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Nov 12, 2013 (7 years and 10 months ago)


Introduction to Oracle Fusion and Application Development Framework
Oracle ADF and Jdeveloper
Oracle ADF Architecture (MVC)
More about ADF
Working with Jdeveloper
Building ADF Application in Jdeveloper
Create Connections, Application Workspace, projects etc.
Configuring JDeveloper Preferences
Introduction to ADF Business Components
Advantages of ADF BC
Entity Objects
View Objects,
Application Modules etc
Creating ADF Business Components at one shot
ADF Faces
Visit some of the ADF Rich components
Faces layouts.
List of values
Design sample pages and progress in the application
Page definition files
Playing with View Objects
Creating LOV's
Dependent drop downs
Master – Detail relationship
Building strong search forms
Implementing Page Navigation
ADF Faces Navigation Components
Performing Navigation
Defining Access Keys
Using Train Components
ADF Data controllers
Using Managed and Backing beans
Understanding ADF task flows
Bounded task flows and properties
Unbounded task flows and properties
Working with ADF task flows
Using Train Components
Task flows as regions
Page fragments and Static regions
Dynamic regions
Validating user inputs
Declaratively validations at entity levelHow to write custom validations
Internationalization of ADF application
Implementing ADF security
There is a practical exercise for each and every concept described above.
Oracle ADF Content
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