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Dec 12, 2012 (8 years and 10 months ago)


ng Life by harvesting bio

New Delhi , Jan’12

Life technology

comes up with a bio
fuel research using
genetic engineering which holds the key to resolv

the issue of food security.
Engineering microorganisms to convert complex feed stocks into Bio
tremendous promise.



recently received a lot of attention
being a new biomass source for production of renewable energy.

ethanol and Bio
diesel are the predominant types of Bio
fuel in India, as the
country produces 1.08 billion liters of Ethanol and 0.24 Billion liters of Biodiesel
in 2010. The main production systems were fermentation of Molasses to produce
ethanol and

chemical transformation of Vegetable oils to produce Biodiesel. The
challenge with these processes is that their growth and scalability risks eating into
arable land, often fueling a debate on food security.Bio
fuel research using genetic
engineering hold
s the key to resolving this

Mr. Devashish Ohri, MD SA, Life Technologies

said, ‘Life Tech & SG Bio fuels
Inc have completed genome sequencing the Jatropha cruces genome to 100x
coverage, using the Sold 4.0 System. The sequence significantly accelera
tes the
identification of Key trails for the oilseeds
producing crop and advances its
development, because science fuels hope for a sustainable tomorrow’.

Life Technologies

globally successful and an emerging one for India
biotechnology products and servic
es, from instruments to everyday lab essentials,
are created by scientists, for scientists. Customers worldwide use our innovative
solutions every day in their pursuit to solve some of the most difficult biological
challenges of the 21st century: translati
onal research, personalized healthcare, stem
cell therapies, food safety, animal health, and human identification. We are
committed to moving science forward to help scientists improve life in meaningful
ways for everyone