Questions and answers related to RFP 177:

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Dec 4, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


County of Humboldt Economic Development

Questions and answers related to RFP 177:
1. Can a non US based company bid for the RFP?

2. Are there hosting requirements that this hosting provider must meet (Hardware SLA, Drupal Tuned
LAMP Stack, Security, Backups, Managed Infrastructure Updates, etc)?
Yes on Secuirty, Backups and
Managed Infrastructure updates. I am not sure what Hardware SLA or Drupal Tunes LAMP Stack means.

3. Could you elaborate on the level of support expected (Drupal module guidance, 24x7 break-fix
support, advisory hours, phone/support tickets, Drupal core/module/security updates, etc.)?
sometimes hear of a Drupal module that will meet our organizational needs and we ask our web
development contractor to research it and apply this function to our website. However, our web
contractor is the expert and could make another module recommendation, that best suits our
organizational needs. We ask our contractor to provide the guidance in all of our web development
decisions. We would expect our contractor to manage all Drupal module and security updates as
necessary. I would estimate we require 1-2 hours of support each month per website.

4. Do you anticipate needing Drupal SLA based support (1-hour business critical SLA, etc.)?
I’m not sure what SLA means.
5. You mention needing "Training Costs". Can you elaborate on the level of training expected? Who the
training is for? How many people need to be trained?
We would require training for current staff on any
new web functions and/or how to make web updates in general for new staff in case of employee

6. For all three websites there is reference to "...a contractor to recommend and implement an
electronic newsletter delivery system which manages the contacts and data that is collected through
this communications tool." But under Proposal Requirements there is an item: "Constant Contact
Newsletter Template (Estimate). Does the mean that you have settled on Constant Contact as the
"electronic newsletter delivery system"?
No, not CC only. We are looking for Constant Contact style
newsletter system.

7. And that you really only need the contractor to implement that in each of the 3 Drupal sites and to
provide each site newsletter template design?
We usually provide our own design. However, templates
are nice and necessary for some of our staff.

8. Is anything else implied by "...manages the contacts and data that is collected through this
communications tool." other than what is already inherent in Constant Contact (or any other 3rd party
newsletter service)?
We need a way to manage our contacts. We have considered utilizing a Drupal
database tool.

9. For the Humboldt WIB website: What does it mean to "...simplify navigation and content"? Can you
expand on that? The site was "designed" by a third party and that design dictated much of the site
structure. Will new design elements be introduced? If so, where will those come from?
No new design
elements. The navigation design needs to be simplified (too many choices right now), so there will need
to be adjustments to the design template. We provided the design template to our current web
development provider. Being able to take care of the design changes in one place would be preferable.

10. On the Humboldt Made project description you have a statement "...developed a specific list of
layout and functional changes to the site that will require the site to adopt Drupal 7. " Can you make
that list available?
Not before the deadline of this RFP.

11. How have you determined these changes require an upgrade to Drupal 7? Is part of that list
implementing ecommerce on
or is that reference just to providing consulting and
recommendations to Humboldt Made member businesses on their own sites - or both?

12. On the pricing spreadsheet you request hourly rates for various services and annual rates. But the
latter would imply a) We as developers would know at the time of RFP submission how many hours are
going to be required for each service such as training, support, development, module updates, etc. or b)
There is some service agreement (like what we offer) that is a monthly rate which can be multiplied by
I would show the costs both ways if possible. For instance, show hourly costs for trainings as a
stand alone service and then show us how you would package it.

13. An annual rate for development - would that be per website? Per project? Cumulative for all
Do your best to make an estimate of annual costs per website. There may be development
projects over time. We would like to get at an hourly rate on special projects. However, we are likely to
request an estimate for each special project at the time the project funding comes available.

14. Related to that is the item marked "Training: Submit a short description on how you will provide
training on use of the websites to Economic Development staff and Humboldt Made member
businesses." I can certainly describe a process. But are you expecting some kind of blanket training cost
somewhere in this RFP? If so, I don't see how that's possible without knowing how many training
sessions would be needed throughout the year and for which audience. So, any light that you can shed
on this aspect would be helpful.
Please offer a training cost per session. Think of trainings for 1-2 staff
people at a time and then for 10 businesses at one time. We might do these for staff once a year and
businesses once a year.

15. May I review the list of layout and functional changes that Humboldt Made staff have developed?
This will aid in understanding the cost & allow me to think about how to offer you the greatest possible
results for your cost.
I can’t get this accomplished before this RFP is due. Please give me a specific
example and I will do my best to answer that question by 5pm on Thursday.

16. I'm confident my hourly rate is very competitive. My concern is that I have to do a bit of guesswork
about the Development Division's usage needs to assemble annual costs for the Cost Comparison Table.
Can you tell me how many hours of Help Desk
(Currently, we use less than 2 hours per month)
Call time
(Currently, we use less than 2 hours per month)
, Web Development time
(Ask something more specific,
like…how many hours will I spend on ______ with you?),
and training time you need in a typical year
estimate one staff training and one business training.)
and any changes you're anticipating in your
(I don’t anticipate any big changes.)
The current provider will have detailed information about
your past needs and I'm concerned about being at a little bit of a competitive disadvantage in
composing this piece of my proposal.
I think I gave you a realistic estimate of hours. 1-2 hours of support
per website a month. I will guess approximately six hours total of training per year.