The allpay App Frequently Asked Questions

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Dec 10, 2013 (5 years and 4 months ago)


The allpay App


What is the allpay App?

This is a secure mobile application that can be downloaded to your Apple or android
smartphone and it enables you to make payments where

ever there is a mobile
signal or internet access

4hrs a day , 7days a week

Where can I find the Allpay app to download ?

A link is provided on the Berneslai Homes web
site and on the allpay website.

You can download the App
from the Apple App Store
Google Play.

What do I need to
begin to

use the allpay App

You need an Apple or Android smartphone, your 19 digit payment reference number
shown on your allpay swipecard and a current debit card.

ow much does the allpay App cost ?

The allpay App is free to use, but some network operators

may charge for some
services such as downloading or using

the App, so please check with them.

How do I know if the allpay App is genuine?

The allpay App is only available from designated stores. They are

Apple App Store
and Google Play (formerly the And
roid Market). If you see the allpay App on another
App Store, it will not be official and you should not download it

Can I get the allpay App for my Blackberry or Windows phone?

The allpay App is only available on the Apple iPhone and Android Smartphone
s at

Can I use the allpay App if I have no phone signal?

No, to use the allpay App your phone must be connected to the Internet. In the
absence of phone signal the allpay App will work if your phone is connected to the
Internet by wi

How do
es the allpay App work?

The App works in much the same way as an Internet Browser on a desktop computer
or tablet. The App provides a user interface to the data services hosted at allpay
which allows you to create an account, store your payment related inf
ormation and
make payments.

Will I use the same email address and password that I use on my desktop

No, you need to register to use the App the first time you use it. To do this you will
need to enter your email address and create a password with

a security

You can then set up a 4 digit pin number which will allow you to access the
allpay App without having to enter your details every time.

Can I store my payment reference numbers and amounts for multiple payments
so I don’t have to enter them ev
ery time?

Yes, these can be stored and changed or added to at any time.

How long does it take for payments to reach my rent account?

Allpay will send
the details of your payment the next day
. Y
our rent account will be
overnight and will show on
your account

Do I need to log off?

We recommend you always log off when you’ve finished using the allpay App.
However, for your security, if your smartphone screen goes into ‘hibernation’ mode
after a period of inactivity, you will au
tomatically be logged off.

What if I lose my mobile? Is this a security risk?

To use the allpay App, you need to log on in the first instance using your email
address and password and then using a 4 digit pin number once you have set it up.
No one will be
able to access your account without this information. We would advise
you not to store this information on your mobile or anywhere else.

What information is stored on the phone?

Your username, password and the last 4 digits of your bank cards and payment

reference numbers. The only time the full numbers are used is when they are first
registered using the App.

Is the PIN stored on the phone?

No. Every time the PIN is input it is encrypted and matched to the Username and
Password which, when validated, all
ows access to the App.

How many Payment Reference Numbers can be registered?


How many bank cards can be registered?

3 cards can be registered at present.

Does the App use cookies?

No, this is not a website so it does not need to use cookies.

the card details be changed by third parties?

No, not unless they have the PIN. Payments can only be made from registered bank
cards where the CV2 is known and can only be paid to Payment Reference Numbers
registered with allpay.

How can I safely recycle o
r dispose of my mobile phone/device if I have
downloaded the allpay App?

Before disposing of your mobile phone/device, we recommend you remove the allpay
App. If for some reason you change your mind, the App can be downloaded free of
charge again anyway. T
his further minimises the security risk.

Can I use the allpay App abroad?

Yes, although the allpay App has been designed for use in the UK. It may be
unlawful to access some of the services in some countries and you are responsible
for your use of it abroa
d. Your mobile operator may charge you for using the allpay
App abroad, and roaming charges may apply, so please check with them.