Genetic Engineering - Moral issues


Dec 12, 2012 (5 years and 7 months ago)


Mathew Wanees

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Genetic Engineering
Moral issues

Genetic Engineering is bad because I think God is the creator. If we the humans
create people, animals, and plants then we would be too soaked up with techno
Being too induced with technology is not being able to
appreciate what God has given
us in this world. God has gave us other us, animals for food, plants also for food, and

brain to know how to survive, so why would we want to recreate that stuff. If we depend
too much on
technology we would not be able to d
o things ourselves.

Bad Things

Genetic Engineering is bad because engineered plants can give
disease to natural plants. In my opinion I think it is also bad because parents could
choose what their child could look like. I would rather just take what God
would give me
(If I ever had a child.) There is a thing where people have genetic therapy, but few
subjects have died from this.

Good Things

Some good things about Genetic Engineering is it can make crops
better. Genetic Engineering can make crops more s
uitable in certain lands that are not
regular for the crop to grow in. It can also make the food taste better that comes from
the crop. Another good thing about Genetic Engineering is that it can make people live
longer then normal, up to 100
150 years old
. The last thing Genetic Engineering can do
is prevent disease from us, like breast cancer.(For the women.)

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