identified site for a period of one month.

Subsequently, a final RFP will be prepared and issued to the short listed vendors of
II. Separate Technical Bid and Price Bids will then be invited only from the bidders
listed in Stage

CBI re
serves the right to short list vendors based on the requirement of the Bank and
consider them for the next stage of evaluation. The decision of the Bank in this regard
shall be final.

Central Bank Of India

Expression of Interest for procurement 1000 Rural ATMs

Tender No.CO:DIT:PUR:2010


CBI further reserves the right to issue Request for Proposal (RFP) to
vendors it deems
eligible and qualified based on the responses received and the requirements of the Bank.

The right to suspend the short
listing process or part of the process, to accept or reject
any or all EOIs at any stage of the process and/or to mod
ify the process or any part
thereof at any time without assigning any reason therefore is reserved by CBI without
any obligation or liability whatsoever.

6. Submission of EOI

Interested vendors may submit their EOI which should contain information as gi
ven in
eligibility criteria.

Copies of the following documents are required to be submitted along with the EOI:


Name of the Solution provider


Mailing (not PO BOX ) address in India


Constitution of organization


Telephone, fax number and email address

with details of the contact person


ISO/CMM certification of the bidder.


The bidder should enclose

MOU/Partnership/Licensing agreement with the
companies owning technology for the solution.


Audited Financial Reports for last 3 years.


Details of Projec
t Team members


List of relevant / related projects implemented in the past 3 years with
performance certificate from clients and project details.


Any other relevant information considered necessary for successful
implementation of the proposed scope of w

Interested parties may submit sealed “Expression Of Interest” by post /courier/ hand
delivery to:

The Deputy General Manager (DIT)

DIT Ist Floor,

Central Bank of India

Plot No. 26, Sector 11,

CBD Belapur,

Navi Mumbai


to reach before
04/02/2011 at 15.00 Hrs. No EOI offers received after this time and date
will be entertained. In case the designated day is declared to be a public holiday, the
same may be extended to next working day. The sealed cover should be super scribed as

sion Of Interest

1000 RURAL ATMs”.

Central Bank Of India

Expression of Interest for procurement 1000 Rural ATMs

Tender No.CO:DIT:PUR:2010


After the opening of EOI and short
listing of vendors, only the short listed vendors will
be informed about the same and no communication will be sent to the other vendors.
The Bank reserves the right to accept/reject
any or all offers submitted in response to this
Advertisement without assigning any reason whatsoever.

The EOI responses will be opened at 15.15 hours on _04/02/2011 at the above address.
The representatives of the vendors are requested to be present for
the opening of the
EOI. No separate intimation will be given in this regard to the vendors.

Please note: This is not a request for proposal (RFP) and commercials are not required
to be submitted with EOI.


The Bank reserves the righ
t to disqualify any applicant at any stage from the EOI
process, in case of:


Delayed submission


Misleading or False representations in the forms, statements or other documents


The Applicant has exhibited a record of poor performance such as abandoning
s, not properly completing the contract, inordinately delaying completion,
being involved in litigation, or financial failures, etc


Non Submission of required documentation


Failure to provide clarifications within given time


Information which would have en
titled the Bank to reject or disqualify the
Applicant, or

Consortium member becomes known after the Applicant has been qualified, the Bank
reserves the right to reject the Applicant at that time, or at anytime after, such
information becomes known.

hstanding anything written above or elsewhere, the Bank may disqualify the
Applicant or the entire Consortium for any of the reasons set out above, even if it applies
in respect of only one member of the Consortium.